1. M

    What happened to MotoVlogger sincityslik?

    Hey guys, I very much enjoyed sincitysliks videos, he was a Nevada citizen who did some great MotoVlogs around the Las Vegas area and the well known strip. He rode a Triumph Daytona 675. His channel is still online but all videos are on private In his MotoVlogs, he also showed some footage...
  2. HippoDrone

    So Reddit...

    How many of you use it to grow your channel, and how effective do you find it?
  3. HippoDrone

    Who Is Your Favorite Popular Motovlogger?

    I generally watch smaller channels as I find them more honest and real, but I do follow a few larger names. I currently really enjoy the following channels: My favorite international motovlogger is Shadetree Surgeon ( - I love his straight talking and his...
  4. NomadLad

    Motovlogger Man-kini Bet

    Hi Lads, You should all check out and subscribe to Lucky Luke Rides, he's an up and coming Irish Motovlogger and is well worth the watch. Also consider subbing as he has a bet on that he can't reach 1000 (400 more) subs by Christmas, if he loses... he has to ride around in a mankini for a...
  5. Jafnhaar

    Feedback Needed Mistakes New Riders Make?

    Hey y'all, I recently made a video of 5 Mistakes new riders make. Would it be possible if you could comment some feedback and maybe some extra mistakes they make to help these guys out.... Too many new riders getting hurt lately... Thanks in advance... :)
  6. HippoDrone

    General Mr Fish's Eos Motovlogger Meetup

    Mr Fish organised an end of season motovlogger meet up, so I went along and met some awesome folks! :)
  7. motoserafi

    New Motovlogger !!

    HY guys, I'm Serafin, 24. live in the UK but I'm a nice Romanian guy. Recently I get a GoPro and I start to record everything when I ride. I don't have an idea what I'm doing. But I think this is the perfect place for people like me who started this hobby if I can say that. So im riding a Honda...
  8. HippoDrone

    Motovlogger End Of Summer Meet Up - Rykas 16th Sept

    Hey guys and gals, just heard about this and it is something I can actually attend, so attend I shall! Anyone else up for it? :) (Not my video or channel by the way)

    Funny My 7 Year Old Son Is A Better Motovlogger Than Me!

    Check this out... has my boy with the set up on the other day on his honda 50 and he did really well.
  10. MaximMotor

    Motovlogger From Canada Plus Custom Bikes!

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum and just released my first motovlog. I'm very excited to release more videos! Eventually I will have my motovlogs on custom bikes that I built and feature custom bikes builds that I do in my garage. If you guys want to check me out search me up on youtube at Maxim...
  11. DangerousD

    New Motovlogger - Ottawa, Canada

    Hey I have been watching moto vlog videos for years now and have finally decided to get into it myself. I just started up a youtube channel DangerousDMoto as well as an Instagram. I would love to meet other fellow vloggers especially if there are any in my area. I hope you enjoy the content I...
  12. 2WDutch

    Twowheels Dutch, Motovlogger Rookie

    Hello vloggers, I have a Motorcycle a Gopro & no friends, so i was thinking to do some vlogging around and from my bike. It started when i got the Gopro for fun and that is the main reason i started vlogging just for fun. I Have some questions about editing tools, and how to gain users etc...
  13. Cave Troll

    New Motovlogger East Tennessee

    Whats up everyone, Just saying Hi, finally got around to doing my first motovlog and putting it up on youtube. I ride an old Harley Shovelhead and this is my first bike. I have lurked around on this site for a few now, so figured it was time to throw it all in. Have learned some good stuff for...
  14. Cookakakos

    New Motovlogger From Greece

    Hi guys, this is CookosRider from Greece. I setup my YouTube channel and I am motovlogging for the past 3 years now, but I got into voice commenting on my videos since last month. I currently ride a black Kawasaki Versys 650cc and I use two action cams for my videos, a Sony AS200V and an old...
  15. SamBiker

    Microphone & Case Wt Side Open

    I ordered the Pannovo 3.5mm mini Mic. Does anyone know if this is any good for MotoVlogging? I also ordered a SHOOT Wire Connectable Skeleton Protective Side, I am sure it works but what are my options to make this water resistant? Thank You
  16. Cakep

    New Motovlogger From Seattle Wa

    Hi All, I'm a new MotoVlogger from Seattle, WA. I ride 2015 HD Heritage Softail Classic. I want to learn how to do motovlog from you all. Usually I just put a GoPro on top of my helmet but I don't talk during recording. I want to learn it now. Thanks for your attention. Regards, Greg
  17. CDA441

    General Meeting Another Motovlogger And Random Ramblings

    In this video I filter, ride on the highway, talk to another motovlogger and talk for the first time in, my videos because I now have a mic! Would love to hear some points to be improved :) No intro yet because I have a new bike and hadn't time to update the intro :)
  18. Elaugh Vax

    Motovlogger From Singapore

    Hi Motovloggers, I have just recently started my own youtube channel and just sign up as a member on motovlog forum. I hope to learn many many more for all of you! I have been searching for many helpful information through this forum. Thankful for all the community members out here posting...
  19. MC97

    New Motovlogger In Alabama

    Hello everyone! I just started motovlogging after watching them since I was 15. I'm now 20, I live in North Alabama and I love the motovlogging and biking community so that's why I joined this site! I work full time and I'm taking college classes but I still try to make time for motovlogging...
  20. RunThaCity

    New Rider | New Motovlogger

    Hi Everyone! I'm a new rider, I've only had my license for about 2 months. Finally got my go pro setup, now I'm just waiting on some sunny days!
  21. BehindBars

    Help A Fellow Motovlogger

    Hey guys, Not sure if any of you know him, but TBBS BailOut is in a spot of financial bother. This means he may have to sell his bike (his only means of transport) and recording gear, which as we can all imagine is the last thing we'd ever want to have to do. He's started a GoFundMe to try...
  22. 2WLTommy

    New Michigan Motovlogger

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say what's up. New to motovlogging, and this website obviously. If anyone is from Michigan and wants to ride sometime, let me know. YouTube channel: Two Wheel Tommy
  23. RocketDust

    New Motovlogger

    Good morning!!! :) My name is George im 26 y/o and im from greece. I was watching motovlog for like 2-3 years on youtube and recently I thought to bring the idea to greece too. after some search I have made, I realised that 1-2 people are doing motovlog here so its quite new thing for greece. I...
  24. Jimbomoto

    Motovlogger From Michigan

    Hello everyone I am new to motovlogging but a pretty experienced ride I have owned 2012 ninja 250 (1 year) 07 fz6 (1year) a 07 zx6r (3 years) and now a 2014 fz09 most of my videos are going to be of me riding I am not much of a talker but I am working on that part. I also do all my own work on...
  25. WolfSeisen

    Occasional Motovlogger From New England! Just Found The Site.

    Hello guys! I am an occasional motovlogger from New Hampshire, though in June I am moving up to New Sharon, Maine. Just found this forum, and while I might not be completely here all the time I can try to check in from time to time! I have a lot of things I do in my life, so sometimes I get...
  26. ClarkBrent

    New Motovlogger

    Sup everyone! Just wanted to say what's up. I'm a SoCal rider usually up to no good. I've been making PTSD awareness videos on a non-public facing site for almost a year now, but recently decided recently to start a YouTube channel based on the suggestion of one of my motovlogging buddies. I'm...
  27. Stank

    New Motovlogger

    Hi all, I've been lurking here reading through threads and finding information. I ride a 2008 Harley Davidson Nightster, pretty much all stock. I'm not 'that Harley guy' that doesn't wave to all riders, I do! I don't care what you ride as we all have the love and passion for open roads and 2...
  28. jthomas

    Funny How To Be A Successfull Motovlogger

    How to be a Successfull and Famous Motovlogger.
  29. milku

    Motovlogger From Singapore (milku_gonoob)

    Hi everyone! I'm a new motovlogger from Singapore! I have posted quite a number of videos on my Youtube channel tho. Currently focusing on making Asia roadtrip videos. Do check my channel out and subscribe if you wish to see more in the future! Cheers! Youtube ID: Milku_gonoob
  30. WKD Rider

    Weekend Rider - Motovlogger From The Philippines

    Hi Everyone! I am Weekend Rider. I am a motovlogger wannabe from the Philippines. I use my motorcycle for everyday commute going to work and also going to other places. I started motovlogging when I got an action camera for my helmet. After my first video, I got hooked into making more. Hope...

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