Occasional Motovlogger From New England! Just Found The Site.


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Apr 13, 2017
I ride a
Aprilia RSV4-R
Hello guys! I am an occasional motovlogger from New Hampshire, though in June I am moving up to New Sharon, Maine. Just found this forum, and while I might not be completely here all the time I can try to check in from time to time! I have a lot of things I do in my life, so sometimes I get very... distracted.

About the name: the full name is Wolf Seisenbacher (my furry name) however I generally shorten it to WolfSeisen for logins.

About me...

Well, I am a furry. There, I said it. What is a Furry? Basically someone who goes full-on nerd about anthropomorphic (with human characteristics) animals. Best way to reference what a furry is... Cartoons like Tom and Jerry? Loony Toons? Rocco's Modern Life? ZOOTOPIA?! that's all furry stuff! Zootopia is almost like, spot on.

I am an automotive mechanic as well, specialize in fabrication and electrical engineering on cars. I plan to open up a home-shop in maine while I work full time for another shop. Should be fun!

I have been riding since I was a little boy, started on a 125cc dirt bike, and rode that to hell and back. This was before I even sat behind the wheel of a car. I rode that all the way through college, before I finally got myself a 2005 GSX-R 600. Rode that until I was bored with it, and finally bought my 2012 Aprilia RSV4-R. I am in LOVE with my Aprilia, and would never ride anything else now.

What I ride:

I ride an Aprilia RSV4-R which has been slightly massaged to give it some more power. I have done the air box modification to make it breathe better, and gave it a GPR Thunderslash exhaust. The ECU was reflashed with an Aprilia RACE map as well to smooth out the fueling and give me a little more mid-range. The exhaust dB killer flap was eliminated and now is held wide open. Currently have 17,300 miles on my bike, and going to go for more!

I have ridden this bike from NH to Atlanta Georgia, and back over a weekend. I ride it whenever I can, and even try to take it to NHMS when I have the cash to throw down for a set of race tires and the other expenses of the track (last time cost me 1,500 or so to take it to the track, due to the fact from start to finish, I completely wear out my tires).

My Goals:

I want to meet up and hang out with other people who record, do motovlogging, like to chill and goof off. Riding for me is an escape, and if I team up with any other motovloggers up here, I would LOVE to joint motovlog, and B.S. on camera while riding. Some awesome things can come our way, and we need more new england motovloggers, as they seem to mainly be localized down south.

I am a furry who rides an Aprilia, does some motovlogging when I get the chance, would love to meet others!

North Wolf

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Nov 11, 2016
Orono, Maine
I ride a
Suzuki DR-Z400SM
There are a few Motorvloggers in Maine, but I don't know of many that are also on this site. Most of the ones I am aware of are dual-sport guys that ride the trails.
I am about 80 miles east of New Sharon in Orono, so maybe this summer if we both have the time we can meet up.

I work at the university as a 10-month employee so I have the summer off to do whatever. I only have the two months off and I have a bunch of camping and canoe trips planned, but I'm sure we could figure something out.

As an aside. I was Art Show Assistant Director for Anthrocon for 3 years.
There is a Maine group that does a Bi-Monthly bowling meet as well. Last one was in Bangor, next one is in Brunswick.
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