1. CoastC

    Another Motovlogger From Nsw Australia

    Hi guys, Coastal Clutch is my online persona on youtube, glad to finally join the ranks of this fine community. I ride a 2012 Triumph Speed Triple. Just recently posted my first video, I'll be glad to share it with you guys once I've hit the forums requirements. Thanks for saying Gday. You can...
  2. EachAdv

    New Dirt Motovlogger From Southern California

    Hey everyone! I just started doing the motovlogging thing about a month ago, but have been wanting to get my YouTube channel off the ground for a while now. It has been really fun so far and I like to see what everyone else is doing, so a forum full of motovloggers seemed like a good place to...
  3. sammyb_883

    Heya From New Zealand! New Motovlogger. Iron 883 Vlogs

    Hey guys, I've just started a Youtube channel, making motovlogs on my 2016 Iron 883. Only two videos up now but will be aiming to upload weekly. Would greatly appreciate it if you checked out the channel and maybe even sub if you enjoy the content. Any advice or input on the channel is also...
  4. Rohas

    Indonesian Motovlogger

    Hi guys... i'd like to introduce myself.. i am an indonesian motovlogger, i ride matic bike. I usually ride in Jakarta or Tangerang, ride to work :) please find my channel 'rohas vlog'. thanks for the acceptance to join this forum. cheers!
  5. True Racer

    Not Your Typical Motovlogger

    Please dont shun me out of your community but I have 4 wheels........ I race Shifter Karts and my wife and I make a "MotoVlog" for all our Regional races. We call it A Real Karting Life. If there is any consolidation we use a dirt bike motor (Honda CR125) Anyway if you will accept me as a red...
  6. A

    Motovlogger From Cebu, Philippines.

    Hi Everyone, I am Aldrin and I am new here. I just started doing motoVlog just last week. I am from Cebu City, Philippines. I drove a small Honda Beat, it is a scooter I hope you guys don't mind that. I have been making videos while driving around our city but this is the first time that I will...
  7. ScootWook

    Funny Motovlogger On A Mountain Bike.

    Whats up MotoVloggers?! Decided to ruin my body in a test run of a new format I will be taking on throughout the off season. Was a load of fun to film, and even more so to watch later lol. Check it out, throw me a sub if you like what you saw....Much more challenging content coming.
  8. NomadLad

    General Edge Of The World!!

    Check out my latest video from my trip this summer to the French Alps. This episode is filmed in the famous Vercors! Cheers!
  9. R-Rated

    Funny Do Not Vote For Any Motovlogger For President

    There are just too many motorcycles as witnessed here . . . Vote no on more! :p
  10. SHDXB7

    New Motovlogger From Uk

    Hey everyone , I am from uk but atm in Pakistan . I post motovlogs every 2-3rd day on my youtube channel : SHDXB7 motovlogs. Feel free to watch em and provide some CC (creative critique) thank you! :) Have a nice day
  11. M

    Looking For The Name Of A Motovlogger

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me find the name of a motovlogger. I watched quite a few months ago and really enjoyed his videos. He was American I think, rode a red MV Agusta and used drones and posted videos of himself at work. I'm certain that he didn't hide his face either!
  12. ScootWook

    Funny More New Motovlogger Hate!

    NEW VIDEO UP! Whats up everyone?! This is a continuance of what I think will become a short series....Things which I hate that New MotoVloggers do, part 2. I speak on some other ridiculousness, to include something horrifying which I saw happen on YouTube...I will never be the same. Some...
  13. BlakShadow

    Hit And Run Caught By Motovlogger

    This just came across a local riders FB group I'm on. Motovlogger RPSTV heard a crash behind him, then witnessed the hit and run. He took off after the runner and got his plate and the driver's face on video. Then he went back to the scene of the crime, swapped contact info with the victim...
  14. 3xTread

    Who's Your Favorite Motovlogger

    id hope that yourself would be your first answer lol but what motovlogger catches your attention the most and why? small channel big channel whatever. what do you like about there vlogs lets see them ! Thats my youtube channel go ahead and check it out! leave some notes for me and stuff id...
  15. Sportcock

    New Motovlogger Uk

    Hello everyone :-) We're a biker couple from the UK, although the male half does all the talking/vlogs. The better half operates the technical side of things and has all the best ideas. Although, as it's currently the better half typing this, she might be slightly bias. Anyway, it'd be great...
  16. BehindBars

    New Motovlogger - Uk

    Hey guys! My name is George, I'm a new rider and motovlogger from Buckinghamshire in the UK. Been riding almost 2 months and loving it! Started my yt channel nearly 2 weeks ago and enjoying motovlogging so far, although it is hard work! If theres anyone else in my area it'd be pretty awesome to...
  17. Relentlezz

    Brand New Motovlogger

    Hey guys. My name is Michael. I just moved to Georgetown tx, (basically Austin) and I have just begun motovlogging. I got moved here from fort benning Georgia, to fort hood. I like it here so far. Message me if you are interested in riding if you're local
  18. XeonGhos7

    Rookie Motovlogger Here!

    Hey Everyone, Ghos7 here! What an amazing Community! Found this forum a couple of months back, been waiting for the right time to join. So I am from India! I used to ride a Honda Activa for about 2.5years. I wanted to get into MotoVlogging really bad, but at the time I did not have the...
  19. idiotsev

    Indiana Motovlogger Meetup Spring2017

    Any thoughts on this? Just was wondering what kind of numbers there are in indiana if something like this were to happen.
  20. ScootWook

    Serious New Motovlogger Need Honest Critique.

    Hi everyone, new motovlogger here from the DC area, hoping to entertain the masses in an already crowded field. Whether I continue to make it or not is all up to you, the viewers. I am looking for an honest critique, I want to get better at this and as such, need to be properly informed what I...
  21. Agss

    Medan Motovlogger - Indonesia

    Hey guys I'm motovlogger from Indonesia, I ride a motorcycle Yamaha Mio Sporty automatic, my channel youtube is Agss Suardani.
  22. MotoBlais

    Up And Coming Motovlogger From The Beautiful State Of Washington!

    Hello everybody! MotoBlais911. Im brand new to this forum lifestyle as well as the motovlogging lifestyle. I want to reach out to other motovloggers in here and get to know each other, tips and criticism for each other is great! If you guys wouldn't mind checking out my channel MotoBlais911 and...
  23. ScootWook

    New Motovlogger Needs Honest Critique.

    Hi everyone, My name is Scoot Wookie and Im a new motovlogger out of Washington DC. So far im really enjoying the motovlog experience and have learned loads in the last few days. I have posted my first fully edited video yesterday on my YouTube channel but have a ways to go before I'm...
  24. M-Moto

    Sup Everyone! Just Another New Motovlogger Passing Trough :)

    I'm a new motovlogger that got inspired by other and started my own thing... I drive a 70cc Yamaha so my videos might be different than others who knows you might even enjoy them :).
  25. Rcycle

    New Motovlogger

    I actually just started motovlogging (Reese cycling) and i wanted to just join a community thats interested in the same thing as me!
  26. Pooter

    Harley Motovlogger From Indiana Here!

    Hello everyone, My name is Pooter Stomper. I just started vlogging on my 2015 Harley Sportster 72. So far I have posted 3 videos to youtube and I'am having a blast so far. Im looking forward to talking with other motovloggers and getting tips and tricks along the way! Thanks everyone
  27. OOmpiMoto

    Gold Coast / Brisbane Motovlogger Starting Up

    Howdy peeps. RunnER6n going to be start motovlogging very soon. Thought it would be a good time to say hi to everyone.
  28. TGRB

    Scottish Motovlogger Checking In!

    Hey I'm Jake (Or That Guy Rides Bikes.... Bit of a mouth full). I'm from Scotland (Edinburgh area) I'm pretty new to motovlogging and taking my nervous first steps haha! I ride a CBR300R (My last bike was a 250R but it got nicked!) Been watching motovlogs for years now and decided that I...
  29. 3xTread

    Hey New Motovlogger Here On A 2012 Triumph Daytona!

    Hello everyone my name is TripleTread i motovlog on my 2012 Triumph Daytona and i love it so far! any other triumph motovloggers? im located in the boston area i see and experience a lot of crazy things in the city how about you? just wanted to introduce myself hope to hear from you soon!