New Motovlogger In Portland, Oregon.

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the site. I've been Motovlogging for just over 2 mths, I've got a good selection of videos up already because I've hurled myself at the learning curve. I've dreaded the idea of self-promoting, but in the last few weeks my subscriptions have remained static at 16 subs' on...
  2. mykb93

    Custom Motovlogger Stickers

    well since I am up to my eyeballs in @JohnnyGrom stickers for winning my giveaway, I wanted everyone to get their own stickers. You can click HERE and order your own. And at checkout use the code: "motovlog" to get 10% off. If you have any questions, send me a message.
  3. JonJeoprdy

    New Co Motovlogger

    Hi all new motovlogger from Colorado. Bit about myself, I've been riding for bikes for almost 20 years. Started on a Honda trail 90 then moved to Hodaka, then a Bultaco, then a Husky, and... the list goes on. The bike I'm riding in my posted vlogs is a '96 XR600r with a few mods done to it...
  4. F

    Hello Internet, I Am Frankiemoto.

    Hi everyone i dont know what to say so this is Akward.. I KNOW!!!! I WILL COPY PASTE my Description from my ABOUT... (Yeah that should WORK)... You Know what Maybe not.. thats Silly.. How about i explain who i am? WAIT!! thats actually really HARD to do. Maybe i can Convice Everyone to SUBSCRIBE...
  5. Revvin417

    Missouri Motovlogger

    Hello all, I am Revvin The 417, a motovlogger from Missouri. I have been vlogging for over a year now. I ride a 2015 KTM RC390. I was pretty active on a different motovlogging site, and it died out. So, you will probably see me a lot around here. I am an engineering student, so I should have...
  6. 13 CEME

    Peace From Dallas,tx

    Upcoming motovlogger trying to plant my feet,spread roots and grow. Started a youtube channel 13 CEME where I will be in general share my experience both old and new to me. Also will dip my big toe in so motorcycle and car reviews for fun. Embracing the culture trying to see where it takes me.
  7. kawiMoto

    Nottinghamshire Motovlogger Meet ???

    Who's around the Nottinghamshire area and would like to set somthing up with me ?

    Picked Up My New Bike Today

    2005 zx6r. All the keys. All the books/history. 38000kms. Well looked after. All standard. I cleaned/polished it and installed some shorty levers as I like them better. I want an aftermarket exhaust soon. (For safety reasons)
  9. NomadLad

    Rant Kids Vs Motorcycles... Ya Know!

    Here's the second video! Grow up having kids... or grow up having motorcycles!?
  10. NomadLad

    General Here's My First Motovlog...

    Hey everyone, Here's my first proper motovlog. Really enjoyed making it and hope to make plenty more, I also have some trips planned that I wanna vlog too! Thanks for checking it out. NomadLad
  11. DarkNole

    New Motovlogger From Sunny Florida!

    I'm a 20 year old student at Florida State University. I just so happen to get a bike and a camera so come follow my two wheeled journey through college! I drive a Ninja 300. I already have 4 videos up on youtube and a 5th one being worked on right now. I just wanted to join the motovlog...
  12. Haiqel

    Hello From Singapore!

    Hey everyone! I'm Haiqel, a recent motovlogger from Singapore! If you're unsure where that is, it's located somewhere in the South-East Asia! Just a tiny little red dot, we are. :) Anyway, I've just signed up in this forum for it is very interesting and definitely got my attention! I've got a...
  13. kawiMoto

    Nottinghamshires Newest Motovlogger!!!

    Hi guys and girls, I'm Ben a new motovlogger from Nottinghamshire, I ride a Kawasaki ER6-n since I passed my test around August last year, I'm currently in the army reserves as well as part time trucking, part time uni and my vlogs so a busy life for me. Check out my channel At "kawimoto...
  14. Jyard Toyz

    New(ish) Ma Motovlogger

    Hey everyone, My name is Junkyard Toyz and I'm a small time motovlogger looking to enjoy a hobby, meet new friends, and share a little bit of adventure with the world. I look forward to seeing new places with new people, all in the name of riding. If you're interested in group rides, dual vlogs...
  15. Sidewinder

    General Out On A Ride.

    Out on a ride.
  16. HDMOTO

    Aspiring Melbourne Motovlogger

    Hi all! This is a big HELLO from Melbourne, Australia. I currently am getting set up as a new MotoVlogger in this south east city of Aussie. My new ride is a 2005 Ninja ZX6R. I'm on all social media as HIGHDEFMOTO I will have video content in a few weeks, and lots of photos sooner than that...
  17. Seacoast

    Motovlogger From New Hampshire

    Hello Everyone! Hows it going? I figured I would come out, chat and network with whoever I could. I have had my channel for a few years but have not done anything major in terms of vlogs. I hope to be able to go out and record quite a few rides this year however. SeacoastRide
  18. EhStar

    New Motovlogger From Canada

    Hey everyone, I just started motovlogging about a week ago and I'm enjoying it, especially editing the videos haha. I ride a 2009 Hyosung GT250R, wear all Alpinestars gear, and live in Canada, which is how I came to the name of EhStarRider. If you guys check out my channel and give me a little...
  19. Nasty

    Nasty's Helmet

    It's Not for everyone , it's for me :p I do get a lot of compliments on my helmet because of the horns. I always reply " it should of be a halo" JK ...just wanted to share a piece my style with u all.
  20. Nasty

    General New To The Game

    I just wanted to say hey to all my fellow motovloggers out there! I love ya all... No homo. Live free & ride hard.
  21. Matycyclez

    Big Shout From New England! New Motovlogger Off And Running

    Hello All! Stoked to have Found this site---through one of 6foot's old vids. The names Mattycyclez and I'm currently motovlogging in New England (US- NH, MA). I absolutely lovvvvve it! Just started last week and I'm up and running with about 8 or 9 vids. You can see the hugge difference from...
  22. Motomonkej

    Motovlogger From Belgium

    Hi everyone! lets see what shall i say. euhm *think* *think* euhm Im motomonkey from belgium east flanders im 33 years old + wife and kid and dog and cat and fish........... I like to motovlog, i ride a kawasaki z800 full power therefore i had a kawasaki gtr 1400for trips with the misses...
  23. Rath Rides

    Howdy All! Atv Motovlogger Here

    Hey everyone. I just started a new Channel on youtube, just starting some new vlogs on my ATV. Had a previous channel and user on here but decided to re-brand with a better name and what not, something more personal and I'm quite happy with the result. Thus, new account here. Looking forward...
  24. Tash

    Genesis 1:1 Or Making Of A Motovlog.

    Welcome. Culmination of all the 'what ifs, 'i wishes', 'maybes' and all other words which denote uncertainty, has led me to making my mark on this forum, whether it be huge or small. Consider this thread to be the definitive ' - Start to Finish - diary/report/blog/memoir/journal/logbook of...
  25. F

    A Hello From Indonesia!

    Hello guys, my name is Fino and i am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I just started my own motovlogging channel on Youtube. My youtube channel named fno92. Well, Bali is pretty popular as a travel destination but i live on the metropolitan side of Indonesia, Jakarta, the capital city. Since our...
  26. S

    A New Motovlogger !! Sckenty

    young motorcyclist and passionate, more SINCE my young age, I start my dream at the age of 16 on June derbi 50cc . On my 25th birthday , I decided to get my motorcycle license to discover the true ORDER sensations of speed and purchase in June GSR 750 . BEING A young biker full of curiosity ...
  27. Sheepie

    Auckland Nz Motovlogger Meet

    Hi I'm putting together a motovlogger meet for anyone in the Auckland / Waikato / BOP / Coromandel area - meet at Carbon Garage on Sat the 12th of March @ 10 AM. They have a cafe and a shop full of amazing bikes we can drool over, then go for a ride after. All bikes welcome! Any questions let...
  28. JoeParkerPoe

    Austin, Texas Motovlogger

    Good evening guys! I've been vlogging for a while now, but have recently decided to revamp my channel after getting a new helmet and not riding in about 9 months. If you have a few minutes check me out at youtube @ /thejoepoeshow.
  29. MotoJam

    General First Proper Motovlog! Feedback Appreciated

    Hi guys, Here is my first proper actual MotoVlog :) check it out, all feedback appreciated, if you like the video and want to see more, please subscribe and show your mates :) It's my first attempt so I hope its not too cringy and my ediitng will improve I promise ;) MotoJam
  30. DirtyVlogs

    Dirty Motovlogger

    Hey guys I'm to to the site. I wanted to hopefully get your guys help with subscribing to my new channel just created it tonight nothing fancy as of yet. I will subscribe back of course Caz you need help also. I hope this channel will say strong and grow. My youtube channel is. Dirty...