1. humes

    General Georgetown & Silver Plume, CO | Rocky Mountain Monday #3

    Hey all - releasing another RMM video as part of my series exploring the Colorado rockies. It's a similar style to my last video with a 30 second overview, then discussion of what I'm touring, then more "show, don't tell" phase, with more edits of handheld cuts. Two things I did different for...
  2. Saythejay

    NEW YOUTUBER saythejay

    Hey what’s going on everyone! Not sure how this works but I’d like to link with more motovloggers in the community. I post a decent amount of videos on a bunch of different bikes so if you’d like to see some terrible wheelies and corny jokes then I have the channel for you. Saythejay on YouTube...
  3. lilith.L

    New Motovlogger

    Hello All, I'm Lilith new to youtube as a motovlogger from New Zealand. I do have my own license but am currently pillion on the back of my partners Daytona 675. Feel free to like and subscribe :)
  4. ericm1103


    [INDONESIA] Hi, Salam dari Indonesia ;) Perkenalkan nama saya Eric Martin, kalian bisa panggil saya Eric. Saya lahir dan tinggal di Indonesia, lebih tepat nya di ibu kota Jakarta (ini adalah sebuah kota yang sangat padat o_O) disini kami menggunakan mobil dan juga motor untuk transportasi...
  5. BlueWolf

    Review My Second MotoVlog - A bit about my "abomination"

    Finally got around to uploading my second Vlog :) Covered off a few thoughts about my scooter in the first few months As ever, feedback much appreciated :)
  6. MotoGinji

    General NLB Rideout, the cops pulled 200 bikers over!!! | MotoGinji |

    In todays Motovlog, we join other bikers and goto the No Limit Bikerz (NLB) rideout! It was fun and awesome. There were 200 bikes, and they suddenly did donuts and burnouts in the middle of the highway. The police showed up and blocked the road XD 200 bikers at a sudden standstill, and after a...
  7. MotoGinji

    Funny A Ride with MotoGinji!

    We came together with a couple of followers from instagram and did a small MotoGinji rideout. There would have been more people IF THE FREAKING WEATHER DIDN'T MESS WITH OUT PLANS!!!!!
  8. SnowDrift

    Huntsville AL Meetup???

    Good afternoon everyone, My name is SnowDrift, My wife and I just relocated Down to Huntsville, We lived in Tennessee all our life and thats where I began Motovlogging, I wanted to get a feel for this forum and just see where everyone was from, thanks and have a great day.
  9. MotoGinji

    Funny Coming across people having sex in car? | MotoGinji |

    While trying to explain what the maeslantkering dike is and does, we came across people re-enacting the classic Titanic car scene... Good thing is that not 1 but 2 guys are busting nuts atleast. Maybe not in the same way but... Oh well... Enjoy!
  10. HippoDrone

    So Reddit...

    How many of you use it to grow your channel, and how effective do you find it?
  11. Fulltilt

    Motovlog mic set up?

    Hey guys! Does anyone have any links to what they think are the best quality mics for a GoPro motovlog setup? Thanks!
  12. LoneWolfer

    The Pro Nomad Vlog Case for Gopro

    Saw this product and thought it might appeal to those vloggers who use the Gopro Mic Adapter Dongle so that you can have it securely mounted with the camera rather than off to the side with velcro or what have you.
  13. paullainas

    I am a new Member.

    Hello everybody My name is Pavlos and I live in beautiful Greece. In my free time, I make some videos with motorbikes and more.
  14. chrisw959

    General Forums, Facebook & Website

    A little update of what I've been up too with the poor weather
  15. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed The Challenge Accepted Motovlog Community Post

    @Adam_wmv runs a Facebook page called "Challenge Accepted (Motovlog)" I really like the idea of it and have enjoyed making videos on the challenges that have been posted on there. So with that in mind, I propose we do a similar thing on here...
  16. HippoDrone

    Review Not my video, but Phil480 is an awesome motovlogger and has great taste in other creators

    Really nicely put together shout out, proper cool that he has put his list together with a decent intro into those he featured.
  17. chrisw959

    General 2018 Update

    A quick update on things. A bit of a belated merry christmas and a happy new year I know. Normal service will resume.
  18. Jafnhaar

    General End Of Year Motovlog - Happy New Year!!!

    Hello guys and girls, last Motovlog for 2017 and looking forward to 2018! Lots of good things to come and hope you all have a prosperous new year!!! Ride Safe :):D
  19. Mr. G

    My Latest Motovlog

  20. AmpdMoto

    General Toy Run 2017

    My video from the local Toy Run event. There were 800+ bikes that showed up so the turn out was great.
  21. carbon

    Carbon Fubar Sayin Hello

    Hello everyone, I'm carbon fubar ;) I'm a new vlogger, with a couple of efforts available on the YouTubes. Some of the ideas I've read about on here, have helped pave the way for my first two videos, so, thanks for your help. Feel free to comment, like and subscribe to my channel, i could do...
  22. HippoDrone

    General Mot Time & Youtuber Meet Up....

    The V7 needs to get legal... Also bump into a motovlogger I follow (you should to, he is ace). And is a little video response to @Jafnhaar recent video! :-)
  23. NomadLad

    Motovlogger Man-kini Bet

    Hi Lads, You should all check out and subscribe to Lucky Luke Rides, he's an up and coming Irish Motovlogger and is well worth the watch. Also consider subbing as he has a bet on that he can't reach 1000 (400 more) subs by Christmas, if he loses... he has to ride around in a mankini for a...
  24. Sharktank

    General A Day The Fam A Motovlog

    R-Rated said "just do it for the art." I kinda found my style a little bit and let loose. Literally the most fun I've ever had with a video. Hint: nothing in this video is accidental.
  25. Cherrie

    Youtube "limited Or No Ads - Not Suitable For Most Advertisers"

    Anyone else facing this issue? I saw a big name motovlogger posting about this issue, but never thought it would be an issue with mine since my videos are soooo G rated lol. I posted two new videos in the last week, and they both got flagged for this. The first one had 1000 views by the time...
  26. Jafnhaar

    Feedback Needed Mistakes New Riders Make?

    Hey y'all, I recently made a video of 5 Mistakes new riders make. Would it be possible if you could comment some feedback and maybe some extra mistakes they make to help these guys out.... Too many new riders getting hurt lately... Thanks in advance... :)

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