1. Anggilsm_

    does anyone drive a supermoto here? May I see?

    I am here a beginner motovlogger from Indonesia, so I want to be given advice and how to become a motovlogger.
  2. humes

    General My first group ride with 13 other riders

    I was pretty anxious about riding in a group as I know that different skill levels, personalities, and just more moving parts means higher risk and potential for something to happen. However, I went with a dealership-sponsored ride and had a lot of fun!
  3. humes

    General Riding through Peak to Peak Highway | Part II, Rollinsville to Nederland, CO

    Hey folks - released the second part of my likely five part series traversing Colorado's well-known Peak to Peak Highway scenic byway. It was the first scenic byway in all of Colorado and the town of Nederland is a stomping ground for many Boulderites.
  4. humes

    General Riding through Denver's Globeville neighborhood

    My Front Range Friday series continues with another North Denver neighborhood. This one has a 30+% poverty rate and a 50+% hispanic/latino demographic with two Interstates that intersect through it. It's known to have grown inward due to its isolation with the South Platte River to the south as...
  5. humes

    General Riding through Colorado's Peak to Peak Highway, Part I

    Peak to Peak Highly is oft-touted as a wonderful ride close to Boulder, CO. I started traversing the 55 mile route from the south and will break it down into 4 or 5 videos depending on content length. Check out Part I! Some solid drone shots and nuggets throughout.
  6. humes

    General Riding through Denver's Sunnyside neighborhood

    Heya folks ... another Front Range Friday release. Got rained on, got some drone shots, and talk through the parks / brunch spots.
  7. humes

    General Dainese Druid 3 Gloves | Motorcycle Gear Review

    Today I review the gloves I've been wearing full-time since early spring as a 2 or 3 season glove (spring, fall, most of summer). These are my third pair of gloves (I have alpine stars and revit gloves as well that are great for hot summer and cold winter, respectively). I talk about...
  8. humes

    Feedback Needed Coal Creek Canyon | Rocky Mountain Monday #6

    Hey all, had a fun ride into one of the canyons today. Got the drone up twice, check out the footage near the middle! I used the feedback needed flag as looking for some candid/blunt feedback moving forward if anyone is willing. Not about views, just want to make super solid content for people...
  9. humes

    General Zuni Park, AT&T Tower, and a Railyard | Front Range Friday #6

    Rainy day but made it out to explore one of the nearby neighborhoods. Only a few to go to finish up Northwest Denver, CO. I caught some drone footage of the Denver skyline and the misting Rockies, so worth watching just for that alone (start and middle, see Zuni Park chapter).
  10. S

    Hello i new here

    Hello my name is iqbal i'm new here i'm from indonesia my youtube channel : six bal I need support to build my channel My channel theme is motovlog and random content sometime I ride honda cb150 verza and yamaha mio m3 Motovloging with low budget Cheap action camera too
  11. humes

    Review Dainese Smart Jacket: A $700 airbag vest | Motorcycle Gear Review #1

    @Gemini from the forums recommended I look into an airbag vest a few weeks ago in another thread. I took his advice and bought it about two weeks ago, using it now for about a week. I put together this video on my initial impressions. Spoiler is that I'm happy with it.
  12. humes

    General 11,669 ft to Guanella Pass Summit | Rocky Mountain Monday #5

    Hey all - Monday's release is out. I went up to 11,669 ft on a scenic byway in Colorado. I talk about the wind and the bike along the route, as well as some of the scenery. Open to any feedback and appreciate any viewership, likes, and comments.
  13. humes

    General Lake Parks & Amusement Parks | Front Range Friday #5

    Hey all - Released another motovlog yesterday; this one focused on a nearby neighborhood with two parks. There's also history of a past amusement park that was relocated downtown and a still existing amusement park shown. The main downtown ties it all together.
  14. Bike4Fun

    Review GoPro Media Mod VS Canova Audio - Test for best Audio Quality

    If you want to have good sound when you are Motovlogging, go to GoPro and DJI an audio adapter. At Gopro there are two adapters, the current one is the so-called GoPro Media Mod and costs around 89 euros. (As of June 2020) DJI does not currently have its own audio adapter for the Osmo Action...
  15. humes

    General Windy Ride through Route 285 to Guanella Pass | Rocky Mountain Monday #4

    Hey all - releasing my 10th video today and wrapping up my first month of vlogging. This video is just focused on the ride on Route 285 in Colorado; talking about wind and my bike. More "moto"vlog than my other ones. It was too windy to capture any drone footage and also didn't do any handheld...
  16. humes

    General Carnations, Jolly Rancher and a Mausoleum in Wheat Ridge, CO | Front Range Friday #4

    All - new release of a city to the west of Denver, CO. It's known as Carnation City, housed a Jolly Rancher factory, and has a 7 story Mausoleum that is almost 100 years old. The city has a strong agricultural history, its own mayor for 30,000 people, and some beautiful homes. For anyone who...
  17. humes

    General Georgetown & Silver Plume, CO | Rocky Mountain Monday #3

    Hey all - releasing another RMM video as part of my series exploring the Colorado rockies. It's a similar style to my last video with a 30 second overview, then discussion of what I'm touring, then more "show, don't tell" phase, with more edits of handheld cuts. Two things I did different for...
  18. Saythejay

    NEW YOUTUBER saythejay

    Hey what’s going on everyone! Not sure how this works but I’d like to link with more motovloggers in the community. I post a decent amount of videos on a bunch of different bikes so if you’d like to see some terrible wheelies and corny jokes then I have the channel for you. Saythejay on YouTube...
  19. lilith.L

    New Motovlogger

    Hello All, I'm Lilith new to youtube as a motovlogger from New Zealand. I do have my own license but am currently pillion on the back of my partners Daytona 675. Feel free to like and subscribe :)
  20. ericm1103


    [INDONESIA] Hi, Salam dari Indonesia ;) Perkenalkan nama saya Eric Martin, kalian bisa panggil saya Eric. Saya lahir dan tinggal di Indonesia, lebih tepat nya di ibu kota Jakarta (ini adalah sebuah kota yang sangat padat o_O) disini kami menggunakan mobil dan juga motor untuk transportasi...
  21. BlueWolf

    Review My Second MotoVlog - A bit about my "abomination"

    Finally got around to uploading my second Vlog :) Covered off a few thoughts about my scooter in the first few months As ever, feedback much appreciated :)
  22. MotoGinji

    General NLB Rideout, the cops pulled 200 bikers over!!! | MotoGinji |

    In todays Motovlog, we join other bikers and goto the No Limit Bikerz (NLB) rideout! It was fun and awesome. There were 200 bikes, and they suddenly did donuts and burnouts in the middle of the highway. The police showed up and blocked the road XD 200 bikers at a sudden standstill, and after a...
  23. MotoGinji

    Funny A Ride with MotoGinji!

    We came together with a couple of followers from instagram and did a small MotoGinji rideout. There would have been more people IF THE FREAKING WEATHER DIDN'T MESS WITH OUT PLANS!!!!!
  24. SnowDrift

    Huntsville AL Meetup???

    Good afternoon everyone, My name is SnowDrift, My wife and I just relocated Down to Huntsville, We lived in Tennessee all our life and thats where I began Motovlogging, I wanted to get a feel for this forum and just see where everyone was from, thanks and have a great day.
  25. MotoGinji

    Funny Coming across people having sex in car? | MotoGinji |

    While trying to explain what the maeslantkering dike is and does, we came across people re-enacting the classic Titanic car scene... Good thing is that not 1 but 2 guys are busting nuts atleast. Maybe not in the same way but... Oh well... Enjoy!
  26. HippoDrone

    So Reddit...

    How many of you use it to grow your channel, and how effective do you find it?
  27. Fulltilt

    Motovlog mic set up?

    Hey guys! Does anyone have any links to what they think are the best quality mics for a GoPro motovlog setup? Thanks!
  28. LoneWolfer

    The Pro Nomad Vlog Case for Gopro

    Saw this product and thought it might appeal to those vloggers who use the Gopro Mic Adapter Dongle so that you can have it securely mounted with the camera rather than off to the side with velcro or what have you.

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