General Georgetown & Silver Plume, CO | Rocky Mountain Monday #3


Colorado Motovlogger
May 17, 2020
Denver, CO
I ride a
2012 Ducati Monster 696
Hey all - releasing another RMM video as part of my series exploring the Colorado rockies. It's a similar style to my last video with a 30 second overview, then discussion of what I'm touring, then more "show, don't tell" phase, with more edits of handheld cuts.

Two things I did different for this video is I recorded my handlebar / handheld clips in 4K and downsized to 1440p to see if the pixel density is noticeably useful (I'm not doing much zoom in, though). I also moved the mic a bit to try to reduce "helmet" sound audio, but I ended up picking up wind noise, so will fiddle more for next video.

Appreciate any viewership and support, and always open to feedback.


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