Feedback Needed Coal Creek Canyon | Rocky Mountain Monday #6


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May 17, 2020
Denver, CO
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2012 Ducati Monster 696
Hey all, had a fun ride into one of the canyons today. Got the drone up twice, check out the footage near the middle!

I used the feedback needed flag as looking for some candid/blunt feedback moving forward if anyone is willing. Not about views, just want to make super solid content for people. Feel free to comment on any of the below categories, or something else:
  • Thumbnail - been playing with the text, but also wonder if drone shot works for y'all or if I should stick w/ bike POV or bike in picture.
  • Intro shots - do y'all like the drone + music to start off ? Sort of sets up the ride before the ride in this one. The other consideration is that I cut a bunch of edits from throughout the ride into a 10-15 second intro to sort of show what's ahead a bit more fully.
  • Start to ride - does it make y'all want to click off or is the pacing enough to keep you watching ? "welcome to rocky mountain monday, today we are doing X" sort of spiel is something I'm not sure if I should change to something else.
  • General pacing - how's the flow for you guys ? Not enough dead space between cuts ? Too much ?
  • Content - anything you guys would find most interesting ? I try mentioning any history nuggets but otherwise just me observing what I see while riding. I could show stuff off the bike, though, like me actually eating at the diner in this one.
  • Voice - still trying to figure out if I can optimize audio; wondering if anything I can do there or if seems fine to y'all.

Appreciate any viewership, likes, comments, and feedback.

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