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    General Abandoned Mental Hospital Photoshoot

    All right, here is my first upload on the YouTubes. In the video I visit a abandoned mental hospital in Melbourne and get some photos of the bike. I'm at ZERO subscribers as of now so if you like and want to see more if appreciate if you hit that SUB button :):);) And follow me on Instagram...
  2. Motowolf

    Motowolf Motovlog Channel

    What is up guys, I am Motowolf, I ride a Honda CBR 919 Blade. I make motovlog video's on youtube. If you want to please go and check out my channel, i thank you for all your'e support
  3. Merlin

    General My Editing Experiment

    Hey guys Experimenting with my editing style. Let me know what you think. Enjoy Merlin
  4. SalvageSV

    General Ebay Parts - Motovlog #8

    My take on how to approach eBay and other cheap aftermarket parts.
  5. Senpai

    Hello From Canada!

    Hey guys, I just got my by bike and I should be starting motovlogging in the next moth or so :) I'm exited to meet you all!
  6. Belerophon

    Funny Top 10 Daily Moments

  7. NomadLad

    Rant Kids Vs Motorcycles... Ya Know!

    Here's the second video! Grow up having kids... or grow up having motorcycles!?
  8. NomadLad

    My '14 Tiger 800

    Here's a few photos of my 2014 tiger 800!
  9. Motorpsych

    Bilingual Motovlog? Subtitles? To Do Or Not To.

    ...That is the question. Just curious have you tried making a motovlog in two languages? As an experiment I thought of making my maintenance videos in English and Japanese. With running translation to see if it'll teach more viewers. I just uploaded my first English tutorial with Japanese...
  10. Sidewinder

    General Out On A Ride.

    Out on a ride.
  11. McGeachy11

    Finally Got A Motovlog Setup, But Need Help With Gopro Issue

    Hey guys, so my setup consists of a chin-mounted GoPro HD Hero 2 with a lapel mic on the inside of the helmet. But I need help diagnosing my GoPro problem before I can start vlogging. Hopefully some of you might have some experience or ideas to solve the situation. So here's the issue. I bought...
  12. McGeachy11

    Hello From Michigan!

    What's up everyone? I recently decided to start my own motovlog on youtube and join this forum. I currently ride an Iron 883, but I love all types of bikes. I'm hoping to find other motovloggers from Michigan to ride with and possibly collaborate with in the future. I'm currently in Southwest...
  13. Belerophon

    Funny Close Calls & Top 10 Daily Challenges

    Close Calls & Top 10 Daily Challenges A compilation video of daily challenges! Enjoy!!
  14. Sidewinder

    General Tire Issue+ Tagger.

    Warranty issue with my tires. Bad drivers and I catch a tagger tagging on camera:)
  15. Nasty

    A New Nasty Motovlog In The Cincinnati Area

    Hey everyone... I'm Nasty . I ride a CBR600RR & live in USA , northern Kentucky. I have been making videos for almost a year now. I haven't done much talking yet ...just been keeping it natural when riding. ...but once I get my mic set up again I'm sure that will change.! blah blah blah ;-)...
  16. Sidewinder

    New Decal.

    Just had a decal made today only got 4 just too see. What do you guys think?
  17. Finalyzed

    General Second Motovlog Ever!

    Please watch and let me know what you think of my motovlog! This is my second one ever, and i appreciate any kind of constructive criticism! Below it, Ill put my first one up for comparison. I didn't record my first in wide view so that changed!
  18. Matycyclez

    Big Shout From New England! New Motovlogger Off And Running

    Hello All! Stoked to have Found this site---through one of 6foot's old vids. The names Mattycyclez and I'm currently motovlogging in New England (US- NH, MA). I absolutely lovvvvve it! Just started last week and I'm up and running with about 8 or 9 vids. You can see the hugge difference from...
  19. IronicRbnd

    General Rage Vids


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