1. HippoDrone

    Review Not my video, but Phil480 is an awesome motovlogger and has great taste in other creators

    Really nicely put together shout out, proper cool that he has put his list together with a decent intro into those he featured.
  2. chrisw959

    General 2018 Update

    A quick update on things. A bit of a belated merry christmas and a happy new year I know. Normal service will resume.
  3. Jafnhaar

    General End Of Year Motovlog - Happy New Year!!!

    Hello guys and girls, last Motovlog for 2017 and looking forward to 2018! Lots of good things to come and hope you all have a prosperous new year!!! Ride Safe :):D
  4. Mr. G

    My Latest Motovlog

  5. AmpdMoto

    General Toy Run 2017

    My video from the local Toy Run event. There were 800+ bikes that showed up so the turn out was great.
  6. carbon

    Carbon Fubar Sayin Hello

    Hello everyone, I'm carbon fubar ;) I'm a new vlogger, with a couple of efforts available on the YouTubes. Some of the ideas I've read about on here, have helped pave the way for my first two videos, so, thanks for your help. Feel free to comment, like and subscribe to my channel, i could do...
  7. HippoDrone

    General Mot Time & Youtuber Meet Up....

    The V7 needs to get legal... Also bump into a motovlogger I follow (you should to, he is ace). And is a little video response to @Jafnhaar recent video! :-)
  8. NomadLad

    Motovlogger Man-kini Bet

    Hi Lads, You should all check out and subscribe to Lucky Luke Rides, he's an up and coming Irish Motovlogger and is well worth the watch. Also consider subbing as he has a bet on that he can't reach 1000 (400 more) subs by Christmas, if he loses... he has to ride around in a mankini for a...
  9. Sharktank

    General A Day The Fam A Motovlog

    R-Rated said "just do it for the art." I kinda found my style a little bit and let loose. Literally the most fun I've ever had with a video. Hint: nothing in this video is accidental.
  10. Cherrie

    Youtube "limited Or No Ads - Not Suitable For Most Advertisers"

    Anyone else facing this issue? I saw a big name motovlogger posting about this issue, but never thought it would be an issue with mine since my videos are soooo G rated lol. I posted two new videos in the last week, and they both got flagged for this. The first one had 1000 views by the time...
  11. Jafnhaar

    Feedback Needed Mistakes New Riders Make?

    Hey y'all, I recently made a video of 5 Mistakes new riders make. Would it be possible if you could comment some feedback and maybe some extra mistakes they make to help these guys out.... Too many new riders getting hurt lately... Thanks in advance... :)
  12. Jafnhaar

    Feedback Needed Is Bike Life Being Ruined?

    Hi all, Made a little video talking about bike life and whether it's being ruined by the crime that has started off in London but is hitting all major cities in the UK! Does anyone else have a feedback on this? Thanks for watching
  13. AmpdMoto

    General Is Working From Home Better?

  14. VaVaBroom

    My New Motovlog Channel! :)

    Greetings fellow motovloggers :) So i finally decided to make myself a new YouTube channel and created an introduction video the other day. I'm completely new to all this so any support would be much appreciated :) I cannot post a video link as my account on here is new, but hope you guys enjoy...
  15. jthomas

    General Jthomas 1310 Update

    An update as to what's been going on for me.
  16. LoneWolfer

    General Motorcycles And Tomahawks!

    Not at the same time but possibly soon. For now I just wnated to share my love of both and some fun shots I took with my gopro duct taped to a tomahawk handle. Let me know what you folks think, thanks.
  17. Joey Repo

    General Are You A "squid?"

    Check out my recent video and tell me what you think
  18. Lazyman

    My First Motovlog In A While...

    Was planning on posting some test videos of the Sena Tube but this happened while my wife, myself, and one of my friends went on a ride. The ride ended about 5 minutes in when Beth ,my wife, braked hard for a yellow light and JV locked his brakes up and rear ended her. So, that's my new video lol
  19. Joey Repo

    General My Recent Vid!!!

    Hello everyone. I made a recent Motovlog video and would like to hear your feedback. Im fairly new to the game so bare with me lol. Thank you all. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  20. Superballs

    General My First Real Motovlog

    Well, apparently my first draft didn't make it. This is my first real motovlog, and I know I'm talking about a dead-horse topic but I am just starting out and trying to get better at actually talking to myself. I had a really long intro description saved oh...wait...sweet... I had it all...
  21. Joey Repo

    Hello Everyone

    what's going on everyone. I'm new to the forum and a motovlogger from the Kansas area.
  22. burlyjack

    General Poker Run

    This was a Shriners poker run me and a guy from church did a few weeks ago. I don't talk much, instead just let people enjoy the sights and the sounds. There was over 3 hrs of footage to edit so these are mostly just a few highlights. My camera ended up dying at the end. :/
  23. moto anzac

    Need To Know For Beginners

    So most of you probably clicked this thread to see the list but actually, this is more of a question. I noticed on our forum here we don't seem to have a beginner's guide. Every topic has probably been discussed but I've blown hours on reading and almost getting no where, so let's turn my...
  24. moto anzac

    From Australia To Turkey

    Hey guys, I was a car-fanatic in Australia, moved to Turkey but.. struggled to pursue my passion. It took me some time but I finally found an alternative; the motorcycle scene! After getting into motorcycles, it slowly made me get into watching VLOGS. I'm probably subscribed to most of you...
  25. Squeaky P

    New To Motovlog

    Hey guys I'm brand new to the motovlog scene. I would love to interact with you guys and seek advice from anyone who'd love to give their input. I'm stoked I found this site. YouTube: Squeaky P IG: yaboi_squeaky_p
  26. SonicMoto

    General Bad Drivers/

    It's been a while since I've posted here, been on Moto Amino too much, but looking to contribute here more often :) Anyways, I've got a few clips recorded in 6 months of riding of bad drivers trying to run me over LOL
  27. burlyjack

    General Computer Debacles

  28. TGLambino

    Funny Dallas Drive | Motovlog #49

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