1. HippoDrone

    Sneak Peek from a Photo Shoot with my Moto Guzzi V7

    The amazing SzpakBiker used my Moto Guzzi V7 for a photo shoot, the images are stunning. I'm not going to reveal them all as I'll be putting a video together in 2019 to showcase them, but here is a sneak-peek.
  2. Lurch

    Not A Moto But A Photo

  3. HippoDrone

    General Roads To Remember

    I went on an adventure, travelled 500+ miles round trip in a day just to ride this short road and have some nosh at the Smugglers Rest in Talland Bay! :-)
  4. HippoDrone

    General Finally Get My Fuel Pump, Now Can I Get The Bike Running?

    Been waiting weeks for this to turn up, missed scorching heat and sooo many sunny days. Can I now say my "winter" project is complete?
  5. HippoDrone

    General Finally Finished It....

    My Moto Guzzi V7 video reveal of the finished bike...
  6. HippoDrone

    Anglesey Coastal Trackday

    A mate is trying to bully me into a trackday in the summer... tbh, not needing my arm to be twisted too hard but hoping to try out the Anglesey circuit for the first time. Am waiting to hear back from No Limits Trackdays about my bike and if they'll allow it with no rear end. Will be pretty...
  7. HippoDrone

    I Been Painting....

    My bike is getting a proper paint job done at the moment so I have started tidying up some of the remaining jobs to get the bike finished. Started by grinding the footpeg lugs off the brackets so they are a bit nicer to look at. I then gave them some paint as well as the front mudguard bracket...
  8. DorkyRoad

    Got My Video Clip Featured In A Moto Madness Compilation

    Here's hoping it leads a bunch of new people to my channel! Anyone else been in one of these comps? Any hidden downside to this? I think it's okay to post this here because it isn't my video...but please remove or move if it should go somewhere else. I promise not to get all butthurt...
  9. HippoDrone

    General Moto Guzzi V7 - Sound Test/drive-by

    A quicky sound test of my guzzi: Just the paint to sort now! :-)
  10. HippoDrone

    Moto Guzzi V7 - Rear Mudguard Chop

    Am currently giving the bike a facelift and the rear mudguard is way too long for prettyz so I got my chopper out and prodded it around her rear until I was satisfied! :P
  11. HippoDrone

    General Went Off To Meet Edcase Up Rykas - Box Hill....

    It is days like today that really show why it is worth keeping your bike on the road all year round! :-)
  12. HippoDrone

    General This Is My First On Bike Vlog

    Mainly made the video to test the camera/mic set up but also to test the new wheels. Please excuse the (imo justifiable) profanity near the end. Any tips on how to lose the wind noise on the higher speed stuff or is it trial and error?
  13. UrbanRidin

    New To Motovlogging!

    Hello everyone! I just stumbled upon this forum last night and I'm glad I did. Come check out my YouTube channel and let me know what you think! Channel link in my profile in the info section or you can just look it up on YouTube. YouTube Channel: Urban BeRiding Thanks!
  14. HippoDrone

    Guide My Moto Guzzi V7 Build

    Hi guys and gals, I am currently doing a cosmetic and handling refresh on my V7 (aka Lord Vader). I foolishly neglected to vlog the whole build but have a few videos to start with and will update this post (if it allows me to edit it) with more videos as the build comes along. I left the bike...
  15. lupin

    Review Melbourne Australia Moto Expo 2016

    Here is a quick walk around of the 2016 Melbourne moto expo (Part 1) Hope you enjoy.
  16. ScootWook

    Funny More New Motovlogger Hate!

    NEW VIDEO UP! Whats up everyone?! This is a continuance of what I think will become a short series....Things which I hate that New MotoVloggers do, part 2. I speak on some other ridiculousness, to include something horrifying which I saw happen on YouTube...I will never be the same. Some...
  17. RiderInRed

    Moto Podcasts?

    Eh, so the season is about to close over here. It's gonna be super cold soon so no vlogs no nothing :( I'm thinking of either posting podcasts on Youtube or iTunes. I got smoe good equipment to record my voice. Any thoughts on this? if you guys would actually listen to 'em? And if yes, what...
  18. W

    University Moto Club In Search Of Camera/intercom Solutions

    Hey all! Our college motorcycle club is in search of the perfect set up for cameras and intercom systems and I figured there would be no better place to ask than here! We've been using Interphones for the past couple of years, but looking to make the switch to Sena since they seem to be more...
  19. RiderInRed

    Funny First Montage! Thoughts Needed

    Hey boys and girls, Rider in Red here! Posting my first video. Took awhile to finally put it all together since i had a crash about a month ago. Fiewf now I'm up and running/riding. Thoughts are welcome. Tips on how to get a follwerbase or even cater to those who'd be interested would be more...
  20. Lurch

    Moto Not Photo

    I'm just gonna leave this here for a few days... ;)
  21. H

    New Vlogger...southwest Florida

    New moto vlogger here in Southwest Florida. I have been riding for over 12 years and finally strapped a camera to my helmet. I have only uploaded two videos so far to my channel. However, I am not sure of all the rules of the forum so I will link everything soon. Thank you and ride safe! -HT
  22. MAT

    Funny Moto Thursday - Courses #2

    Day 2 at the track (and the parking lot) and i am getting there. Feel free to Subscribe and Like (if you do) will mean a lot to me.
  23. S

    Stan The Moto Man - Vancouver, Bc Motovlogger

    Hi Motovlog community, my name's Stan and I've been motovlogging for about 11 months with 12,000 subscribers. Just literally discovered this site and wanted to share my channel with you all! If you've got the time please check it out! Thanks! Search "Stan The Moto Man" on youtube!
  24. DRfURYOS

    Funny Moto Camping In Algonquin Park

    This is a 2 part series that covers our wet and rainy camping trip to Algonquin. The first part is on my channel and the 2nd part is on "Fily Bear's" NEW channel. Be sure to leave him a comment to welcome him into the moto vlogging world. He has joined the dark side LOL. Part 1 Part 2
  25. Hornet 900

    General So Here Is My First Attempt At Moto Vlogging, Editing, And Producing. Criticism Encouraged.

    I have had so many issues with video and audio quality, but I finally got some footage I can use. Here is my first Moto Vlog. Let me know honestly what you think! If you can stand my first video, subscribe to my channel please, I feel really lonely without any subscribers. I am going to try to...
  26. Hornet 900

    My Hornet Moto

    Previous owner painted the headers.......jerk!
  27. Jon Bean

    General First Moto Vlog And Got The Front Wheel Up!

    Hope you guys enjoy! And it will get better! BeanSpeeds

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