1. Haiqel

    General First Ever Singapore Bike Show 2016

    This first ever show dedicated to bikes/any 2 wheelers in Singapore! Everyone is hyped and the crowds are loud!
  2. Bang Jo

    General Dirt Bike Beautiful Indonesia

  3. Jgrinds

    New Bike To Get Next Year?

    Right now i have a kawi Ninja 500. Next year i really want to get a ninja zx600 what year should i get ? I want somthing from 2005 to 2008 . Opinions please!
  4. Senpai

    Best 600cc Sport Bike In Your Opinion?

    Looking to upgrade from my 440 to a 600, just curious which one. I'm leaning towards the cbr600rr but anyone have anything to say about other bikes? Thank You
  5. dandoolittle

    Gsxr Road Bike Came Out... After Months

    love this bike but been so busy I've barely ridden it. And it's always wet... My l5 1000 gsxr
  6. Roachy88

    The Bike And Dog

  7. chix

    General Callout: Chix's Tag Me, Tag My Bike Challenge

    You can skip through the bike history section if you get bored...I've had quite a few bikes haha. It starts at 3:26 and ends 9:35 I was tagged by @lupin to keep up the challenge, idea is to vlog about the following questions and tag...
  8. Shifty

    What Do You Like About Your Current Bike Compared To Your Old One?

    So you bought another bike, why is better than the old one you had, whats not so good?
  9. YoutubIan

    What Did You Do To Your Bike Today?

    What did you do to your bike today? Any new modifications, parts, colour changes or special cleaning done? Let us know and post a pic or 2 if you can! I think lets make this a sticky if possible!
  10. JoeUncaged

    Pix From First Bike Trip

    I just got back from my first motorcycle trip. Beaver Lake Dam and spillway, just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
  11. Hypertard

    General My First Ever Bike Reveal With My First Ever Intro And Outro...

    A lot of firsts here, hopefully not too shoddy: :)
  12. Scoobyrex

    My Bike

    My 2013 Harley Softtail Deluxe.
  13. Hoodie

    Funny Bike Show And Hoodierider Looks

    How do you guys like my old '82 Honda? :p
  14. BurntRuber

    Funny The Video Where I Kill My Drz400sm

    in this video i kill the drz400sm by filling the carb with dirt without knowing. i should stop doing crazy hill climbs on street tires. hopefully it will be back up and running as a 480cc soon and make 50% more power.
  15. JonJeoprdy

    General New Bike Reveal

  16. JBH

    General Bike Walkaround + 1st Crash

    I hope you enjoy the vid, if so go ahead and support my channel! Stay safe compadres!
  17. Naked Dave

    Serious Mate Crashed So I Let Him Ride My Bike Home

    @Viper1350 finally uploaded the video of last year's crash on his KTM Duke 390 (he rides a Yamaha R6 now). Shortly after the incident, I posted a satirical video of him lifting me from the crash (on my bike... I don't like to ride with passengers). The description of my video includes chapter...
  18. Hypertard

    Funny Ever Had A Small Bike Bully You?

    From the get-go i knew this guy was going to be an issue. I cant seem to embed videos at a certain time stamp so please jump to 11m56s:
  19. SeeItWithSimon

    General I Think You'll Love This - New Bike Reveal

    Hey guys. Not a vlog as such but a creative piece for my new bike reveal that was released a few weeks back. It's too good not to share with you. Would love any feedback, comments, likes, shares or subs. Hope you enjoy!
  20. NomadLad

    General Bike Trip To France Plans!

    Hi Lads, Here's a quick video about my planned trip from Dublin, Ireland to the French Alps this August! Enjoy. As always any constructive criticism is more than welcome!
  21. Dark Rider

    General New Bike Reveal! (finally)

    Finally after a long wait I made a video of my new bike. Feels good to be back :)
  22. RoadSprock

    Rant Bike Problems

  23. EDcase

    Petition To Deal With Bike Theft (uk) Something has to be done about this situation...
  24. thunderous71

    Serious Pickup Takes Out Bike

    Not me before you ask.... I haven't moved state side.
  25. RoadSprock

    Bike Modifications

    So I want to make my triumph speed triple 1050 stand out, at the moment I've got the basics: Aftermarket twin exhausts Tail tidy Flat bars & barend mirrors Any other ideas for cosmetics/cheap performance mods?
  26. dandoolittle

    Bike Mine: The Ultimate Alarm To Protect Your Precious Stuff

    BIKE MINE is the world's loudest alarm; the ultimate deterrent against theft of your bicycle, motorbike, boat or jet ski. The video should load, it's taken from out Facebook page - Give it a couple of seconds Would you use this?
  27. KruznW/Kev

    Massachusetts Bike Meet And Ride (beginning Of July)

    So I was thinking about organizing a bike meet in MA at the beginning of July this year. I know its late notice but if you guys are interested send me a DM on Instagram at Kruznwithkev. If you dont have instagram reply to this thread, I'm just on Instagram more often. If I can get a decent...
  28. RoadSprock

    The Bike(s)

    Triumph Speed Triple 1050 KTM 690 Supermoto
  29. RoadSprock

    Rant Mobile Phone Rage & Bike Update

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