1. HippoDrone

    General Late Night Bike Nights

    We have a real feel of summer in the south of England at the moment and my local biker cafes are now running longer hours one night midweek to cater for our evening ride hydration and cake noms requirements.....
  2. HippoDrone

    Bikes are safe......
  3. MIcruiser

    Funny Bike Swap

    When a cruiser rider and naked sport rider trade bikes.....
  4. VaVaBroom

    What Bike Should I Get?

    Hi everyone, Last week I passed my DAS - Category A, with only one minor :) I'm looking to 100% get my first big bike early January 2018 (5 weeks away), so doing the research now. My budget is limited to around £2000, until I save up for something better next summer. Also the main issue is as...
  5. HippoDrone

    What Bike Next?

    With the disappointment of the KTM 790 Duke (unless they launch an "R" version by the time I am able to spend some money), I am struggling with what to go for. Does anyone here have the Triumph Street Triple 765 RS, or ridden one? What are your thoughts on it? Any other suggestions, wants to be...
  6. R-Rated

    Funny That Moment When You See Your Bike Showing Its Age

    Other than the first scratch on the bike, this has to be the worst feeling in the world. Am I right? So making lemonade from lemons . . .
  7. burlyjack

    Choosing A Bike Shop

    What are some things you guys find important when looking for a motorcycle mechanic? Do you stick with the big name dealers and shops or would you try and find a smaller shop or maybe someone working out of their garage?
  8. LoneWally

    Winter Bike Nights

    So as we head into winter one thing I notice is that a lot of folks are hanging the helmets up. Since Wednesday nights are my only night out I'm still making my appearances and getting free drinks. 8 degress is lovley and warm
  9. Sharktank

    General Stunt Rider Lays Down The Bike After Melting His Tire

    Finally got on the Premiere Pro bandwagon. I have a LOT to learn still, but I loved diving into this software.
  10. Sharktank

    General Full Throttle Bike Fest Florida 2017

    Spent a little more time editing on this one, added some music from one of youtube's sources (Epidemic Sound--great website). I want to get some more cameras. Mainly different ones for off the bike shooting. I don't really care for how GoPro video shoots onthose shots.
  11. JBH

    General Conversations With My Bike

    We're back after some time and we have some stuff to talk about :D
  12. Jafnhaar

    Feedback Needed Is Bike Life Being Ruined?

    Hi all, Made a little video talking about bike life and whether it's being ruined by the crime that has started off in London but is hitting all major cities in the UK! Does anyone else have a feedback on this? Thanks for watching
  13. WMA

    Bike To Bike Communications

    So I'm curious if anyone has a bike to bike communication setup in which the battery lasts a lot longer than Sena's bluetooth headsets. We do a lot of long distance trips, and are looking for some sort of line of communication that is not extremely expensive, yet has either a really long battery...
  14. Make Rides

    Funny My Dream Bike Has Been Delivered

    I may have been a little over excited about this being delivered, as you can see in the video :) enjoy
  15. Matt Leech

    Chinese Meal, Or Out On Bike For 45 Mins?

    A few people here are going for a chinese. I had planned to go out on the bike for lunchtime, but it's drizzly. Shall I go for the meal?
  16. F4celess

    General New Bike, Fun Times

    My profile already reflects it but I recently got a new bike and put together a little vid to show it off. Hopefully my audio setup works properly for vlogging while riding next week.
  17. HippoDrone

    New Bike Coming Soon....

    I love my Guzzi, which means I can't ride it all year round (and the lack of mudguards is also a prob in the rain too) so have been lusting after a bike I can ride and enjoy (my Ducati Sport Classic Biposto is really an investment so I don't ride it very often). I am going to get a KTM 790R...
  18. Matt Leech

    Flying Drone While Out On Bike

    Went out for a blast through the Peak District last night and took my drone along for the ride. Stopped off at a parking spot near Ladybower Reservoir and captured some great footage. This is a still from the video (downscaled for upload to website):
  19. R-Rated

    General Rain Ahead And Bike Sound

    @Toma Rider just a quick clip of some bad weather ahead from a year ago. You had mentioned wanting to hear the sound of the bike, so here you go! Full face helmet with chin mount here.
  20. mcpro

    Excited, Got New Bike Aprilia Tuono Factory

    Hi guys, picked up my new bike Friday past, petty the weather has been awful since, here she is
  21. CDA441

    Feedback Needed My Bike Modifications!

    Well I've edited it down to as short as I can make it to still cover everything, but I'm still at 10 minutes... I still need an intro, have something in mind, but it's too difficult to actually make it. Consists of: 1) Key in ignition 2) Pressing start button 3) Switch to exhaust camera 4)...
  22. Elke0602

    Female Bikers Walk In A Bike Shop...

    So last tuesday me and the girlfriend decided to visit some bikeshops. We did a total of 4 shops. Shops 1 & 2 didn’t even see us walking in and leaving. In shop nr 3 I ordered a new mirror for my Kymco, as the guy was one of the few dealers here in Belgium. It was a relativly small shop...
  23. WingManGT

    Funny How To Make Your Bike Faster For Free

    Yay more videos :). This time I give you a how-to guide to making your bike faster for free. p.s. I don't feel like posting all my videos here, so I have a fun one when I got caught by the rain. Feel free to check it out in my channel :)
  24. RiderInRed

    Funny 5 Things You Probably Shouldn't Do On A Bike - Firefly 6s

    Hey guys, finally got around to make one vlog in English. Let me know what you think. Main camera is Firefly 6s, I know a few people here were interested to see what it looks like while vloggin with it. 2nd camera is an old cam I got by Energy Sistem.
  25. Elke0602

    Feedback Needed Vlog Nr. 3! And My Bike Broke :(

    Hi everyone! Part 2 of my long-*ss vlog is up. Don't know if I will make a part 3, not much happening there. 2 weeks ago the chain came off my bike as it was too loose. Luckily, I wasn't driving very fast so there was no internal damage, I came to a stop right away. I did get really pissed...
  26. burlyjack

    Project Bike Stripped Down

    Finally got it all stripped down. Now I just hope I can get it all back together :confused:! If you follow my YouTube the next episode of this build will be up this weekend.
  27. Jon_okc

    Guide 12 Things That I Carry On My Bike

  28. mcpro

    My Current Bike Cbr1000rr

    I would love this bike so much more if it were not black - but yes, you cant argue shes quite the pretty picture.

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