General Callout: Chix's Tag Me, Tag My Bike Challenge


Bike Chick
Oct 30, 2014
I ride a
2015 Grom

You can skip through the bike history section if you get bored...I've had quite a few bikes haha. It starts at 3:26 and ends 9:35

I was tagged by @lupin to keep up the challenge, idea is to vlog about the following questions and tag three others to do the same!

I nominate:
Heathen Rider:
@Arctic Pride:

1 - When did you start riding motorcycles?
2 - Why did you start?
3 - Which was your first motorcycle? How many did you ride?
4 - Which is your dream bike?
5 - Offroad or Street?
6 - Have you ever fall or had an accident?
7 - When did you start motovlogging?
8 - Which motovlog channels do you subscribe?
9 - Does your bike has a name?
10 - Tag some you tubers to answer this TAG.

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