1. VlotoMog

    Serious Accident - Bike Vs Cat - Graphic For Animal Lovers :/

    So I went out for a ride, and sure enough...I hit a cat. Or should I say, the cat hit me? I don't know, my season just started! Just getting back into 'the scene' and there ya go. Cat was like "I'll give you something to vlog about b****".
  2. Redmonkey

    General Salisbury Bike Show

    I'm sure i saw cueball there as well, if not there are two rat bikes which look the same!
  3. omw2fyb

    Funny My Friend Stole My Bike Lol

  4. Dark Rider

    Funny Off Road Riding On A Sports Bike

    I forgot the road that I was going to be riding on that day was gravel and sand! You cant really see that well from the video but there are large ruts and very soft sand on the road which was making the back slide out quite a lot!
  5. Ramblin'

    General My Bike Accessories!

    My current accessories on my CRF250L :D If you ride dual sport let me know what you think!
  6. Sidewinder

    Me On My Bike At The Snake.

    Photo by Rock Store Photos.
  7. Meifesto

    General Showing Off My Bike

    A video showing my Honda XL600R '87. Walk around, starting it, revving it and drive by's. Not the nicest looking bike, but work in progress on that ;)
  8. RiderSquad

    Funny Mini Bike First Ride

    Do you ever ride a mini bike? it is slow for sure, but it is so fuckin funny..
  9. DirtyVlogs

    Bike And The Mountains

    Check out this photo up in the mountains. Post your please would like to see your mountain and bike pictures.
  10. aphire

    I Know The Feeling Of Owning A Sexy Bike Now

    First bike and im loving it! Haven't found a name for her yet... 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS
  11. aphire

    New Rider With A Sexy Bike

    Hey everyone! Here to introduce my self as Aphire, although my youtube channel is under the name Skulphire. Not even sure if im gonna keep that name but any who.. I just recently purchased the beauty you see in my avatar. She's a 2015 Ninja 300 ABS model. It is the first bike I've owned and...
  12. Redmonkey

    Review Loomies Bike Cafe

    Just a short video, more to practise editing, getting some ideas. Subscribe if you can bare my voice. Would like to get to 100 subscribers so i can custom my url.
  13. Dark Rider

    General Think Bike Training Day

    I attended a Think Bike Motorcycle Training Day on the weekend. It was very helpful to brush up on my skills while learning a few new skills as well. Highly recommended for new riders as well as riders wanting to keep their skills set up to date.
  14. JohnnyGrom

    General The Best Adventure Bike

    This is my first time using Sony Vegas Pro so the editing sucks but... Here it is!!! Subscribe and share!!
  15. Motorpsych

    Guide Bike Maintenance #1 Spark Plugs Without Removing Tank

    My first video ever, now I have a few more on this series and 2 more that are waiting to be edited. This first one the camera work is shoddy, but it'll get better.
  16. Toy

    General Bike Reveal.

    Here is Episode 5 for my Channel. Thanks for watching. Any constructive criticism gladly accepted.
  17. RiderSquad

    Circuit Only Bike

    Today my friend offer me to trade our is kawasaki Kx.. it is a circuit only bike.. Honestly i know nothing about this bike..i ride kawasaki klx..can anybody tell me the diff between this two? He said, his bike is better because it came with race spec, but can't ride it on normal...
  18. Mosin636

    Review New Motorcycle Reveal!!!

    In this video I unveil the new motorcycle that I have purchased to fill the void left by my 2003 ZX-6R 636. I Go over some of my history real quick with the old 636 before giving you a preview of what is to come in the new year.

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