1. BehindBars

    General New Bike Reveal

    It's 4 weeks late, but my new bike finally arrived! Was supposed to be delivered 4 weeks ago, but the shop has done me a huge favour really and changed a load of parts after the PDI: Chain and sprockets Headstock bearings New tyres F+R (Pirelli Diablo!!) Wheel bearings F+R brake pads Fork...
  2. DorkyRoad

    General Local Bike Night

    @HippoDrone I believe you expressed some interest in this footage :)
  3. DorkyRoad

    Went To Bike Night Tonight

    Shot a bunch of good footage for an upcoming video, but one bike in particular reminded me of @HippoDrone Anyone care to guess why?
  4. thunderous71

    Serious How Your Bike Is Stolen In Seconds

    Come on people, even if leaving your bike for a moment. Put a lock on it!
  5. Reize

    General My New Bike Reveal! Guess!

    Hint: It's a Sport bike
  6. Captain

    Review Bike Show - Goole

    I went to the waterways museum bike show in Goole (UK) last weekend...
  7. JScrambler

    My New Bike!!

    I finally got the bike I wanted. A 1975 Honda CB750k5. She runs with minor defects. There are things that I have to fix, but that's to be expected on a 42 year old bike. I'm hoping to start vlogging soon, I'm still trying to get set up with vlogging gear.
  8. Dark Rider

    General Jedah Bike Week 2017

    My video from Jeddah Bike Week. Finally something Motorcycle related from my time here.
  9. R-Rated

    Review Oh My Goodness! What A Bike This Thing Is!

    Hey there fellow motovloggers! I got my hands on a land shark! This thing was the most impressive Harley I have experienced to date even if it is not perfect. Check it out!
  10. Garthox

    Vlog Practice While Away From My Bike

    As the title says, i will be away from my bike for 3 to 4 weeks for work. To try make the most of it and practice my videos, I decided to try do a daily video just practicing talking to a camera. As a bit of motivation, i made this thread. Today is day 1 ...
  11. Brapbarian

    Wife's New Bike

    Last week we picked up a 2016 Honda CB300F for the wife. She likes it for how low it sits to the ground. I like it cause we got it from the dealership brand new for $2900 USD
  12. Bruiser5K

    Finding A Bike (need Help In Atlanta Area)

    Hello everyone. I just found out last week that I am getting stationed in Georgia, and the city of Atlanta is about an hour and a half away. I was wondering if someone from the area could help me find good dealerships around the Atlanta area so I can get to riding and making videos! Thanks!
  13. HippoDrone

    Commuted On My Bike For The 1st Time In 2017....

    It is still not spring by any means but having a road legal bike this time of year means you can exploit the warmer days/nights and get a little bike time into the day! :-) I think it was around 2' or 35' to you Yanks in the morning on my ride home from work :-)
  14. HippoDrone

    Will I Ever Get My Bike Sorted?

    Getting really frustrated, been waiting on these guys since November to be able to fit me in!
  15. HDMOTO

    General Old Quad Bike Ride

  16. Zedhead

    What Have You Done To Your Bike Today?

    Hi people as the title says, this is a thread for you to tell the forum what you have done to your bike today. Whether it was nothing, cleaned it, replaced the tyres, thrashed it to within an inch of its life, sat in the garage touching it inappropriately, whatever it was let us know. Cheers Zed.
  17. ScootWook

    Funny How To Wreck A Mountain Bike

    Since the off season is in full swing, enjoy this installment of idiot on a mountainbike. Another moto-less knee and skull are going to feel this tomorrow... Check it out, hit me with a sub, like, whatever...I dont think I can do too many more of these lol.
  18. Captain

    General New Bike First Ride - R1

    First ride of my Yamaha R1. Only a short ride I'm afraid, just until I get to grips with it.
  19. JoshAFJ

    General 2 Wheeled Tuesday Bike Night!

    Bike Night Adventure! I check out Two Wheeled Tuesday at The Comet in Cincinnati, Ohio! It's a bike night that I've been going to since I started riding, but I haven't been this year because I'm a slacker! So sit back and enjoy the trip there and a little bit of the bikes that showed up....oh...
  20. JoshAFJ

    Anyone Rattle Can Their Bike Before?

    I'm looking at sprucing up my bike a bit. It has some road rash on one side. I might get new fairings, but they can be expensive so I think I may try to sand down and spray my current fairings. If you've done it before what kind of paint did you use? Any tips?
  21. Marbro_za

    Guide So I Got My Bike Licence

    Heres what the test looks like in South Africa
  22. JScrambler

    My First Bike - 73 Honda Cl350

    This is my first bike, a 1973 Honda CL350. Not the most beautiful bike by today's standards, but I love it. She's taking some work to get her to riding condition. So I can't motovlog this year. I actually don't mind working on it. I'm learning so much. Cleaning carbs, tuning, etc is helping me...
  23. D

    Our Reddit Friends - Professional Bike Thief / Chopshop - Tells His Story + Answers Questions.

    A perhaps rare and VERY detailed write-up / insight into a professional bike thief, who tells his story, plus answers a Ton of questions on the subject, about his experiences... If anything, perhaps some tips...
  24. Arctic Pride

    General Mountain Bike Vlog

    I know some of you like to pedal along with twisting the throttle....
  25. Meifesto

    Funny Almost Crashed The Bike

    I single handed managed to almost crash the bike. Was on my way to pick up the new front tyre and the old one was not having it ;)
  26. Reize

    General The Singapore Bike Show 2016

    It's a 3 parter. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
  27. Bang Jo

    General Dirt Bike At The Jungle

    Dirt bike : kawasaki klx, suzukit ts, matic trail

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