Rant Bike Doing Wheelie Gets Brake Checked. Bad Bad Bad


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Aug 4, 2016
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While having torquey bike and pulling wheelies is admirable, the rider loses so many points in my opinion. Too many cars and traffic around to be riding like that. His anger was misplaced in that despite the driver hitting the brakes, it could have been a door opening, car pulling out into the path, etc.

Then we all get looked at harder because one rider was not riding with due regard.



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Jan 6, 2017
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Was it me or when the rider was talking to the cop did he omit the fact that he was doing wheelies? Maybe the situation wouldn't have happened if he was just riding to work, and not doing something risky with too many other drivers around.

The driver shouldn't have stopped unless he wanted the rider to crash into him. Both were lucky as road rage doesn't always end well.

- Wuf
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