1. Lowkey

    Recording Sena 30K

    I tried searching for the answer to this but everything comes up with GoPro-related results, unfortunately. Does anyone know of any way to record the audio from Sena 30K headsets (one minimum, two maximum). I know that Sena has the Sena Audio Backpack (GP-10) but it requires a GoPro. I'm...
  2. Motocam

    Sena 30k

    Anyone running a sena 30k yet? I've had mine about a month and loving it so far! Only issue I have is that accessories are tricky to get a hold of here in AUS... I've been trying to track down some slim speakers or an adaptor to run ear buds due to clearance issues with my AGV Lid. Hows the...
  3. Ironside

    Sena Gopro Audio Pack - Hd Or No Hd

    Switching to a new setup which includes the GoPro backpack and my SENA headset is the 10U but from Schuberth (SC10U) I don't think it supports HD audio and without it, the sound is a step down from my previous quality. Is anyone else using the GoPro backpack and what headset are you using with it?
  4. R-Rated

    Sena Helmet?

    Hmm, I got this info about Sena. What do you think about the camera placement...
  5. Mark

    What Are My Audio Options?

    Up to this point, I have not been recording any voice audio while riding. I want to add that element but I want to know what my options and limitations are with my current hardware. I record video with a gopro. I have dual Sena SMH10 intercoms for the helmets and a Sena SM10 dual bluetooth...
  6. UrbanRidin

    Sena 20s Slim Version With Sena Gopro Backpack Selling my Sena 20S Slim Version and Sena GoPro Backpack with the Waterproof Case. Everything works fine. Will sell both to forum members for $270. Located in West LA. Looking for local pickup. Thanks!
  7. EpicNick

    A Workaround For Being Unable To Record Intercom And Phone At The Same Time With Sena 20s

    Hey, MotoVlog! I've been recently researching into Motovloging, as I'm probably going to start creating content myself sometime in the near future after I get some free time to do so. I was initially surprised at a lot of the intricacies with most setups that people use. One common issue I've...
  8. MotoSqurrl

    Sena S20 And Gp Ap Or Prism Pairing.

    I found out / remembered what I was doing wrong!!! I'd post a video of it but i can't yet. I was pairing it in phone? mode and NOT intercom mode!
  9. mykb93

    Feedback Needed Sena Prism + Smh10r = Garbage Audio

    So, since switching over to all Sena products I have gotten SHIT for audio. Please watch this short video with Two clips of 2 different settings. 1 is the Sena recommened settings and the other is one that I read to use somewhere. Let me know which is better and please let me know if you have...
  10. Lazyman

    Sena Prism Tube, Mini Review

    So my camera finally came in!! Quick and dirty run down, the on board mic sucks.... horribly. Video has this funky quasi fish eye effect but actual quality is wonderful. Night video is great as well, took a few videos this evening, will eventually put them on my channel but will have music...
  11. Vikas

    Cardo Packtalk Connecting Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack

    hello all , can some one throw light on how we can connect the Cardo Packtalk with SENA Bluetooth Audio Pack ( for go Pro ) . my intension is to record the Vlog from Gopro , but the audio will go via the CArdo Packtalk helmet communication device.
  12. UrbanRidin

    My Gopro And Sena Setup

  13. dandoolittle

    Sena 10c - Whos Using One?

    I'm going on a Euro Trip over 4 days UK>France>Germany>Switzland and back My arse is gonna hurt as I'll be on my GSXR 2015 1000 Super Sports ha Who is using one? Thoughts? I'm just thinking a one size fits all device?
  14. MotoChaos

    Sena 30k

    Anyone thinking of upgrading to the 30K? Personally, anything to make the connection to multiple helmets easier is welcome but I'm not sold on Sena completely. I question their quality for a few reasons: My last Sena was their 20S and it had internal hardware issues, although the customer...
  15. AmpdMoto

    General First Test With Sena Gopro Backpack

    Random vlog to test the new setup.
  16. AmpdMoto

    General Real Bikes

    Group ride breaking the stereotype of harley (or cruisers) vs sportbikes.
  17. AdydasNZ

    Go Pro Hero 5 Black - Usb C To 3.5mm & Sena Compatibility?

    Anyone yet confirmed if the Bluetooth from the GoPro Hero 5 black can connect and share audio to the camera via the SENA? Alternatively anyone tried the cheaper deal extra USB C type to 3.5mm jack $2.99 jobbies with success? See image..
  18. VinCulprit

    Funny Laughter And A Short Vlog

    wait wrong one.... Okay so this is just a bad video I did with the go pro software. No audio, as the stupid sena died.... lesson learned get a lapel mic.... then a short vlog test with audio yay! Nothing really going on in the video. Sadly after 30 minutes I cut it down to 2 minutes ha...
  19. Zeus

    Buying A Cheap Sena Replacement Mic To Use With Your Gopro

    Ok, I've been battling with cheap £1 mics from China for too long. I've noticed on ebay that you can buy a replacement mic for your sena kit for around £10 - £20 (depending on whether it is boomed or just stuck to your chin bar) AND the older kits use a standard headphone jack which will plug...
  20. K

    Gopro Hero 5 Black And Sena

    Hey all, Anyone tried to get the Hero 5 to work with their sena? Don't really want to use an external mic setup and would like to get intercom functions recorded as well. Let me know if you have any ideas, sena said the audio pack won't work on the 5 currently and nothing in the pipeline...
  21. fb3333

    Sena Setup Question.

    I'm using a Sena 10U Arai with the handlebar remote and the Sena bluetooth audio pack. I can set up the intercom with no issues, but how on earth do I swap between intercom and phone whilst still on the move? The user manual either doesn't state how to do it, or I'm just plain confused!
  22. Lancey

    Sena 10s

    So I finally picked up a Sena 10c boom mic, which plugs neatly into the 2.5mm jack on my budget camera (SVC200) and it works brilliantly. Picks up the sound of the bike and noise of what's going on around me, but there's no wind noise and my voice comes across clearly even at reasonable speed...
  23. O

    Custom Mic On Sena 20s W/ Gp10?

    Has anyone spliced their own microphone onto the sena 20s and recorded audio with the GP10? I really like the GP10/20s combo but it's just not picking up enough ambient noise for my liking (conversations with people on the street, engine noise from a quiet-ish bike, traffic noise, etc)
  24. ShadowFly

    Sena 10c (yes Or No)?

    I'm looking into a Sena 10c for when I ride with my buddies I can capture them in the video as well, but I don't know about the quality? Anyone have any input?
  25. Jgrinds

    Sena 20s

    Hey guys and gals. I have the sena 20s, its amazing only issue i have is when me and another rider are paired on intercom the range on it sucks . We get about 60yards away from each other and the connection cuts out bad . Anyone else have this problem or a solution?
  26. Flyboy

    Static Problems On Sena

    Hey Everyone, This just started two days ago. I have the GoPro Black 4 along with the Sena 20S with audio pack. I record voice and download it onto my computer. When I listen to it, the entire left channel is noting but static - no voice at all. To fix, I just copy and paste right to the left...
  27. fearoffish

    Gopro, 20s And Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack

    Hi, Using the GP10 with the GoPro is a fantastic solution for moto vlogs, except for 2 issues. I have a solution for one of them, but the second I think we're stuck with (maybe?) 1 - Flat audio. I use a Zoom H2N to capture external noises and mix that in post production, so not so bad. Comes...
  28. O

    Sena Backpack Reverb W/ Mic=on

    So this may have already been asked but my google-fu isn't on-point today. I have the GoPro Hero 4 with the Sena Backpack (GP10) connected, paired to a Sena 20S headset w/ wired boom mic. My first issue when recording was that I couldn't hear any outside noise which is a common gripe others...
  29. mykb93

    General Still Waiting On My Sena Replacement, So I Throw Together A Bootleg Vlog.

    Well as the title states, I am still waiting on my Sena replacement to show up but good news.. The latest email said I should have it this Wednesday. I also created an Instagram for just my vlog so head on over there. and follow me there too. Oh, the audio in this...

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