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Dec 7, 2015
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Anyone thinking of upgrading to the 30K? Personally, anything to make the connection to multiple helmets easier is welcome but I'm not sold on Sena completely. I question their quality for a few reasons: My last Sena was their 20S and it had internal hardware issues, although the customer service was great and to their credit they quickly replaced (warranty) it. I've never had the range they claim either. See random review video below. Next, we'll see what "Mesh technology" costs.... Was wondering if anyone had heard anything else.



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Aug 28, 2015
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30k isn't going to improve range at all it still uses the same basic hardware as the 20s. I love my 20s but realistically I don't expect that long of range it works over the distance needed for group rides so I can't complain. I also use it with a gp10 backpack on my gopro so I use it to record everything and it works great in that respect as well.

If you want to extend range you can connect through Sena's RideConnected app during intercom and your range becomes unlimited. This app also eliminates the limit to how many devices can connect so increased slots and mesh networking really become void. To me when it comes to cost the 20s is still the best headset and even the smh10 is a great unit for those on a budget.


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Nov 4, 2015
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Range is subjective. It really depends on line of sight and interference. For example, if you go to your local outdoor life store and pick up a set of FRS walkie talkies they will say 5 mile range. However, that is under the best of conditions, direct line of site from antenna to antenna significantly away from the ground.

The distance that can be between two Sena units has not changes. That is limited by the amount of power the law allows them to use. Sena introduced mesh networking to help out with that. What that means is as long as you are within range of one person in the group you can talk to and hear everyone in the group. The messages relayed. For example let's say we have three people with the new headsets. 1 is max distance from 2 that can still have a conversation. 2 is also max distance from 3. 1 is out of range from direct contact with 3. So what happens in mesh networking is 1 speaks, 2 will pick it up and rebroadcast, thus 3 will be able to hear what 1 said.

On a related note and why I found this thread, those what have a newer Sena, like the30k, and the app is it possible to use your phone to record the audio?

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May 6, 2018
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I have the 10s . I know the 20s and 30k has more features but some it have the same speakers or did they I prove quilty ot the speakers I use to be able to hear good at high rpms after the winter it has not been as well... if any up has up grated yet is it hard to get the sena mount off to get the new one on any tricks to get the 3mm of

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