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  1. motoserafi

    New Motovlogger !!

    HY guys, I'm Serafin, 24. live in the UK but I'm a nice Romanian guy. Recently I get a GoPro and I start to record everything when I ride. I don't have an idea what I'm doing. But I think this is the perfect place for people like me who started this hobby if I can say that. So im riding a Honda...
  2. DangerousD

    New Motovlogger - Ottawa, Canada

    Hey I have been watching moto vlog videos for years now and have finally decided to get into it myself. I just started up a youtube channel DangerousDMoto as well as an Instagram. I would love to meet other fellow vloggers especially if there are any in my area. I hope you enjoy the content I...
  3. Cave Troll

    New Motovlogger East Tennessee

    Whats up everyone, Just saying Hi, finally got around to doing my first motovlog and putting it up on youtube. I ride an old Harley Shovelhead and this is my first bike. I have lurked around on this site for a few now, so figured it was time to throw it all in. Have learned some good stuff for...
  4. Cookakakos

    New Motovlogger From Greece

    Hi guys, this is CookosRider from Greece. I setup my YouTube channel and I am motovlogging for the past 3 years now, but I got into voice commenting on my videos since last month. I currently ride a black Kawasaki Versys 650cc and I use two action cams for my videos, a Sony AS200V and an old...
  5. Cakep

    New Motovlogger From Seattle Wa

    Hi All, I'm a new MotoVlogger from Seattle, WA. I ride 2015 HD Heritage Softail Classic. I want to learn how to do motovlog from you all. Usually I just put a GoPro on top of my helmet but I don't talk during recording. I want to learn it now. Thanks for your attention. Regards, Greg
  6. MC97

    New Motovlogger In Alabama

    Hello everyone! I just started motovlogging after watching them since I was 15. I'm now 20, I live in North Alabama and I love the motovlogging and biking community so that's why I joined this site! I work full time and I'm taking college classes but I still try to make time for motovlogging...
  7. RunThaCity

    New Rider | New Motovlogger

    Hi Everyone! I'm a new rider, I've only had my license for about 2 months. Finally got my go pro setup, now I'm just waiting on some sunny days!
  8. RocketDust

    New Motovlogger

    Good morning!!! :) My name is George im 26 y/o and im from greece. I was watching motovlog for like 2-3 years on youtube and recently I thought to bring the idea to greece too. after some search I have made, I realised that 1-2 people are doing motovlog here so its quite new thing for greece. I...
  9. ClarkBrent

    New Motovlogger

    Sup everyone! Just wanted to say what's up. I'm a SoCal rider usually up to no good. I've been making PTSD awareness videos on a non-public facing site for almost a year now, but recently decided recently to start a YouTube channel based on the suggestion of one of my motovlogging buddies. I'm...
  10. Stank

    New Motovlogger

    Hi all, I've been lurking here reading through threads and finding information. I ride a 2008 Harley Davidson Nightster, pretty much all stock. I'm not 'that Harley guy' that doesn't wave to all riders, I do! I don't care what you ride as we all have the love and passion for open roads and 2...
  11. sil3ntr

    Hi New Motovlogger From Perth - Australia

    Hi Folks, Decided to sign up after reading some good tips on youtube video tagging through a google search. I just recently (Yesterday) uploaded my first video to 'The YouTube', I have been watching motovlog's religiously over the last 12 months and decided to have a crack with a gopro I had...
  12. SHDXB7

    New Motovlogger From Uk

    Hey everyone , I am from uk but atm in Pakistan . I post motovlogs every 2-3rd day on my youtube channel : SHDXB7 motovlogs. Feel free to watch em and provide some CC (creative critique) thank you! :) Have a nice day
  13. ScootWook

    Funny More New Motovlogger Hate!

    NEW VIDEO UP! Whats up everyone?! This is a continuance of what I think will become a short series....Things which I hate that New MotoVloggers do, part 2. I speak on some other ridiculousness, to include something horrifying which I saw happen on YouTube...I will never be the same. Some...
  14. S

    540spacecowboy Sayin' Hola Chicos Y Chicas

    Hello everyone, Just made this account after lurking the forums here for a little over two years. I have been into motorcycles for awhile now but just started riding on the street about 5 months ago. Here's some things you might want to know about me. I'm from Virginia and I've been told that...
  15. Sportcock

    New Motovlogger Uk

    Hello everyone :-) We're a biker couple from the UK, although the male half does all the talking/vlogs. The better half operates the technical side of things and has all the best ideas. Although, as it's currently the better half typing this, she might be slightly bias. Anyway, it'd be great...
  16. BehindBars

    New Motovlogger - Uk

    Hey guys! My name is George, I'm a new rider and motovlogger from Buckinghamshire in the UK. Been riding almost 2 months and loving it! Started my yt channel nearly 2 weeks ago and enjoying motovlogging so far, although it is hard work! If theres anyone else in my area it'd be pretty awesome to...
  17. Relentlezz

    Brand New Motovlogger

    Hey guys. My name is Michael. I just moved to Georgetown tx, (basically Austin) and I have just begun motovlogging. I got moved here from fort benning Georgia, to fort hood. I like it here so far. Message me if you are interested in riding if you're local
  18. ScootWook

    Serious New Motovlogger Need Honest Critique.

    Hi everyone, new motovlogger here from the DC area, hoping to entertain the masses in an already crowded field. Whether I continue to make it or not is all up to you, the viewers. I am looking for an honest critique, I want to get better at this and as such, need to be properly informed what I...
  19. ScootWook

    New Motovlogger Needs Honest Critique.

    Hi everyone, My name is Scoot Wookie and Im a new motovlogger out of Washington DC. So far im really enjoying the motovlog experience and have learned loads in the last few days. I have posted my first fully edited video yesterday on my YouTube channel but have a ways to go before I'm...
  20. Mr.600

    Thanks For The Add!

    Motovlogger from Wooster Ohio. Been on Youtube for a few months now. If any other motovloggers from Ohio would like to meet up that would be great.
  21. M-Moto

    Sup Everyone! Just Another New Motovlogger Passing Trough :)

    I'm a new motovlogger that got inspired by other and started my own thing... I drive a 70cc Yamaha so my videos might be different than others who knows you might even enjoy them :).
  22. Rcycle

    New Motovlogger

    I actually just started motovlogging (Reese cycling) and i wanted to just join a community thats interested in the same thing as me!
  23. 3xTread

    Hey New Motovlogger Here On A 2012 Triumph Daytona!

    Hello everyone my name is TripleTread i motovlog on my 2012 Triumph Daytona and i love it so far! any other triumph motovloggers? im located in the boston area i see and experience a lot of crazy things in the city how about you? just wanted to introduce myself hope to hear from you soon!
  24. Impervium

    New Motovlogger From Northern Va/dc!

    Hello everyone! I was told this was a pretty neat site. I am excited to explore and give feedback! Looking forward to talking with you all.
  25. MolMotor

    New Motovlogger : Molmotor From Morocco

    Hello dear motovloggers am a new MotoVlogger from Morocco, Tetouan to be more specific Morocco is located in North Africa, mostly known for its varied sceneries, Snowy Mountans, to Desert It attracts many tourists from all around the globe My Youtube channel name is #MolMotor which means...
  26. Ton

    New Motovlogger In Minnesota!

    Hello everyone, my name is Ton. I am 35 and have been riding motorcycle since 5. I just started motovlogging a little over a month ago and have been having fun with it. I try to regularly post to youtube and thought I would try getting more involved with the community. Hope to get to know...
  27. EV Tony

    New Motovlogger From Thailand

    Hi. I am Tony. I got my Zero SR a year ago and finally got the right equipment (and motivation) to try out some vlogging. For those that don't know, the Zero is a fast electric bike. I hope to see if yall would enjoy my videos. Thanks and nice to be part of this community!
  28. HelmetLife

    New Motovlogger From Western Ky

    Hello all. I'm a new motovlogger riding a Honda Shadow Aero. Cruising all around my area. Just started posting my videos on YouTube. Feel free to subscribe and any comments that you feel free to make. Channel for YouTube:Helmet4Life also same name for twitter and instagram. Looking toward to...
  29. Scoobyrex

    New Motovlogger From Central Florida

    What's up guys, figured it try this again. I'm from Central Florida and just started motovlogging. I ride a 2013 Harley Davidson Softtail Deluxe that is lowered, has an intake, tune, a 2 into 1 exhaust and some look good and expand space bits. I am looking to get into a sport bike soon, but I...
  30. TheX RIDER

    General New Motovlogger - London ( 1st Vlog )

    Hello Guys, New into the motovlogs thing and I am just wondering what you guys think about my first vlog. Any tips and advice will be much appreciated.

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