Hi New Motovlogger From Perth - Australia


Feb 2, 2017
Perth Western Australia
I ride a
Honda CBR250RR MC22
Hi Folks, Decided to sign up after reading some good tips on youtube video tagging through a google search.

I just recently (Yesterday) uploaded my first video to 'The YouTube', I have been watching motovlog's religiously over the last 12 months and decided to have a crack with a gopro I had lying around.

I am riding an old 1998 (96 production) CBR250RR MC22, great bike loving the high revving 4 cylinder motor.

Just ordered myself a mic so my first vid was with annotations from Adobe Premier pro only, the production quality was lacking but to be expected given its my first time making and editing something for Youtube.

Feel free to check it out, would actually really appreciate some feedback (in any shape or form)

Rich (Sil3ntRider)
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