1. RiderInRed

    Feedback Needed Help a brother out with this special someone

    What's going on everyone. So I've recently reconnected with an ex of 2 years. We split up ten years ago, lol we were both teens back then. Both of us have moved back to Armenia and we''ve done two vlogs together. I enjoy spending time with her, but I feel like she has a lot on her plate these...
  2. R-Rated

    Review Air pump that works great

    I have had this pump for a while. I finally got to use it in a roadside emergency situation and it worked great!
  3. HippoDrone

    Guide How To Improve Your Video Quality On YouTube

    As discussed on another thread, thanks to @R-Rated for putting me on to this tip:
  4. CodyB

    Help Me Get The Most Out Of My Hero 5 And Hero 5 Session

    Hey guys, So i have two very capable GoPros are looking for some mounting ideas, I like the side helmet mounts but for better POV im thinking about putting my Hero 5 on my chin and the hero session maybe facing my self while being mounted on the handle bars. any input is good input so let me...
  5. WingManGT

    Did This Forum Help You Find New Channels To Watch And Which Ones

    Considering we all have kinda simillar interests being vlogging and motorcycles. How many of actually found a new channel to watch regularly on this forum? And which ones :).
  6. HippoDrone

    A Little Challenge....

    I know @lupin has a goal of 1k subs, obvs we all want our channels to grow so how about we look to 2018 as the year we help each other to grow? It doesn't take much, just a mention of another motovlogger in your video and then add a link to them in the description, and you can even add them into...
  7. Jafnhaar

    Spam Cards?

    Afternoon peeps, I know a few of you do spam cards and was just wondering where the best website to get them is? I have a few but just shopping about as they say ;)
  8. 2WDutch

    Help Out Stranded Bikers.

    i was just commuting at home, when i saw a biker standing still on the highway. So i stopped to ask him what was goin on, a bit surprised he told me his bike stopped suddenly and wasn't do anything anymore. So i asked him if i could offer him help, but the man says he was fine he would push his...
  9. RiderInRed

    Help Me Get 2 Minute Monday Vlog Ideas? :(

    Hey guys so I've been experimenting with kind of releases and figured I might do something called 2 Minute Monday. So the idea is to take a random topic and disucss it within 2 minutes, or answer a question/etc. in 2 minutes. Now I know a lot of you are gonna be like 'but RiR, you need to...
  10. Squeaky P

    New To Motovlog

    Hey guys I'm brand new to the motovlog scene. I would love to interact with you guys and seek advice from anyone who'd love to give their input. I'm stoked I found this site. YouTube: Squeaky P IG: yaboi_squeaky_p
  11. RiderInRed

    Help Me Find That Chea Episode By Bakerxderek

    I'm trying to find that bakerxderek episode where he talks about the origin of Cheah. Anyone? Someone? I need that boost of nostalgia
  12. BehindBars

    Help A Fellow Motovlogger

    Hey guys, Not sure if any of you know him, but TBBS BailOut is in a spot of financial bother. This means he may have to sell his bike (his only means of transport) and recording gear, which as we can all imagine is the last thing we'd ever want to have to do. He's started a GoFundMe to try...
  13. MeGustaMoto

    Help & Tips Will Be Greatly Appreciated

    What's up community!!! Been a long time since I've been here! But I am coming to you guys to ask for a lot of help and maybe some tips! Let me tell you a little story of what happened today... Sooooo a friend and I went to a Honda Power sports and wanted to look around. I saw they had a couple...
  14. 3

    Help With Budget Minded Setup

    Hey everyone, new here and looking to get myself set up with an action cam by the end of the week. I'm not necessarily going to motovlog, but want to video my motorcycle rides. With that said, I don't need the best or most expensive setup, just something decent. I've seen a bunch of those 4k...
  15. HippoDrone

    Youtube Quality

    Damn it, my latest video looks like crap. Can someone with knowledge and intel give me some settings for a GoPro4/5 Hero Black that will be awesome enough to not look like **** when uploaded on the tube of ewes please x This is a link to the video in question...
  16. HippoDrone

    Well That Was Random....

    Just had a lass message me on Facebook who I "knew" when I was 18, 24 bloody years have passed and I can't quite believe more time has passed since meeting her than had happened to me prior to meeting her! Anyhows, she wants a hand on a bike build her uncle or someone is doing. Waiting on more...
  17. Bruiser5K

    Finding A Bike (need Help In Atlanta Area)

    Hello everyone. I just found out last week that I am getting stationed in Georgia, and the city of Atlanta is about an hour and a half away. I was wondering if someone from the area could help me find good dealerships around the Atlanta area so I can get to riding and making videos! Thanks!
  18. IronHorse

    Need Help With Logo

    So, I don't mean to sound like a lazy mooch, but I realized my shiney new YouTube channel is missing something... A brand. I feel like it's a necessary tidbit that I've overlooked so far. That being said: If there's anyone out there who is a little more artistically inclined than I, or who...
  19. lupin

    Serious Help Support A Great Cause.

    As I'm sure none of you know we have a daughter with Down syndrome. There is a local event on in a week to help raise money for the organisation that supports families especially in the early days of finding out. I don't expect donations just simply watch the video and be aware. But feel free...
  20. Brazy

    Cheap Action Cam Help Plz

    I need a cheap action cam I want to start Motovlogging but I don't wanna shell out 400 to 600 on a GoPro I need something real cheap I've been looking at a drift stealth 2 but I heard the plastic cracks and the ion pro lite but no external mic so I need something and also I don't want the Sony...
  21. S

    Can I Get Some Help Please

    hey everyone, i tend to put a video up once or twice a week when i can, i've been busy. i want to gian more subs and get more views out but i cannot seem to figure out what im doing wrong. if you all could tel me some tips or tricks that would be awesome. youtube--- dokshockalou
  22. GO2W

    New Guy Here... So Be Gentle. Offering A Bit Of Help If Needed.

    Hi to all. Just signed up and am considering if it is worth my while getting into the whole moto vlog scene. I am constantly getting cut up, almost killed, etc.. and thought it may be interesting to others. That said... I also drive around 180KMH on average, lane split constantly, and have been...
  23. S

    External Mic For Gorpro Hero 4 To Catch Exhaust Sounds, Help Please

    Hi, Has anyone here wired up a external mic and run the cord to their exhaust to capture the crisp exhaust notes, I have a Gopro Hero 4 and was hoping to run a cord from the gopro to somewhere near the exhaust, at the moment I suffer from some serious wind noise from using just the gopro...
  24. Marbro_za

    Help Me Understand

    Guys, I have watched this a few times and cant see why the biker got so upset, that he had to follow the driver and then chat to him? After the car guy got out , yeah i would also have been mad. But what caused all of this?
  25. RiderInRed

    Need Help With Editing Of Vfx?

    Hey guys, so I'm actually a professional producer who has a video studio. I'm happy to give some advice on editing or vfx. If you need something more, i'm happy to discuss it too. Here's my website at and you can check the portfolio to see if you like anything there...
  26. RangerRide

    Custom Gopro Chin Mount? I Need Help Asap

    i need some help mounting my gopro to my gm11d i saw a video on it buy it wasn't in detail i tried to do it but every time i get a cross wind it moves or if i turn my head fast i hit it with my shoulder and it moves its very lose if i shake my head back and forth it moves a lot heres the video...
  27. Sidewinder


    So I made a mistake that has cost me my channel on youtube. I had 2 channels and one of them I decided to hide as there were no videos or subscribers. I stupidly put the same picture on both channels and ended up hiding the wrong channel. I realized my mistake and hid the correct channel. But...
  28. Bruiser5K

    I Need Help Choosing!

    Hello everyone! I have a some-what critical decision to make here. So, I am a senior in high school (graduating next week), and I have a choice to make. This choice is not a life choice, since I have already made that decision, it's a choice of what to ride and make videos on! Here's why I am...
  29. RangerRide

    Walteriffic Style Helmet?

    im looking to make a walterrific style helmet any one wanting to give me ideas im going to be using a gm11d

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