1. LoneWally

    Back With An Old Friend

    So after just sitting chained and covered up for the past couple of months I've been back with this old friend. I was going to sell it but every time I ride it I talk myself out of it. Then somthing happens and it's I'm selling then I ride it. A vicious cycle. Small bikes are just as great fun...
  2. LoneWally

    General Announcement: Isle Of Man & Great Yarmouth Wheels Festival

    A quick update on whats cracking off.
  3. LoneWally

    Back At The NMA

    Was back at the NMA again with another waller.
  4. LoneWally

    General Heated Kit

    Heated grips? Nope Heated gloves? Nope Heated jacket? Nope Never used any heated equipment. I always thought it was a novelty.
  5. LoneWally

    General 3 Years With The Hartford

    So its been 3 years since me and the Hartford hit the road. Tyres, recycling boxes, pedals and wheels. It's carried the lot.
  6. LoneWally

    Little And Large

    Had the delight of cleaning the Honda so thought I'd wash the Hartford too. Also means I could get a good snap
  7. LoneWally

    Saturday Bimble

    I got a bit bored again. So I went for a 113 mile bimble. At The Yonderman Cafe. Called in for a milky coffee and a bacon and sausage cob. A quick stop at the bottom car park of Carsington Water.
  8. LoneWally

    General Horseshoe Pass

    Took ride to Llangollen to ride the Horseshoe Pass. Can rate the Ponderosa Cafe at the top
  9. LoneWally

    General Getting The A2 - Mod 1

    Here's the 3rd episode in the series. The 4th episode is in the making and will soon been ready.
  10. LoneWally

    Day In Wales

    Out by myself today in Wales. Went mainly to ride the Horseshoe Pass. Had a hot chocolate, sausage roll and a bag of crisps at the Pandora Cafe. A good cafe and would recommend it. Videos coming soon. At the memorial in Llangollen. Parked up at Pandora Cafe at the top of the Horseshoe Pass...
  11. LoneWally

    A Sunday Bimble

    Back in Derbyshie. Ashbourne to The Yonderman Cafe. Then to Macclesfield via The Cat and Fiddle. Across to Buxton via The Cat and Fiddle again and down into Matlock. back to Ashbourne then home again. Grand total of 178 miles. Very pretty mind. No video as I didn't charge a second Drift battery...
  12. LoneWally

    General The Good, The Bad & The Inbetween #2 - Attack Of The Pigeon

    Another collection of clips.
  13. LoneWally

    General A Saturday Afternoon Ride

    Something a bit different. Dam them roads are pretty
  14. LoneWally

    Carsington Water, Matlock, Bakewll & Buxton

    So I decided a ride out was in order. So I went to Matlock. Then onto Bakewell and Buxton. Stopped at Carsington Water on the way up, as well as topiing agin at Matlock for an Ice Cream. Didn't take the Nikon so the photos are taken my S8. Video coming soon
  15. LoneWally

    RTTW 2018

    Seems I can't even go on small route without getting snapped.
  16. LoneWally

    What A Sunset

    I was working at festival and whilst sitting on guard duty with a trailer, I got to see the sunset.
  17. LoneWally

    General Replacing Your Lid

    Another topic generated from the pub table. Whats your opinion?
  18. LoneWally

    A Night Ride

    Cave back from a bike night last night but want ready to home so thought I'd go for a steady ride
  19. LoneWally

    General Brackley Festival Of Motorcycling 2018

    So once again I've been out and about on my travels. I didn't think I'd catch the ride out but I managed to so heres a video from the day. Photos at the end. Enjoy
  20. LoneWally

    Funny Getting A Tow

    Once again I ran out of fuel :rolleyes:
  21. LoneWally

    General Bigger Bikes & Updates

    A quick update on what I've been up and a few future plans.
  22. LoneWally

    Who Needs A Car

    Another case of you don't need a car. It was tied down with two straps so it wouldn't budge. Took on Samsung Galaxy S8, edited in Photoshop.
  23. LoneWally

    Trike Or Bike Dosen't Matter

    I was out last night and bumped into a familiar face. Proof that 2 or 3 wheels it doesn't matter. Shot on Nikon D3100, edited in Photoshop.
  24. LoneWally

    General Armed Forces Day Ride 2018

    I've upload a few pictures from the day but not the video. So here it is.
  25. LoneWally

    Armed Forces Day Ride In

    Not very often do I get snapped up on the bike. At least I don't look like a clown on this bike. My old moped I used to like a clown on that.
  26. LoneWally

    General Dove Cottage Run 3

    I went out the 3rd Dove Cottage Run orhanised by Womanwolfrider. Was nice to put some faces to bikes as well as raise some money. We raised just over £500.
  27. LoneWally

    General Stephen Sutton Ride Out 2018

    This was 6th ride out from Lichfield Rugby Club - Burntwood Rugby Club. All the money raised goes to Teenage Cancer Trust.
  28. LoneWally

    First Motorcycle Shots On The D3100

    First set of photos taken on the new DSLR with a few touch ups in Photoshop. My Photoshop skills could probably need touching too.
  29. LoneWally

    General 5 Things I Like About My Hartford HD125L + 3 Things I Dislike About My Hartford HD125L

    I haven't posted many vlogs lately. So heres two that go hand in hand. Full 2 year ownership review coming soon.
  30. LoneWally

    A Few Shots

    A few from a few weeks ago when the UK had a good few really good days. Taken at Donnington Park, Breedon On The Hill and Foremark Resivor .