A Sunday Bimble


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Aug 29, 2017
I ride a
2007 Hartford HD125L, 2013 Honda CB500X
Back in Derbyshie. Ashbourne to The Yonderman Cafe. Then to Macclesfield via The Cat and Fiddle. Across to Buxton via The Cat and Fiddle again and down into Matlock. back to Ashbourne then home again. Grand total of 178 miles. Very pretty mind. No video as I didn't charge a second Drift battery :(

DWJ 001.jpg

DWJ 002.jpg

DWJ 003.jpg

A big drop.

DWJ 005.jpg

DWJ 006.jpg

The Yonderman Cafe

DWJ 007.jpg

Caught in a hail storm

DWJ 008.jpg

Up by The Cat and Fiddle. Bizzar weather.

DWJ 009.jpg

View from The Ct and Fiddle

DWJ 010.jpg

Parked up at Matlock for some chips and coffee.

Taken on Samsung Galaxy S8. Touched up in Photoshop. DWJ 004.jpg

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