1. LoneWally

    General Spring Is Here

    So spring has arrived, After the poor winter we've had its welcome. I didn't mention in the video is that peoples mood changes for the better.
  2. LoneWally

    Review Scala Rider Qz

    So I thought I'd make something a little different. If you'r more into reading then I did a review over at MobileTechTalk (find it here)
  3. LoneWally

    Comfort Clips Attached And Hidden

    So I brought myself a CTEK charger based on the fact that I've been borrowing a family members. But I'm not a fan of the crocodile clips so I fitted the comfort clips. Pretty pleased since you can't see it even with the panel on. Plus cause its cabled tied where the wire starts so I have room...
  4. LoneWally

    General Why I Ride? Amp'd Moto Why You Ride Challenge

    I saw Amp'd's video a few weeks ago of why he rids. Be interesting to see/hear other peoples story
  5. LoneWally

    How Do Carry All Your Keys?

    Not something I often see discussed but personally I just have all my keys on one loop. Though I would like to change to a key organizer but since I since my disc lock key and top box have a big chuck of plastic on them I'm struggling to find anything. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. LoneWally

    A Lighter Wallet

    As much as I love Amazon for having pretty much everything a need it dosen't half end up draining my account. Thought I'd give the WD40 stuff a shot cause lets face it standard WD40 is great for everything else so I have expectations.
  7. LoneWally

    Bike + Chips

    Decided I needed a change from Subway and McDonald's. You wouldn't believe how many chip shops aren't open at lunch time.
  8. LoneWally

    General Electrics + Clutch Cable Fixed

    So it has been a while since I posted a vlog so I thought I'd mention everything in one video. What day would you like to see an upload?
  9. LoneWally

    To Show Must Go On

    -6°c out and it won't stop me. Measham to Fradley and back via Tamworth
  10. LoneWally

    A Nice Day In The UK

    Another nice day in the UK couldn't resist a quick detour to grab a few pictures. Plus I've got rid of my OnePlus 3 and gotten my hands on an Samsung S8 and the camera is beating the OP3
  11. LoneWally

    Funny A Spot Of Luck

    On my way back from visiting a friend I had the clutch cable snap. Luckily the pub was only a few 100 meters behind me.
  12. LoneWally

    General 2018 Update

    A quick update on things. A bit of a belated merry christmas and a happy new year I know. Normal service will resume.
  13. LoneWally


    Has anyone got a tracker on their bike and if so what are you using. I have toured around with the idea of one the ones where you put your own sim in and keep it topped up but if I'm being honest it sounds like a bit of a ball ache to keep credit on it etc etc. I had an ad appear for one by...
  14. LoneWally

    Drift Mount On A Clip

    So I have been using a Drift Ghost S with a curved mount for the past 5 months stuck on the side of my helmet. However it didn't grab the helmet 100% but it never moved until I came of on ice. So I replaced the mount with another one from Drift and it didn't stick properly and the thing came...
  15. LoneWally

    Funny The Good, The Bad & The Inbetween

    So instead f uploading every single clip of somting that catches my eye for 20 seconds I've decided to make a montage video. Since Daily Obsovations is taken by RJ and Premises has Random Encouters I thought I'd take The Good, The Bad & The Inbetween. Conviently the first video is now up
  16. LoneWally

    General Blowing Bulbs & Updates

    A quick update on why there was no video last week and a quick story on blowing bulbs. I aslo may have stole Captain Rambunctious' filtering song.
  17. LoneWally

    General Honest Biker

    Thiw happened a couple weeks ago. Just another example that all bikers are the same as the way the media shows us.
  18. LoneWally

    Funny Running Out Of Fuel

    I was trying to see how far I can go on 1 tanks of fuel. Probably should of taken the fuel can with a litre or two. Thought I may as well as upload it and make a fool of myslef on the intrnet.
  19. LoneWally

    General Giving Up The Bike?

    This is coomon question that I get asked quite often when I'm out and about as well as when I'm at work so I thought I'd make a video about it.
  20. LoneWally

    General Clickbait. Love Or Hate It

    Love it or hate Clickbait is redicously common. A fine line between the between a catchy title/thumbnails and pure clickbait
  21. LoneWally

    2007 Hartford Hd125l

    Heres my ride. A 2007 Hartford HD125L its pretty much a copy of the Honda CG125 engine wise and the frame is a copy of the Suzuki GN125. Currently sat just below 17,000km on the clock. Spent most of its life just standing. Cost me £100 for the bike in December 2015, £50 to go and get it in fuel...
  22. LoneWally

    General Ride To The Wall (rttw) 2017

    As I mentioned before I was plaaning on going to RTTW this year. I did and it was not only a great day out but the sights of all the bikes out was mind blowing. Apologies for not making much sense in the video but I do plan and making another vlog where I make more sense. ukbikerphotos took...
  23. LoneWally

    General Giveway??

    Seems like this dude doesn't know how a give way line works. A lot of people appear to doing this latley
  24. LoneWally

    General Laying Her Down

    If you follow mw on social media (@chriswallace959 on Instagram & Twitter) you'll lnow that I layed the bike down yesterday. As always I ride with a camera and caught the whole thing.
  25. LoneWally

    Good Day

    Good day all. My name is Chris, I have been riding since 2015. I started of with a DirectBikes Sport 50cc 4 stroke rev and go moped. Then progressed onto a 2007 Hartford HD125L. In its simplist form a Taiwanese copy of the Honda CG 125 engine. Recently started motovlogging after changing...

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