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Aug 29, 2017
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2007 Hartford HD125L, 2013 Honda CB500X
So after just sitting chained and covered up for the past couple of months I've been back with this old friend. I was going to sell it but every time I ride it I talk myself out of it. Then somthing happens and it's I'm selling then I ride it. A vicious cycle. Small bikes are just as great fun and as much as it can spit some shit it and with it's poor brakes compared to modern bike, huge amount of vibrations and it's its complete lack of refinement it makes it a character. It's a bit rough looking round the edges but it works (most of the time).

A few things have changed:
  • Removed the topbox due to it splitting
  • Removed the cheap universal rack due to the paint flaking and indicators moving around on it
  • Rewelded a mounting bracket for the indicators since the rack snapped it (Grandad did actually)
  • Refited the grab rail so I can move it around
  • Put the indicators back to the original place
  • Fixed the bad connection on a indicator
  • Replaced the front brake light switch. We now have a light when I brake
  • Fixed the rear lense cover
  • Adjusted the chain
  • Adjusted the rear brake


A few videos coming up soon.


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Jun 14, 2019
Massachusetts USA
I ride a
I always regret selling bikes. I love my new bike but I also miss my red rocket! Funny I hated red until I got it, thought about getting new plastic and wrapping the tank but it started to grow on me to the point I bought my new one because it had red in it.

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