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Aug 24, 2018
Surrey, UK
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Nice one.
I have dropped a few helmets from my hand or bike but cant believe they would be that weakened in general.
I am sure I have read that this is mostly a myth.

The exceptions are if your head was in it or it was a proper crash where the speed of impact will be a lot higher. Also, if you dropped it onto a diamond (ha) then something that sharp might cause a small crack.

I have always bought high-rated helmets so one would hope they are fine.
Case in point, I went from 40+ to Zero into the back of a stationary car face first and only had a nosebleed (rest of the body was a bit fkedthough) and I have to assume that the helment saved my life and I used to drop the buggery out of it.


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Nov 16, 2017
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It is important to understand, how the helmet works, in the first place. If there is nothing (heavy) in the helmet, when it falls down, from a bike, it will not damage the foam, which actually protects your head, slowing it down, during impact.
I believe, if an empty helmet falls, and there is no damage (besides scrapes) to the outer shell, the foam is not affected. If you have something in the helmet, when it drops, you should take the padding out and inspect the foam, for any compression.


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Jul 5, 2015
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I can’t really remember dropping a helmet.
That said 3-4 years is the max I’ll keep one just due to the smell factor alone.

I also could buy a new helmet every other week if I had the funds to do so. I’d just love to have a bunch of them for different occasions.

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Oct 13, 2018
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I recall seeing a helmet with all the % of damage that area of the helmet takes in a typical crash. The highest % was in the chin area at 19%. Here in the US though there are lots of half helmet or "pudding bowl" helmet riders. How about over there?
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