1. HippoDrone

    Who Is Your Favorite Popular Motovlogger?

    I generally watch smaller channels as I find them more honest and real, but I do follow a few larger names. I currently really enjoy the following channels: My favorite international motovlogger is Shadetree Surgeon ( - I love his straight talking and his...
  2. Sharktank

    Channel Name Concern

    So, a friend of mine pointed out that there's a show on ABC here in the US called Shark Tank. I don't watch TV unless it's sports so I had no idea. So it caused me to think of a couple things. 1. I wonder if people think I ripped off the name. I didn't and I don't know if I even care about that...
  3. burlyjack

    New Channel Banner

    I tried creating this with an app that supposedly has a premade template for YouTube banners. This is what I made but it's still way too large cuts out like 90% of the photo. What are some other softwares or app (for free) that I can use? What are your thoughts on this, anything you'd change?
  4. VaVaBroom

    My New Motovlog Channel! :)

    Greetings fellow motovloggers :) So i finally decided to make myself a new YouTube channel and created an introduction video the other day. I'm completely new to all this so any support would be much appreciated :) I cannot post a video link as my account on here is new, but hope you guys enjoy...
  5. Toma Rider

    What Are Your Channel Goals?

    Hey guys, curious about your answers for this question. What were your goals when starting your channel and have they changed now? I decided to start because I was buying a new bike and conveniently got a GoPro in that window of time and thought "why not?" I think at the start I had kind of a...
  6. WingManGT

    Using The Name Of A Bigger Channel As A Tag

    Since I've started doing videos, I've installed tubeBuddy and as a result I can see the tags of every video. As a result I've started noticing that many (if not all) of the fast growing channels use bigger channel names as a tag. example: Lets say I make video and use :joego101, doitwithdan...
  7. SamBiker

    Sambiker Sharma

    Hello all. My first time in this site. I do some vlogging and post them on my YouTube channel and Instagram. The name is the same SamBiker Sharma, check it out if you get a chance.
  8. Spudnik

    Featured Channels...?

    Hey, As you might know I am new to the Youtube. What does the featured channel list on your channel do and what is the etiquette around it? For example if I featured a very popular and big channel what happens? Do they know about it? Are there benefits? Do I just use this function to...
  9. kryten

    How Many Of You Make Custom Channel Trailers?

    I was working on my new channel trailer for this year and it made me curious who else does custom channel trailers. For the last few years I've tried to make a new one each year. Here are the ones for the last two years. Post yours here so we can see them.
  10. Aulric 27

    General New Channel Trailer

    Youtube : Aulric27. (cant post link) Check me out!
  11. MotoJam

    General Channel Reboot With A New Motorbike :)

    Hi guys, Its been a while! I have got a new bike so thought I'd reboot my channel now that I have some more free time with work ramping down. I have never done a bike reveal before so hope you all like it :)
  12. JBH

    Serious The Future Of My Channel - Secret Revealed!

    In my previous vlog I told you I was going somewhere secret, to maybe do something secret aswel :D Well in this episode I can finally tell you guys where I went, and what I did!
  13. lupin

    General 2017 Channel Trailer.

    2 hours work and I came up with this.
  14. IronHorse

    Non-motovlogging Videos, On A Motovlogging Channel??

    After fulfilling my dream of starting my own motovlogging channel last month, I often went around and around with myself, trying to figure out what kinds of videos/topics to post, in order to grasp YouTube's attention span. Recently, I went in an unexpected direction, when an idea for a video...
  15. Captain

    General Anidiotbiker - Channel Trailer 2017

    Not too sure on how many of you guys/gals do channel trailers. But I thought I'd put one together for 2017 to highlight what new videos I will (hopefully) be producing. Happy New Year to you all, and safe riding if you're an 'All Year Rounder' like myself.
  16. burlyjack

    Feedback Needed Channel Trailer

    Made a new channel trailer. I wanted to see if people could get the general idea of what my channel was about and what people's thoughts were. I've never really done any sort of video production so feedback is appreciated. Thank you for watching! :)
  17. ScootWook

    Importance Of Catchy Channel Art And Profile Pictures

    Hey again everyone, seems like I am on a roll with the commenting all of a sudden. So, I recently decided to give the YouTube channel a good old fashioned make over to include revamping of my channel art and profile picture. I have limited artistic talent and experience with programs like...
  18. JoshAFJ

    Guide How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Channel

    I've been involved in tons of online projects over the years from running websites, forums, making videos, posting my photography, and covering events. In that time I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to marketing and social media. Building something from the ground up takes a lot...
  19. BlakShadow

    General The Masshole Channel Trailer

    I finally have enough footage to throw one of these together. Here we go!
  20. Shifty

    Motovlog Youtube Channel

    is it worth Motovlog having its own dedicated YouTube channel members only that could be posted too? Just a thought
  21. ScootWook

    Rant My Thoughts On Channel Merchandise

    Alright, I know I am going to draw some Ire with this video, but it has to be said. Trying to get people to buy Merchandise when you have no following is not only wrong, it is annoying as hell. Seriously, I already feel embarrassed for you. People should be concentrating on making their content...
  22. Baconbit

    Feedback Needed New Channel Intro

    So tell me what you think!
  23. Jibbs

    Feedback Needed Channel Overview

    Hi guys, just got my Youtube channel up and running lately. It's going to be multifaceted and not just focus on motovlogs, although that will be 66% of the content. I have uploaded my first video discussing the channel and it's goals, and it is functionally a motovlog. What I really would...
  24. dandoolittle

    Share Your Social Channel Here

    We've got a couple of 'share your' type of threads. They pretty much do the same thing so I'm merging into the one thread, rather than a few stickies Format to post is this;copy and paste Facebook: YouTube...
  25. BehindBars

    Feedback Needed Channel Intro

    So I made this little video as an introduction to my channel, what do you think?
  26. Jay Moto

    General My New Channel

    Need to know what people think of my channle
  27. Carmo

    General New Channel Trailer - Metallica Version!

    G'day, The title says it all on this one. Let me know what you think of it! Enjoy!
  28. Hypertard

    Is There An Irc Channel Or Equivlant For Motovloggers?

    I need that instant interaction with like minded folk. Is there a channel either for this website or for motovlogging? HT.
  29. MIcruiser

    General 100 Subs And How I Broke My Channel Name

    Thank you to everybody that has watched and subbed my channel. I never thought I would be this far this soon since I dont conform to the "popular norm" of the motovlogging community. This forum has been a huge help to me and I want to be able to help and motivate new comers, as you guys did...
  30. SalvageSV

    Channel Art Best Practices?

    Does anyone have any best practices to share for producing channel art? I'm not having much initial luck making something I'm happy with for all devices. See my current art here: I'm just not happy with it. I found the page on YouTube that gives suggestions and supplies device templates, so...

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