1. Hornet 900

    Funny I Made My Channel Intro

  2. CodeNameAB

    General My First Channel Trailer!

    Here is a video of what my YouTube channel is all about! This video is a compilation of the best parts of all videos since I bought a GoPro, almost two years back! Saying it was a massive task to edit this is an understatement :D Hope you enjoyed watching it!
  3. chix

    General Channel Overview Video & Camera Giveaway

    It's been a few hours and I'm already having to learn new stuff haha. So I've been meaning to do an updated channel video for a while and wanted to incorporate a 360Fly camera giveaway somehow. Decided to do the camera giveaway with the summary far I've had quite a few shares and...
  4. RoadSprock

    Youtube Channel Url

    So I'm setting up my custom channel URL and can't use my name unfortunately, despite there being no channels made already with it. :confused: My ideas so far is; [Need to add to]| Vlogs| Official
  5. RoadSprock

    Youtube Artwork - Thoughts?

    Been playing around in Photoshop, what's your thoughts on this? Channel artwork. Before: After: YouTube icon. Before: (See above.) After:
  6. Tash

    C&c On New Channel Image

    So. I need to start giving my channel some kind of graphic content, so it looks more 'branded' and 'finished' I'd love to hear if you guys think it's simplicity works or not. I'm yet to make my channel art, outro graphics and I am still working on an intro, I still think the one I have in...
  7. RoadSprock

    General New Channel Intro

    What's your thoughts on this?
  8. Todd

    Hello From Southeast Georgia, Usa

    I am launching a website to try to help vloggers to promote their channels. I had not ridden in a couple of years, but really got motivated when I got introduced to the whole moto-vlogging experience. I hope people will eventually promote their channels in my forum section, and you will be...
  9. Motowolf

    Motowolf Motovlog Channel

    What is up guys, I am Motowolf, I ride a Honda CBR 919 Blade. I make motovlog video's on youtube. If you want to please go and check out my channel, i thank you for all your'e support
  10. kryten

    Funny My 2016 Channel Trailer

    I try to do a silly trailer every year. This one sums up my channel and my intent for 2016 pretty well. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  11. jthomas

    Associated Channel Website

    So I ended up deciding to create a website that's associated with my YouTube Channel. It has only just launched as of now so I cannot say much about its effectiveness yet. Once I have listed links etc. and given it some time I will be able to give an update as to whether it has helped promote...
  12. SevenCube

    How Do You Come Up With A Channel Name?

    I know that a Channel name isn't a big deal. It's not something that people will not watch you for, nor does it impact you. Still, how did you guys think up your channel name? I need to think of the name to take that first damn step!
  13. CanuckMVs

    How To Get Your Channel Noticed On Youtube

    Hello all, i am just starting out on youtube and have uploaded a number of videos in the past couple of days and i am wondering how i should promote my channel to get it noticed. i enjoy producing videos and motovlogging and i would just like to start to get a small following. i have five...
  14. SalvageSV

    General New Channel Trailer - Feedback Appreciated

    I just finished up a trailer for my channel to make things more "official." Let me know what you think!
  15. Reize

    General New Channel Trailer

    I've been making progress with new editing techniques and just wanted to create a new trailer with a slightly more professional finish than I have usually been doing as practice. Enjoy! (At least the music if you think the video editing still sucked).
  16. JohnnyGrom

    Channel Logo

    Im looking to find a graphic designer that could create a logo for my channel. If you could put me in touch with someone that could or you can yourself thatd be great!! Thanks in advance!!
  17. Ramblin'

    General My First Channel Trailer

    Please let me know what you think! It's only a minute or so! If you like what you see you might as well subscribe ;) lol thanks a ton y'all!!
  18. F4celess

    Clean Up Junk Channel Or Start New?

    So I have been stuck with part of the preparation for starting my vlog activities, the channel. Having been a Youtube user for years I have uploaded quite a lot of inconsistent videos, both properly made ones and plain videodumps. The channel has about 90 subs, but those subs are most likely...

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