1. lupin

    General Touring Victoria

    I decided I was going to make some videos about some of the roads in the state that I live in. This is the first. Honestly its not really what I wanted, and I think I'll change things a fair bit when I do the next one. Your comments on what I should change would be greatly appreciated.

    General Car Crossing Center Line. Omg

  3. jthomas

    Review Can The R3 Handle Australian Roads?

    How well can the Yamaha R3 handle tough Australian roads?

    General Off-road Zx6r

  5. moto anzac

    From Australia To Turkey

    Hey guys, I was a car-fanatic in Australia, moved to Turkey but.. struggled to pursue my passion. It took me some time but I finally found an alternative; the motorcycle scene! After getting into motorcycles, it slowly made me get into watching VLOGS. I'm probably subscribed to most of you...

    General Melbourne Motoexpo 2016


    General Dead Kangaroo


    Funny Crosswalk Chaos

  9. jthomas

    General Land Down Under Gets Flooded

    Of area in Oz got the worse flood in history. I head out to check it out.

    Australia Nsw Camera Law ?

    I have heard a few things abou this. Not too much, can someone please inform me of the actual law before i go spend money on something i can't use. thank you
  11. sil3ntr

    Hi New Motovlogger From Perth - Australia

    Hi Folks, Decided to sign up after reading some good tips on youtube video tagging through a google search. I just recently (Yesterday) uploaded my first video to 'The YouTube', I have been watching motovlog's religiously over the last 12 months and decided to have a crack with a gopro I had...
  12. CoastC

    Another Motovlogger From Nsw Australia

    Hi guys, Coastal Clutch is my online persona on youtube, glad to finally join the ranks of this fine community. I ride a 2012 Triumph Speed Triple. Just recently posted my first video, I'll be glad to share it with you guys once I've hit the forums requirements. Thanks for saying Gday. You can...
  13. MiGlyRides

    General Australia Day Ride, Riding With A Cyclist!

    Alreet peeps, I'm out with a mate, riding on Australia Day and my fuel light comes on and then starts flashing when I'm 30k away form the nearest fuel station! so I decide to have a little sing along and dance while coasting with the engine off down a mountian.
  14. Bb rider

    Hi Ya From Canberra Australia

    Hi motorvloggers, I'm b bird rider. Just about to start up vlogging/ filming my moto adventures and general chit chat vlog in and around Canberra / south NSW area with my cbr1100xx. I've been riding for about 15yrs. Just purchased a sena prism tube ( for starters) and will start filming soon...
  15. Reize

    Thinking Of Touring Around Portions Of Australia

    Sup guys, after doing a motorcycle trip in South East England (London whereabouts) last year in 2016, I've been itching to tour another country I've never been to, and I was looking at Australia. Any Aussies can give suggestions? I'm not sure which city I should base myself in and ride around...
  16. HDMOTO

    General I Saw A Green Chevy

  17. lupin

    Review Melbourne Australia Moto Expo 2016

    Here is a quick walk around of the 2016 Melbourne moto expo (Part 1) Hope you enjoy.
  18. HDMOTO

    Review Top 5 I Hate About My Zx6r.

  19. MiGlyRides

    Funny I Take My Grom & Myself Off Road For The First Time!

    Alreet! So this is my first off road experience & not to pat myself on my back but I think I was VERY good at it! Any Feedback / tips on Offroading would be GREAT!!
  20. Mr AusAdventure

    Review Great Motorcycling Roads Of Australia - Lamington National Park Road

    Finally! Another video in my Great Motorcycling Roads Of Australia series is released! :D About bloody time! I recorded this one 7 months ago! :eek: This time around in the Great Motorcycling Roads Of Australia series, I take you on a winding and twisting journey up the side of a mountain to...
  21. MiGlyRides

    Funny Migly's Got His Grom!! Finally

    Alreet, Here's my video of my new GROM, I finally got it after 3 months of waiting!, I hope you enjoy my reaction to riding this beast of a bike for the first time, I sure did!!
  22. MiGlyRides

    General How Motorcycle's Park / Riding A New Bike!

    Hey, I drop my bike off for service, ride a Honda CB500F and quickly & easily park the bike while 3 cars are waiting for spaces to become available!! (Parking is near the end of the vid)
  23. Merlin

    General Grass Tree Hill Rd

    Hey guys been busy trying to keep weekly content happening, it's quite a challenge at times. But here's the latest installment from the apple isle! Hope you enjoy Merlin
  24. HDMOTO

    Buying Parts In Australia

    I'm looking for a slip on for my 05 zx6r and the tail tidy to go with it. I've looked online and haven't really found much, a bit but for my year not really. I would like to walk into a shop in Melbourne and see the products and talk to a real person about the fitment and such if possible...
  25. Merlin

    General My Editing Experiment

    Hey guys Experimenting with my editing style. Let me know what you think. Enjoy Merlin
  26. MiGlyRides

    General Fatigue Triva Games.. I'm Bad Xd

    In Australia there's signs with questions on them then a few k's down the road there's another sign with an answer, I am bad at QLD trivia! Also BALLSACK!
  27. HDMOTO

    Aspiring Melbourne Motovlogger

    Hi all! This is a big HELLO from Melbourne, Australia. I currently am getting set up as a new MotoVlogger in this south east city of Aussie. My new ride is a 2005 Ninja ZX6R. I'm on all social media as HIGHDEFMOTO I will have video content in a few weeks, and lots of photos sooner than that...
  28. MiGlyRides

    General Raw Uncut Migly Right In Ya Face!

    So It's Wednesday another MiGly video! this time you get some Raw MiGly! like & subscribe if you enjoy it! and as always Feedback is always appreciated!
  29. MiGlyRides

    My Adventures With My Cbr500r

    I thought it would be interesting to share my adventures through captioning photo's as I don't mention my thoughts about any photos in my videos. I have put them as spoilers so they're easier to look at / read :) & these are in chronological order. I hope you enjoy these half as much as I did...
  30. MiGlyRides

    General Crazy Lane Filtering | Migly's Cairns Trip Pt. 2

    Wazaap! Got my latest video here, Filtering through for 15 minutes! and finding out the joys of some home-made motorway pegs xD AS always feedback is greatly appreciated! FaceBook - Twitter - Instagram -...

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