My Adventures With My Cbr500r


Jan 5, 2016
Gold Coast, Queensland
I ride a
Honda CBR 500 RA & Honda MSX 125 (GROM)
I thought it would be interesting to share my adventures through captioning photo's as I don't mention my thoughts about any photos in my videos. I have put them as spoilers so they're easier to look at / read :) & these are in chronological order. I hope you enjoy these half as much as I did making them!

This Photo was taken with about 60km on the odometer my first ride on the bike!
This was taken @Border Loop Lookout during my 2nd ride ~260km 6 hour ride through mountains in the rain and with a fogged up visor (I have a new helmet now), the lookout was empty so I rode my bike onto the lookout platform for this picture!
This photo is taken @The Panorama I was taken here during my 2nd Riding lesson and It's an awesome place!
I found this place later the same day the the previous photo, the house that was there has been demolished and is being rebuilt so I'm enjoying it while I can :D
This is the start of the S.E Australia road trip series of photos, In this Photo I've pulled over for a leg stretch and to admire the flatness of Central Australia,
This photo might be somewhat familiar. In this photo I've stopped @The Giant Strawberry just north of Melbourne, last stop before my mate's house.
In this Photo My friend and I have parked up at a shopping centre so I can get a mini USB cable (Which was surprising difficult) and a Scooter joined onto our line up xD
Getting a bit over protective after someone stole my spare fuel on the first night
In this photo I am admiring the Deseret flatness
I found my twin in a McDonald's carpark in some random town heading back to the Gold Coast
Back on the Gold Coast, got a nice CB500F while my bike was being serviced
Then this happened!
In this photo I am keeping to my overprotective bike parking in Cairns, on my mate's patio!
My last ride on the stock tyres I went to O'Rilies
Back from Cairns got another CB500F while I get new Tyres
I couldn't sleep one night so I got up at the crack of dawn and went to The Panorama to catch the sunrise!
This photo is taken in Nimbin 5 hours into a 6.5 hour ride for some coffee and cake ;) Also I PlastiDipped the bike blue!
Finally (for now) I went back to The Panorama at night to experiment with some Night photos!

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