1. MiGlyRides

    General Setting Off On Another Trip - This Time To Cairns!

    Here I go off again! Off to see the Moontains, the wonderful Moontains of Cairns!
  2. MiGlyRides

    Introducing Migly - Gold Coast, Australia Motovlogger!

    G'day, Alreet Peeps! I'm Michael (MiGly) originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, England and currently living in the Gold Coast, Australia. I put out new video's every Wednesday & occasional Sunday, a fan of top notch views, I like long rides & Touring as well as hitting some twisty mountain...
  3. lupin

    Guide Growing Online.

    Just a little bit about what I've been doing to help grow my brand and YouTube channel.
  4. MiGlyRides

    General Final Day Of S.e Aus Road Trip & Outro! Looking For Feedback.

    Alreet Peeps! I'd like to share my 1st video on here & would like some feedback on camera angle, audio quality, editing etc. This video is the last video from my South East Australia road trip, this series of video's are not the best for audio for 2 reasons, 1st bad mic placement and 2nd t's...
  5. MiGlyRides

    Australian Mountains - Gold Coast Hinterland

    I have been inspired to show off the Gold Coast Hinterland of Australia's Beauty (unfortunately some nutjob planted a tree in the way of the view) You can't make out in the Picture but straight ahead (North) you can see Brisbane City Skyline which is 128 KM away from this Lookout! Breathtaking...
  6. jthomas

    Happy Australia Day

    Just a shout out to my fellow Aussie's on here. Happy Australia Day! Stay safe out there and keep the rubber side down!
  7. jthomas

    General Motovlog From Down Under

    Another of my Motovlogs whilst out on my Yamaha R3
  8. Mach1 Aus

    General The Zig Zag

    Mach1 Aussie checks out the Zig Zag scenic drive in Gooseberry Hill with some amazing views and twisties. Hair pin turns, spectacular views and I had it all to myself. The Zig Zag scenic drive is one of my favourite rides in Perth thus far. A 3'6" guage railway was built by E.Keane in 1891 to...
  9. jthomas

    Northern Rivers Nsw Riders?

    Are there any riders from Northern Rivers NSW area? Keen to find riders to head out with and even do a collaboration with!
  10. jthomas

    Hello From Jthomas1310 - Australian Motovlogger

    Hi All from Down Under here in Australia. Motovlogging from the Northern Rivers of NSW. Recently new to Motovlogging and am enjoying it. I have been frequent to Youtube with videos of my rides, but only newer to the Motovlogs. I love watching Motovlogs and hope to find some more great videos to...
  11. R

    Qld Meet 2015 Photos

    Gallery Poster Random photo
  12. AchefsRide

    Showing Off! Cbr500r

    just wanted to show off my bike real quick. Ive been obsessed with photography for the last couple months and trying to get some real pro shot's in. don't have a DSLR as of yet but i'll be working on that real soon in the meantime here is a couple pics from my digital camera that's about 10...
  13. Mach1 Aus

    General Stunt Riders

    Mach1 Aussie visits the 2015 Perth Motorcycle and Scooter Show and checks out the stunt riders, sports bikes and much more. Insane stunts, turbo charged drifting bikes, enduro cross.... Sponsored by Shannons. JOIN THE TEAM: TWITTER...
  14. AchefsRide

    Aussie Motovlogger From Adelaide #radelaide

    What's up fello motovlogging bretheren from around the world, first and foremost i am an from the beautiful and always overlooked city of Adelaide in Australia, i have survived 29 years from birth and no surprises im a Chef. I love food and i love bikes that's pretty much the gist of it, only...
  15. AchefsRide

    La Holiday

    Gday everybody, first off im a motovlogger from Adelaide in Australia and in april next year i will be travelling to LA and las Vegas for a holiday (dream of mine) any motovloggers from the California area that want to catch up say hi and vlog a little please send me a message i would love to...