Music Track Day Teaser (7th May 2016) - Killarney International Raceway

Naked Dave

His Royal Nakedness
Apr 17, 2016
Cape Town, South Africa
I ride a
2014 Honda CBR500R
Teaser footage of my sessions at the Track Riding School held on 7th May 2016 (Killarney International Raceway, Cape Town, South Africa).

My fastest lap was 1:58.9 (3.267 km / 2.03 miles) = approx. 99kph / 61mph average speed... not bad for a noob on a 500cc 2 cylinder commuter! I'll upload the full session videos (there are 3) over the next few days... so subscribe while you're there... :p

Watch this one to the end... I've included footage of me doing some gardening...


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