1. EDcase

    Brands Hatch Track Day 5th Sep

    Anyone up for it? I know most are working but throwing it out there just in case... Probably starting in novice and see how it goes.
  2. EDcase

    Track Evening Brands Hatch 24th April

    I've booked an evening at Brands on Monday the 24th if anyone wants to come. It'll be my first so don't be shy. £75 4pm to 8pm Usually 3x20mins and 15min sessions. Must have full license, full zipable leathers and gold certified helmet. Full information here...
  3. dandoolittle

    Track Day Videos Are Allowed - But Read

    Videos of track days and racing ARE allowed here under the condition of The video is yours to OWN/Share - Copyrighted stuff from MotoGO is NOT allowed The video/vlog MUST actually involve being AT or ON a track Video is not a vlog of you talking about a wanting to do a track day...
  4. BlakShadow

    General Track Day Bro!

    I did my first motorcycle track day this summer after years of chickening out. I wish I hadn't waited so long! I had tons of fun, learned so much, and today I'm a much better rider as a result. You don't need to go all out on a track bike and leathers for this, as the focus is on rider training...
  5. x-sbk

    Last Track Day Of 2016 Crash

    Last Track day of 2016 Crash
  6. JoshAFJ

    Track Day Photos!

    I have yet to ride on the track myself, but I really want to sometime next year. Just have to save up for leathers, boots, and probably new gloves at least. However, I go to the track with my friends all the time and take their photos. Figured I could share some cool shots with you!
  7. JoshAFJ

    Music Mini Track Racing!

    Here in Ohio we have a little organization that races little XR100s, super motos, and other small bikes. They are currently working on getting a Grom series up as well. They travel around the region and race on go kart tracks. Super fun awesome times. Here is a video my crew from Because...
  8. BlakShadow

    Non-sportbike Track Day

    I've done a bunch of track days in cars, and swore up and down I'd never do one on a bike because I didn't feel safe going that fast without a metal cage around me. Earlier this year I ate my words and did a non-sportbike event with Tony's Track Days (I'd include a link and pics but I'm a n00b...
  9. Lurch

    I Want To Do A Track Day

    So, I'm getting rid of my Deau soon, and thought I should maybe track it after seeing this video: Then I had a better idea. What if I crack my track day cherry by racing DanDoolittle? Who wants to see me leave Dan in my Deauville's dust? You up for the challenge @dandoolittle
  10. willph

    Track School Promo Video Project

    Got "voluntold" to shoot a promo video for our local track school. I actually really enjoyed doing this. 30+ hours. UGH. However it was a lot of fun, and I learned a LOT! Shot with various cameras including my new Canon 80D. Let me know what you think. Especially about flow and...
  11. NevRR

    General Donington Park Track Day

    Hi Guys, I have just uploaded my first video in over a year!! Had my first ever track day at Donington Park (UK) on Monday and had an awesome time. Purchased the license to a track to go with the footage, and I think it goes pretty well. Please let me know what you think of the video: -NevRR
  12. Naked Dave

    Music Track Day Teaser (7th May 2016) - Killarney International Raceway

    Teaser footage of my sessions at the Track Riding School held on 7th May 2016 (Killarney International Raceway, Cape Town, South Africa). My fastest lap was 1:58.9 (3.267 km / 2.03 miles) = approx. 99kph / 61mph average speed... not bad for a noob on a 500cc 2 cylinder commuter! I'll upload...
  13. Reize

    Invitation To Track Day At The Johor Circuit @ Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

    Hi guys! Me and a couple of friends are holding a track day this coming August at the Johor Circuit in Malaysia at Pasir Gudang. We would like to invite any Singaporean or Malaysian based riders to join us if you are interested! You can join us on our event page to coordinate over here...
  14. RangerRide

    Should I Start Going To The Motocross Track?

    would you guys watch me learning how to race?

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