1. chrisw959

    Snow Day

    So the snow came in slighly yesterday as well as all night. Decided it was worth taking a quick trip out. But couldn't do with out taking a few pictures
  2. Sharktank

    General A Day The Fam A Motovlog

    R-Rated said "just do it for the art." I kinda found my style a little bit and let loose. Literally the most fun I've ever had with a video. Hint: nothing in this video is accidental.
  3. Mark

    General A Spyder Trip To Conneaut Day 3 - Our Scenic Life

    3rd video in our NE Ohio series. Some background, my wife is creating a scrapbook of all the Ohio county courthouses. This is our second year of travel on the Canam Spyder attempting to visit and document all 64 court houses. On this trip we are recording the last of the NE Ohio counties and...
  4. EDcase

    Brands Hatch Track Day 5th Sep

    Anyone up for it? I know most are working but throwing it out there just in case... Probably starting in novice and see how it goes.
  5. WheelyPerd

    Ducati Day At Kyalami Gp

    Had a absolute blast around the track withe other Ducati's. Most people seemed new to track riding / riding so they were taking it easy, not that I'm an expert or experienced in track. Any feedback on the editing / sound / content / anything is appreciated!
  6. CodeNameAB

    General Tamingtherr #1 | How The Day Began In Germany | S1000rr | Pure Exhaust Note | May 2017

    Starting the new series called TamingTheRR where its only exhaust note and no talking (inspired by Schaaf). Hope you have fun watching.
  7. CodeNameAB

    General The Alpine Odyssey : Day 4 [part 2] - Some More Italian Beauties!

    Spending an entire day only on curvy roads amidst those fantastic Italian Dolomites... what more does a biker want? ;) Passo Giau was the main highlight of the day.
  8. JoshAFJ

    General I Like Beer / Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Other than bikes and photography my other passion in life is craft beer!
  9. CodeNameAB

    General The Alpine Odyssey : Day 4 [part 1] - Those Italian Beauties!

    What a treat it was riding amidst those majestic Dolomites! After all the drama and unexpected situations on the previous days, Day 4 went exactly as planned and was actually better than what we had hoped for! Just editing this video felt so good and I am kind of glad I delayed this for so long...
  10. dandoolittle

    Track Day Videos Are Allowed - But Read

    Videos of track days and racing ARE allowed here under the condition of The video is yours to OWN/Share - Copyrighted stuff from MotoGO is NOT allowed The video/vlog MUST actually involve being AT or ON a track Video is not a vlog of you talking about a wanting to do a track day...
  11. BlakShadow

    General Track Day Bro!

    I did my first motorcycle track day this summer after years of chickening out. I wish I hadn't waited so long! I had tons of fun, learned so much, and today I'm a much better rider as a result. You don't need to go all out on a track bike and leathers for this, as the focus is on rider training...
  12. Arctic Pride

    General Wee Day Out: Enduro

    Man have I had some struggles with Chesty MTB camera angles, too low, too high, too much wiggle from the strap. Well finally think I got it as good as its getting in this one. Then I get home and all the audio was a mess that required a lot of post in Audacity (this was new to me) Anyway some...
  13. CodeNameAB

    General The Alpine Odyssey : Day 3 [part 3] - Night Riding On Dolomites!

    Its a bit long, I know, but in the future whenever I want to relive the ride, I will come back to these videos and not hours and GBs of raw footage from GoPro so I didnt want to skip any of the good bits. Please feel free to skip ahead if you are bored at any moment (I hope not :)). Using right...
  14. Arctic Pride

    Guide A Day With The Scrambler

    I am a bit of a Triumh-rat had a speedy for years and this was my first time back on the British metal...
  15. x-sbk

    Last Track Day Of 2016 Crash

    Last Track day of 2016 Crash
  16. Scootnfool

    Entire Day - Blown

    Well, this sucks. I've been using my Sena Prism Tube for about 1 week. yesterday in the middle of recording it tells me the battery is low so it's going to shut off. When I got to work, I charged it up, then used it as normal on my ride home. When I plugged it in to my computer this morning, it...
  17. BlakShadow

    General Columbus Day Commute

    Yesterday was probably the easiest commute I've ever had since moving to where I live now. The combination of no school and half the businesses closed (I work for one that wasn't) made the roads pretty clear. But don't worry, there are still a few Massholes for me to complain about.
  18. Sailormoto

    Funny Made A Kids Day Today!

    Everyone seems to have a 'make a future biker' video, so heres mine. He loves bikes apparently!
  19. JoshAFJ

    Track Day Photos!

    I have yet to ride on the track myself, but I really want to sometime next year. Just have to save up for leathers, boots, and probably new gloves at least. However, I go to the track with my friends all the time and take their photos. Figured I could share some cool shots with you!
  20. BlakShadow

    Non-sportbike Track Day

    I've done a bunch of track days in cars, and swore up and down I'd never do one on a bike because I didn't feel safe going that fast without a metal cage around me. Earlier this year I ate my words and did a non-sportbike event with Tony's Track Days (I'd include a link and pics but I'm a n00b...
  21. CodeNameAB

    General Day [part 1] - Austriaaa Here We Come!

    We left from Germany towards Austria, riding through some brilliant roads and landscapes there! GPS took us on a short detour and we got great views :) Regarding what happened at Grossglockner, you will know in the next video! Since this was a long day and I had lot of footage, I decided to...
  22. CodeNameAB

    General The Alpine Odyssey : Day 1 - Off To Munich!

    Story from the first day of my Alps ride. This was the most boring part of the ride, 747kms on autobahn from Belgium to Munich. I finally reached hotel in Munich at around 10pm. The next part of the story will follow soon :) You can check out the trailer video on my channel Oh and I hope the...
  23. Lurch

    I Want To Do A Track Day

    So, I'm getting rid of my Deau soon, and thought I should maybe track it after seeing this video: Then I had a better idea. What if I crack my track day cherry by racing DanDoolittle? Who wants to see me leave Dan in my Deauville's dust? You up for the challenge @dandoolittle
  24. NevRR

    General Donington Park Track Day

    Hi Guys, I have just uploaded my first video in over a year!! Had my first ever track day at Donington Park (UK) on Monday and had an awesome time. Purchased the license to a track to go with the footage, and I think it goes pretty well. Please let me know what you think of the video: -NevRR
  25. Meifesto

    Review A Full Day Of Testrides

    Testing 4 bikes from the brands MASH and SWM. In the end i drove the: MASH Scrambler 400 MASH Seventy Five 125 SWM Gran Milano 440. Was a great experience. More to come.
  26. BxPolymath

    Guide Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Basic Rider Course Day 2

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their first ever experience on a bike captured...I was one of those lucky few. Now i can look back and laugh at myself lol
  27. Naked Dave

    Music Track Day Teaser (7th May 2016) - Killarney International Raceway

    Teaser footage of my sessions at the Track Riding School held on 7th May 2016 (Killarney International Raceway, Cape Town, South Africa). My fastest lap was 1:58.9 (3.267 km / 2.03 miles) = approx. 99kph / 61mph average speed... not bad for a noob on a 500cc 2 cylinder commuter! I'll upload...
  28. Reize

    Invitation To Track Day At The Johor Circuit @ Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

    Hi guys! Me and a couple of friends are holding a track day this coming August at the Johor Circuit in Malaysia at Pasir Gudang. We would like to invite any Singaporean or Malaysian based riders to join us if you are interested! You can join us on our event page to coordinate over here...

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