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  1. HippoDrone

    Trolling Superbikes on my little Moto Guzzi V7

    hunting superbikes is fun on unlikely bikes, my Moto Guzzi v7 is such a fun bike to bite the ankles of 1000cc sportsbikes! :D
  2. Matt Leech

    Track Day Booked - Rockingham, 2nd Of Sept

    Just booked my second track day! I'll be in the novice group :) Anybody else going to this one?
  3. Matt Leech

    Donington Park, Final Session, 2 X Drift Ghost 4k Cams

    My final track-day session at Donington Park. I've cut out the final two laps because I thought, mistakenly, that something was up due to the gesturing and slow riding of two bikes in front of me, turns out they were buddies having a laugh. There are a couple of fast-forward sections where...
  4. dandoolittle

    Track Day Videos Are Allowed - But Read

    Videos of track days and racing ARE allowed here under the condition of The video is yours to OWN/Share - Copyrighted stuff from MotoGO is NOT allowed The video/vlog MUST actually involve being AT or ON a track Video is not a vlog of you talking about a wanting to do a track day...
  5. BlakShadow

    General Track Day Bro!

    I did my first motorcycle track day this summer after years of chickening out. I wish I hadn't waited so long! I had tons of fun, learned so much, and today I'm a much better rider as a result. You don't need to go all out on a track bike and leathers for this, as the focus is on rider training...
  6. x-sbk

    Last Track Day Of 2016 Crash

    Last Track day of 2016 Crash
  7. JoshAFJ

    Track Day Photos!

    I have yet to ride on the track myself, but I really want to sometime next year. Just have to save up for leathers, boots, and probably new gloves at least. However, I go to the track with my friends all the time and take their photos. Figured I could share some cool shots with you!
  8. BlakShadow

    Non-sportbike Track Day

    I've done a bunch of track days in cars, and swore up and down I'd never do one on a bike because I didn't feel safe going that fast without a metal cage around me. Earlier this year I ate my words and did a non-sportbike event with Tony's Track Days (I'd include a link and pics but I'm a n00b...
  9. Lurch

    I Want To Do A Track Day

    So, I'm getting rid of my Deau soon, and thought I should maybe track it after seeing this video: Then I had a better idea. What if I crack my track day cherry by racing DanDoolittle? Who wants to see me leave Dan in my Deauville's dust? You up for the challenge @dandoolittle
  10. NevRR

    General Donington Park Track Day

    Hi Guys, I have just uploaded my first video in over a year!! Had my first ever track day at Donington Park (UK) on Monday and had an awesome time. Purchased the license to a track to go with the footage, and I think it goes pretty well. Please let me know what you think of the video: -NevRR
  11. Naked Dave

    Music Track Day Teaser (7th May 2016) - Killarney International Raceway

    Teaser footage of my sessions at the Track Riding School held on 7th May 2016 (Killarney International Raceway, Cape Town, South Africa). My fastest lap was 1:58.9 (3.267 km / 2.03 miles) = approx. 99kph / 61mph average speed... not bad for a noob on a 500cc 2 cylinder commuter! I'll upload...

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