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Show Your Motovlogging Setup!

Discussion in 'Camera Setups' started by CDA441, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Superballs

    Superballs Canada Superballs' Supervids

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    Jul 16, 2017
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    Start with an entry level Canon or Nikon. I shoot Canon, bit it was based on the fact that the kit I got offered the best bang for my buck. Once you choose a brand and start buying lenses you end up kind of brand committed unless you can sell all your gear at not too much of a loss.

    One thing to remember though and I don't know in detail with Nikon, is to remember that entry level cameras usually have a 1.6 crop factor and there are currently tly two lines of lenses with Canon Cameras (and likely Nikon). EF-S lenses are calibrated with the crop factor in mind so a 50mm EF-S lens on a Rebel will have a focal length of 50mm but a 50mm EF lens (like my previously mentioned 50mm f1.8 lens) will act like an 80mm lens. This can be good or bad depending on your situation. This also means my 105mm Sigma lens which is designed for full frame 35mm sensors will act like a 170mm (approx...105 x 1.6 if you want a precise number).

    Cell phones are great for photo album type fare. If you buy into the "megapixels are the end all be all" marketing then they certainly do seem impressive.

    Your iPhone will take a fine picture. In ideal lighting (protip: for spectacular photos try taking your shots within the first hour of sunlight or the last two hours of sunlight with the sun behind you) a modern cell phone camera will take a fine picture. But...they don't shoot in RAW format.

    Why is that important? Well there is a lot more room for error with RAW photos. You can gain a lot more detail by playing with exposure levels in Photos hop or Light room that once compressed to JPEG are lost forever.

    Take this photo that I took on one of my first long shoots, and my first time using RAW:


    I managed to recover a lot of details that were blown out highlights. Then cropped the living crap out of it to get the composition I felt was strongest. Then noise reduction then output to my cameras actual photo size (light room resizing is fantastic).

    That much work with a cell phone image would not have stacked up to these final results.

    If you want...I'll show you my fireworks stills as well that rely on manually setting up your shutter speeds. Photos of fireworks on a cell phone will never be spectacular.

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  2. 2WV

    2WV United Kingdom @2WheelVandal

    United Kingdom
    Feb 25, 2017
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    Interesting stuff..

  3. CDA441

    CDA441 Belgium Lanesplit champ

    Apr 15, 2016
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    Because Photobucket now asks about €/$400 for hosting on third party sites, I now use imgur.
    Also: new helmet & visor.



    Second photo shows how I mounted the microphone into the flip up part of the helmet :)
    I now record in 1920x1080 60fps in XAVC format, but that makes the files 3x bigger, but weird enough it's faster to render...

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  4. SighBored

    SighBored United States TнеSιɢнBояеɗ

    United States
    Jan 18, 2015
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    Wow that is A LOT of gear to carry!
    I think without the cat sounds better to me, as it feels more "open" to the ambient noises from your surroundings, the cat sort of muffs the world around you, if you get what I mean. I would just use an editor to clean up some of the wind noise from the no cat footage and call it a day. You want people to be able to hear you, and also hear the surroundings, feel the speed as they tag along for the ride.

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