1. A

    Somethings to Look in Motovlogging Camera

    Video clip plays a considerable role in your motovlogging, so you'll need an exceptional cam. You want to prevent a sincere rookie mistake of just looking for a device with the greatest resolution. As opposed to that, pay additional attention to other elements: Field of view -- Activity video...
  2. Punekar

    Introducing Myself as Motovlogging

    Hi riders I'm Tushar from Pune, Maharashtra, India I'm student of Computer engineering. I love bikes, have ridden 40,000 kms (approx). I ride Bullet 350, using GoPro Hero 5. I started recording videos firstly for safety. I often ride solo. (In our country people always blame bikers if anything...
  3. Jafnhaar

    Feedback Needed Mistakes New Riders Make?

    Hey y'all, I recently made a video of 5 Mistakes new riders make. Would it be possible if you could comment some feedback and maybe some extra mistakes they make to help these guys out.... Too many new riders getting hurt lately... Thanks in advance... :)
  4. R-Rated

    Funny 9 Tip-top Ideas For Motovlogging In The Rain

    Be on the lookout for one of the best websites to spend time on the internet! Just goofing around since it decided to rain as I was leaving my wage gig. Life gives you lemons, THROW THEM BACK!
  5. Dean B

    Motovlogging From Snohomish, Wa

    Hey everyone! Name is Dean, I'm new to this site as well as to motovlogging. But since I have a camera and enjoy making some films I figured this would be a fun place to get more exposure to other peoples content Anyways though, glad to be on the site, I'm sure I'll talk to you everyone a bit...
  6. HYF

    New To Motovlogging And This Site :)

    i am hold your fire and i am fairly new to the whole motovlogging scene, i come across this site while watching other motovloggers, i think its a awesome idea, look forward to chatting with you all and maybe joining a few of you for a ride out :)

    Along Side Motovlogging I Made Stickers As Well....

    If anyone is interested in having die cut single color stickers made to promote yourself or your youtube let me know. Always happy to help fellow vloggers. KB
  8. P

    Is There A Market For A Turn Key Motovlogging Helmet.

    So is there a market for a high end turn key motovlogging helmet? I know there are cheap ways to get into motovlogging, but I have spent a ton of money on my setup, not all at once, but little by little. My Shoei RF-1200 was around $485. my Sena 20S was around $270. My FDR-X3000 was around $350...
  9. illproducr

    Question On Topics When Motovlogging

    Do you guys have a preset topic to talk about when you hop on the bike or do you just freestyle? I tend to like to talk about my surroundings as things are easier to talk about rather than keeping to some sort of script. What is the best approach?
  10. scooterwuf

    Motovlogging Field Guide

    As new members join this group there are always numerous questions regarding the technical, and craft side of creating a motovlog. A number of our members have posted and shared their own areas of expertise, but I'd like to suggest that we collect this information -- from post, YT clips to...
  11. SamBiker

    Microphone & Case Wt Side Open

    I ordered the Pannovo 3.5mm mini Mic. Does anyone know if this is any good for MotoVlogging? I also ordered a SHOOT Wire Connectable Skeleton Protective Side, I am sure it works but what are my options to make this water resistant? Thank You
  12. SamBiker

    Sambiker Sharma

    Hello all. My first time in this site. I do some vlogging and post them on my YouTube channel and Instagram. The name is the same SamBiker Sharma, check it out if you get a chance.
  13. CDA441

    Show Your Motovlogging Setup!

    Allright, let's turn it up a notch! I'm starting to get the hang of it to post more content, and finally I have bought a microphone AND a new camera that supports a mic in. Tested it at home (didn't went for a ride yet), and the sound quality is "amayzin", well yeah, I'm not accustomed to nice...
  14. BlackPearl

    Contour Roam 3 The Best 100ish Motovlogging Camera?

    that I haven't seen many people mention? Maybe there's a reason but don't tell me it's the mic :P I am planning on buying a sony mic and having a budget-ish sound recorder gotta find one. The Camera that I have been looking into that I am seeing nothing but amazing things on is the Contour Roam...
  15. Hollow

    Funny New To Motovlogging

    I would really love some feedback on my channel as a whole so ill post a video. I'm not looking for "nice video" or my ego to be fanned, i really want to improve the quality of my videos so if you have any feedback no matter how small, please let me know! Thanks in advance! (Disclaimer, there is...
  16. UrbanRidin

    My Gopro And Sena Setup

  17. jthomas

    Rant Is Motovlogging Dead?

  18. IronHorse

    Non-motovlogging Videos, On A Motovlogging Channel??

    After fulfilling my dream of starting my own motovlogging channel last month, I often went around and around with myself, trying to figure out what kinds of videos/topics to post, in order to grasp YouTube's attention span. Recently, I went in an unexpected direction, when an idea for a video...
  19. 2on2wheels

    Hi Everyone, We Are A New Motovlogging Couple

    Well, we are not a new couple but we are new to vlogging. We are a 25 year old couple from Bristol, England and are currently living in Bali, Indonesia. We have lived in Canada and Australia and usually travel two up on a motorcycle. We have just started a new YouTube channel and the link is in...
  20. Sportster

    1000 Subs Mod Challenge. Thoughts???

    Hey guys! So I have decided to start a little challenge for my youtube channel Challenge to myself. Only to get a mod, after every 1000 subs Right now I only have 70 subscribers is this too ambitious? Is it going to take too long? how long did it take you all who have more than 1000 subs to...
  21. UrbanRidin

    New To Motovlogging!

    Hello everyone! I just stumbled upon this forum last night and I'm glad I did. Come check out my YouTube channel and let me know what you think! Channel link in my profile in the info section or you can just look it up on YouTube. YouTube Channel: Urban BeRiding Thanks!
  22. MotoNoob

    So You Want To Be A Motovlogger? (motonoob's Comprehensive Checklist For Success)

    Let's face it. It's likely that none of us will be the next DoItWithDan and have 780,000 subscribers. So, if you're lookin at getting into motovlogging, you're going to want to do it for the love of sharing stories. Hell, even IF you're looking to do it full-time and get 780,000 subscribers...
  23. Sailormoto

    Rant Motovlogging Is Dead?!?!?

  24. Carmo

    General Is Motovlogging Dead ?! | How Not To Refuel When Hungover

    G'day, When the auto cut off function on a fuel pump doesn't work, that's how trust issues begin and here's my two cents with the topic that I've seen doing the rounds of the motovlogging community lately. Enjoy!
  25. JBH

    Serious The Death Of Motovlogging

    Is Motovlogging really dead as many people say and believe? Take a look at it from my perspective :D
  26. JoshAFJ

    Serious Is Motovlogging Dead? No!

    We all had an awesome conversation the other week on this topic already, but I wanted to put together a video on it. Eff the bug channels. Motovlogging isn't dead and we all need to stick together and help one another grow!
  27. BehindBars

    Motovlogging In Winter

    So this will be my first winter season not just motovlogging, but riding. Already it's causing issues with my ability to upload content. For starters it's dark before I've finished work, so after work rides to record are no longer an option. I'd record on the commute, but it's only 1 mile of...
  28. BlakShadow

    Rant Motovlogging Isn't Dead

    Many of us discussed this on another thread, so this won't be anything new to you. But here's my video response to the guys who are claiming that motovlogging is dead.
  29. Reize

    Guide How I Setup My Motovlogging Gear

    This was really by request by one of my viewers, but I think it may give some of you guys ideas as well.

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