1. HYF

    Mcm London Motorcycle Show At The Excel Center

    hey guys hope you have all have a lovely xmas. out of interest is any one going or thinking about going to the mcm motorbike show at the excel in feb ?? as i have been brought a ticket for xmas and was going to ride up and stay over night, if any one is going or is thinking about it let me...
  2. HippoDrone

    Feedback Needed Motorcycle Live/nec Bike Show 2017

    Hey folks, am off to the NEC for the 2017 Motorcycle Live Bike Show this weekend. If there is anything you'd like me to specifically feature please drop a comment in my YouTube video comments section. I'll be checking the comments while I am at the show on Saturday so will try and feature any...
  3. HippoDrone

    Review Bikes In The Bay Motorcycle Show

    Took a spin on the Guzzi over to this awesome bike show in Kent last Sunday: Was a fantastic day out and well worth the visit, I think next year they are changing venues to an even larger site which sounds promising! :)
  4. Matt Leech

    General Hyperlapse/timelapse - Macclesfield To Blackpool For 2017 Air Show

    A six minute video of our ninety-minute journey from Macclesfield to Blackpool on Sunday 13th of September for the 2017 Air Show. The show opened with a Typhoon and closed with the Red Arrows, but I think my favourite part of the day was chips on the seafront. Tried to keep all of the video...
  5. CDA441

    Show Your Motovlogging Setup!

    Allright, let's turn it up a notch! I'm starting to get the hang of it to post more content, and finally I have bought a microphone AND a new camera that supports a mic in. Tested it at home (didn't went for a ride yet), and the sound quality is "amayzin", well yeah, I'm not accustomed to nice...
  6. Captain

    Review Bike Show - Goole

    I went to the waterways museum bike show in Goole (UK) last weekend...
  7. CafeRob81

    General Live Weekly Youtube Show : Co-host Interested

    Guys, Im not sure if my original post got deleted or moved but here goes for a second time. Live shows are becoming more and more popular and a great way for us to live chat with each other and joke around while talking about our main interest, RIDING! I was really into the xxxDeadHead &...
  8. CodeNameAB

    General Rode On Passo Gavia In Italy Last Summer, Wanted To Show You All How Beautiful It Is!

    Here is something to watch for weekend ;) My longest video on youtube till date! :D Feel free to skip ahead but dont miss 14:30
  9. Reize

    General Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2017

    Sup guys! Finally back from Tokyo and finally have the time to start editing the footage I took while there. This particular video is dedicated to the Tokyo Motorcycle Show at the Tokyo Big Sight while I was there. Amazing event definitely.
  10. ScootWook

    Music 2017 Timonium Motorcycle Show

    2017 Timonium Motorcycle Show, loads of new bikes, custom creations and more. Really enjoyed filming and editing this video even though I looked like an asshole trying to take creative shots with my handheld gopro. Very chill, lots of amazing sights and some good its in 4K for...
  11. BlakShadow

    General Japanese Day At Larz Anderson

    I showed my bike at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum's Japanese Day event this past Sunday. Any cars and motorcycles from the Land of the Rising Sun were invited to join in the show. Amazingly, nobody questioned my "Honda Davidson," though it was certainly the butt of a few jokes about parking in...