1. stephgoes4

    Hi, I'm new.

    Hello! I'm 37 and just learned how to ride a motorcycle last year after wanting to my whole life. Bought my first bike, a Harley Davidson Sportster 72, in June. Decided to start a channel to document stuff as a new rider. If anyone is interested, just search stephgoes4aride on YouTube. Glad to...
  2. lilith.L

    Have license but not on the road.. yet

    So I have a question for all of you. maybe silly but how was your first time on the road? I have my motorcycle license, I can ride a bike but I still have a weird feeling when I jump on the road. I guess a small fear something bad is going to happen. Did any of you have the same? also how did...
  3. HippoDrone

    General Happy New Year 2018

  4. WingManGT

    Did This Forum Help You Find New Channels To Watch And Which Ones

    Considering we all have kinda simillar interests being vlogging and motorcycles. How many of actually found a new channel to watch regularly on this forum? And which ones :).
  5. MasterSpin

    Heres A New One I Did This Sunday...

  6. Motocam

    Official Motocam, I’m New Here

    Howdy everyone, I’m Cam relatively new to the scene, still trying to “break” in! I’m from Geelong Australia, I ride a KTM Duke 390, and my girlfriend rides a CBR 300 that I get out on time to time. I’m heavily in to modifications, I come from an off-road background but enjoying the road...
  7. Lurch

    New Top Poster Award

    I think most of you know about the Top Posters reward on The reason we have that is for a couple of reasons 1: To help members gain more exposure to their YouTube channel 2: To help keep motovlog ticking over. Let's face it, it works ;) The top FIVE posters at the end of the...
  8. Mark

    General New Video: Scenic Roads, Sunsets, Bridges, And Fish

    It's Day 5 of this trip on our CanAm Spyder. On day 5 we finish our covered bridge tour in Ashtabula County Ohio. We also visit Pymatuning Reservoir and feed the carp. That's always a fun day trip. We pretty much rode all day and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the way back to our Parkside...
  9. L

    Hello My Name Is Loki (lokiridez)...hello Loki...haha

    I'm just getting started in the MotoVlog game, and not quite functional yet. None the less I am here. I have some (I feel) very interesting ideas that (I also feel) are very original. I'll upday the forum on some of my antics as they happen (in the appropriate area of the forum of course). Let's...
  10. burlyjack

    New Channel Banner

    I tried creating this with an app that supposedly has a premade template for YouTube banners. This is what I made but it's still way too large cuts out like 90% of the photo. What are some other softwares or app (for free) that I can use? What are your thoughts on this, anything you'd change?
  11. Jafnhaar

    Feedback Needed Mistakes New Riders Make?

    Hey y'all, I recently made a video of 5 Mistakes new riders make. Would it be possible if you could comment some feedback and maybe some extra mistakes they make to help these guys out.... Too many new riders getting hurt lately... Thanks in advance... :)
  12. Dante Fox

    New To The Forum.

    Hello everyone. I go by the name Dante. And I have bin motovlogging for going on my 2nd riding season. I live up along the rust belt of West Virginia. I Am the proud 3rd owner of my 2009 Red KLR 650 with currently 28k on the clock. With me putting 12K Of that on my self in just two years of...
  13. MetricMike

    Chico, Ca - New Norcal Vlogger!

    Hey everyone! I've just released my first motovlog and I'm trying to get started. My main interest is going to be provoking thought and discussing current events, while pointing out the stupidity of college-aged drivers (yay, party town). I'm also a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, so I am...
  14. Matthew152

    Funny New Motovlogs!

    Sup y'all. Lots of new videos up on my youtube channel MattSideDown. If you want, check em out! Moderate amount of swearing, but plenty of laughs. Thanks!
  15. Ironside

    Funny Problem With My New Helmet Intercom

  16. Ironside

    Idea For New 'international Idiots Guide' Forum

    How about a place where we can ask for videos/vlogs that explain stuff about things we don't understand or have enough information about concerning the rules/regulations in your country, for example: What the hell is happening at a US intersection and why can you turn even if the light is red...
  17. Srider

    New Uk Motovloger!

    Hey guys, I'm suffolkrider and I'm new to the motovloging world and have just started a youtube channel , now waiting in a new mic adapter for my gopro because the cheap one didn't work! Here's my channels link with a test video YouTube channel: suffolkrider Thank you friends
  18. WMA

    New From Green Bay, Wisconsin

    Hey everyone! I started up a YouTube channel and Facebook page about a month and a half to two months ago! My father and I started up the Winkler Motorcycle Adventures social media because we go for at least one cross country motorcycle trip a year, if not more. We just got back from a ride up...
  19. Mark

    Brand New Here.

    Hello. My wife and I have done some extensive touring on our Canam Spyder RT (with trailer). I through a camera into the mix and it stuck. We started a YouTube channel just for fun and it has become a bit more than a hobby now. I found this forum while searching for other moto-vloggers so that...
  20. EpicNick

    Oh Look, Another New Motovlogger. Or Is It?

    Hey, what's up everyone? Now I promise the title isn't clickbait.... maybe a bit.... but not really. On a serious note though, I'm not a motovlogger (yet). A little background on me: I'm a young college kid from northern Virginia in the USA (DMV Hype!). I just recently started my YouTube...
  21. motoserafi

    New Motovlogger !!

    HY guys, I'm Serafin, 24. live in the UK but I'm a nice Romanian guy. Recently I get a GoPro and I start to record everything when I ride. I don't have an idea what I'm doing. But I think this is the perfect place for people like me who started this hobby if I can say that. So im riding a Honda...
  22. DSTSS

    Dstss - New Member - Cheers And Thank You For The Site

    Hello. New to the channel and mostly create videos of my wife, friends and I riding around and having fun. I will start to go through everyone's content as best as I can. Please feel free to check out some of our videos on youtube. My user name is DSTSS Father-Time. CHEERS and thank you for the...
  23. VaVaBroom

    My New Motovlog Channel! :)

    Greetings fellow motovloggers :) So i finally decided to make myself a new YouTube channel and created an introduction video the other day. I'm completely new to all this so any support would be much appreciated :) I cannot post a video link as my account on here is new, but hope you guys enjoy...
  24. redkaw

    General First Bike? New Intro?

  25. NF Vulcan

    New To It All!

    Hey y'all, I'm new to motovlogging and also to this site (obviously). I am from Nebraska and have a youtube channel. I only have one video at this time and its more of a ride video than a motovlog. I am working on purchasing a mic to put in my helmet so I can start talking to myself... I ride a...
  26. Matt Leech

    Post In Members Vlogs Don't Show Up In New Or Recent

    I missed a couple of posts recently that were made in Members Vlogs because they don't appear in New Posts or Recent Posts. Is that by design?
  27. F4celess

    General New Bike, Fun Times

    My profile already reflects it but I recently got a new bike and put together a little vid to show it off. Hopefully my audio setup works properly for vlogging while riding next week.
  28. redkaw

    New Here, New Vlogger

    hey everyone, i was recommended that I join this forum. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I'm from huntsville, al. if anyone is close by id love to meet up for a ride out
  29. 2WDutch

    Serious New External 1 Dollar Mic Test

    A few weeks ago i recieved my cheap ass mic with connector for my Gopro. Also bought a housing with a opening for the connector. The costs: Mic 1 dollar Housing 8 dollar (included mic connector for Gopro 4). I made a short testride with it, with aka Yammie Noob topic 5 mistakes bikers make...
  30. HippoDrone

    New Bike Coming Soon....

    I love my Guzzi, which means I can't ride it all year round (and the lack of mudguards is also a prob in the rain too) so have been lusting after a bike I can ride and enjoy (my Ducati Sport Classic Biposto is really an investment so I don't ride it very often). I am going to get a KTM 790R...

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