1. A

    Hey Everyone!! I'm Adamandrews97 It's Nice To Meet You All

    Hey fellow vloggers! My name is Adam Andrews and I just recently started my own vlogging channel. It's not 100% moto vlogs because I have a pretty interesting life and post about that too but I love riding like all of you and I also love making YouTube videos of me while riding. The majority of...
  2. AmpdMoto

    Rant Who Do You Ride For?

  3. WingManGT

    Did This Forum Help You Find New Channels To Watch And Which Ones

    Considering we all have kinda simillar interests being vlogging and motorcycles. How many of actually found a new channel to watch regularly on this forum? And which ones :).
  4. RiderInRed

    I Present You The Black Fury R1

    So recently I hada thread about jumping from 200cc to 1000cc. Long story short, I bit the bullet and this bad boy is in my garage already. I've gotten to ride it very little since it's already winter (luckily though I got snatch it off from the seller for a lower price due to this). What it...
  5. HYF

    The One Thing You Would Never Vlog

    so i was chattting with a few of my mates the other day and the topic came up of 'is there one subject you wouldnt vlog about' and off the top of my head i didnt really know, as i have only been vlogging for a few months, and i think pretty much every subject has been covered in one way or...
  6. MrNapper

    Do You Do The Spam Card Thing? Here's Mine.

    I may have overlooked if this had already been posted but I wanted to share my card and get your opinions on it and the whole spam card idea? Everyone I've asked seem to love the look,colors, and theme behind the card. Only a few of my buddies give me a hard time about begging to help me grow...
  7. CodeNameAB

    Serious Thank You Rj!

    So it all happened on a quiet wednesday. I was just minding my own business in office and I was also down with cold/fever so it wasnt a great day by any means and bam, this happened! RJ had featured me in one of his Daily Observation videos (I had submitted last year August) and I cant thank...
  8. chrisw959

    General Just Cause It Has A Motorcycle Engine Dosen't Mean You Can Filter

    Found this on my Surface was all edited and wasn't posted. Sorry about the camera angle its from my old set up.
  9. WingManGT

    How Far Are You From The 10k Lifetime Views Monetization Goal.

    Hi guys, I'm pretty close to being able to monetize my channel :). I'm at 9,895 Lifetime views. Yay. Its not gonna bring me millions, but it feels so good knowing I'm almost there :D. How far of are you guys. p.s. I'f you want, you can give me a nudge by checking my channel :)
  10. HYF

    Best Winter Textiles (trousers) (pants For You Americans)

    so i am in the market for getting some new winter textile bottoms, i have a wolf outlaw jacket which is brilliant, i was thinking about getting the matching bottoms so i can look really cool :P what do you wear/ recommend ??
  11. DSTSS

    Dstss - New Member - Cheers And Thank You For The Site

    Hello. New to the channel and mostly create videos of my wife, friends and I riding around and having fun. I will start to go through everyone's content as best as I can. Please feel free to check out some of our videos on youtube. My user name is DSTSS Father-Time. CHEERS and thank you for the...
  12. Joey Repo

    General Are You A Defensive Rider/driver??

    Hello again fellow motovloggers, I'm back with another video. I'm trying to be more consistent with the videos if only Kansas can be consistent with me lol. I hope y'all enjoy and would like to hear your feedback.
  13. Joey Repo

    General Are You A "squid?"

    Check out my recent video and tell me what you think
  14. Jafnhaar

    Do You Ride All Year Round...??

    Hi guys, I'm generally out on the bike all year round. I'll ride in all weathers and generally the only time I won't go out is if it is ICE or SNOW first thing in the morning... I will stay clear until the roads have been carved a little bit by cars and that is more primarily for the mongs that...
  15. lupin

    General Whats Holding You Back?

    I've often wondered whats holding me back from greatness.
  16. JScrambler

    Do You Process Your Audio To Clean It Up?

    Just wondering how many people clean up their audio in post. I can't seem to get good quality sound. Maybe it's the acoustics of the helmet. I'm not sure. My setup: Tascam DR-05, lavalier Microphone with foam windscreen, and Gopro 4 I set my sensitivity to 3 and it's still too loud and...
  17. WingManGT

    General If You Like Pina Coladas, Getting Caught In The Rain...

    In this video, a rider forgets to check the forecast before leaving for work :D. Enjoy my bitchiness....
  18. Toma Rider

    What Do You Guys Think Of Snewj?

    I called this guy out recently on my channel (you can check it out if you want, title is "SNEWJ... you gotta stop man...") He blew up within the last year and I won't bash his content, but he's all about clickbait and just putting girls in his thumbnails to get views. Other big motovloggers...
  19. RiderInRed

    Funny 5 Things You Probably Shouldn't Do On A Bike - Firefly 6s

    Hey guys, finally got around to make one vlog in English. Let me know what you think. Main camera is Firefly 6s, I know a few people here were interested to see what it looks like while vloggin with it. 2nd camera is an old cam I got by Energy Sistem.
  20. LoneWolfer

    Are You A Pdocast Listener?

    I man a computer most of my day and enjoy listening to podcasts to help break up the monotony. A few of my favorites are: Motorcycles & Misfits - Re-Cycle Coop Garage out of Santa Cruz with an ecclectic group of riders of many levels who talk wrenching and riding and sharing their knowledge...
  21. RiderInRed

    That Moment You Record Your Vlog, But The Angle Is Tilted Badly.

    Well. The title says it all! UGH Just got back and it looks bad! Idk how I didn't notice that. Anybody else had an epic fail like that?
  22. AmpdMoto

    General What Gear Do You Wear?

  23. RiderInRed

    What Do You Do With Your Gear?!

    So I got a motorcycle jacket with armor and yesterday I got myself one of those netted jackets with armor on it. Pretty decent stuff it seems. Definitely gonna be good for riding during summer. But my question is, what do you do with your gear off the bike? I usually commute to the downtown to...
  24. kryten

    How Many Of You Make Custom Channel Trailers?

    I was working on my new channel trailer for this year and it made me curious who else does custom channel trailers. For the last few years I've tried to make a new one each year. Here are the ones for the last two years. Post yours here so we can see them.
  25. dandoolittle

    What Action Camera You Have, What Do You Want, What Did You Have?

    i think I can guess the answers but lets see what people are using, action camera wise Use this format please Main camera is Sena 10c. For me it's just easy to use everyday and practical for everyday use. Downside is that it's quite hard to switch between settings on the device and a...
  26. dandoolittle

    So What Did You Do Today On A Bike, That You've Never Done Before?

    So I went for a 'spirited' ride out with some chosen friends. It was a ride with no cameras etc for a reason. Nearly 200 miles done in under 4 hours.. So today I jumped a GSXR 1000 l5 over a hump, both wheels and I must admit.. It felt nice I then didn't want to jump another hump as I...
  27. CodeNameAB

    General One Year On Youtube | Thank You All

    It has been 1 year since my first vlog so just wanted to thank you all for the support and share a short summary of what I did last year!
  28. DorkyRoad

    General 5 Ways Motorcycling Changes You

    Hey all, Here's one of my favs from a month or so ago. I thought maybe some of you could relate.

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