1. Gondes

    Yamaha Fz150i Indonesia

    Hey guys this is what I ride
  2. SGBiker

    Greetings From Singapore

    Hey everyone, SGBiker here. Thought I would throw up a thread to say hi to all of you. I have been lurking (like a creeper) on this forum for quite awhile checking out the community. I am riding a '09 FZ6 and I started out capturing my rides for insurance reasons but decided to post the out of...
  3. S

    Dokshockalou Motovlogs

    hello everyone, my name is nick and im the main vlogger main dokshocalou motovlogs, im from NOVA/DC i started motovlogging about two months ago, i enjoy riding my motorcycle whenever i can. i ride a 2016 Yamaha YZFR3. I enjoy have controversial topics, i enjoy all the feedback that i get andA...
  4. jthomas

    General Yamaha R3 Recall

    Yamaha R3 Recall - Issues with clutch plate bearing and oil pump.
  5. Roachy88

    The Bike And Dog

  6. Roachy88

    2005 Yamaha R6

    Hey guys this is what I ride
  7. Roachy88

    Motovlogger From Florida

    what's going on everyone. my name is Cory and I started doing vlogs a week ago. I've grown up riding anything and everything I could and now I would like to get my adventures on video to share with everyone. I ride a 2005 r6 and I love it. any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You Roachy88
  8. Killakam

    Killakam Introduction! 2013 Yamaha R6

    What is up folks this is Killakam! Currently a want a be Motovloger at this point. My channel is growing slowly, but surely! Im currently riding a 2013 Yamaha R6 that i've owned for just under two years. Located in Tallahassee, Florida. Feel free to check out my videos any feedback would be...
  9. Haiqel

    General Are You Road Worthy?

    A general rant on bike life, my 2 stroker and Singapore's way of ensuring your bike is road worthy.
  10. YoutubIan

    Yamaha R6 Sparkplug Change

    Just a word of warning to anyone wanting to change the spark plugs. I have a 2004 Yamaha R6 with 53 000km's on now. It is a horrible job!!! I changed mine yesterday, I started off by myself, removed the tank, airfilter etc, got the plugs out installed the new ones, but to be honest, I had to...
  11. jthomas

    Review 5000km Yamaha R3 Update/review

    A bit of an update on my Yamaha R3 after clocking up 5000kms. Plus I meet a fan? lol
  12. SeeItWithSimon

    General I Think You'll Love This - New Bike Reveal

    Hey guys. Not a vlog as such but a creative piece for my new bike reveal that was released a few weeks back. It's too good not to share with you. Would love any feedback, comments, likes, shares or subs. Hope you enjoy!
  13. N

    My Yamaha Yzf R6

    Hello. This is my Yamaha R6. I buy it in October 2003 in a Yamaha dealer. 5 month used with only 700 km or so. Is reliable and a Joy to ride. With 57.000 km is still riding well and pull strong. Only maintenance and tires. Believe it or not only have replaced a H7 bulb and the rear brake pads...
  14. Haiqel

    Hello From Singapore!

    Hey everyone! I'm Haiqel, a recent motovlogger from Singapore! If you're unsure where that is, it's located somewhere in the South-East Asia! Just a tiny little red dot, we are. :) Anyway, I've just signed up in this forum for it is very interesting and definitely got my attention! I've got a...
  15. NightWheel

    General Daily Observation - Chit Happens Episode 4 (on A Yamaha Mt-07)

    Hey Guy's ! This is my new episode of "Chit Happens" In this one: Attacked by bugs, cool kids, tunnel and bad drivers. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you like what i do ! Enjoy !
  16. SevenCube


    I've been following a few motovloggers for some time now. Their rides look like so much fun, you want to be a part of it. Join them on a ride. I finally decided to give it a shot. Needless to say, it's WAY harder than I thought. That only makes it more interesting though. Through the help of...
  17. BigGreek

    2007 Yamaha R6

    2007 Yamaha R6 Charcoal w/20,000 miles and counting. This is my pride and joy. These photos where taken in Jersey City, an old Pep Boys which filled with graffiti when it closed. Also attached is my old fz6, miss this bike.
  18. L

    Hello From Jax Beach!

    Hello motovlogging world! Rider here by the name of Lycanine, on board my trusty FZ6R makin' videos and enjoyin' life on two wheels. Been an active spectator, now I'm looking to break into the scene myself. If you don't mind sharing some advice and constructive criticism, check my latest...
  19. NightWheel

    Serious Brussels 22 March Ride From Work To Home (on A Yamaha Mt-07)

    Read the description.
  20. jthomas

    General Thoughts On This Years Model R3

  21. Dark Rider

    Review Yamaha Mt-09 Tracer Review

    Did my first impromptu bike review a short while ago. I wasn't all that prepared as we were initially out to test Ducatis! I've always wanted to test ride the MT-09 but the dealer only had the Tracer which was the next best thing. Bike reviews are quite fun and I'd like to do a few more in the...
  22. lupin

    Guide Growing Online.

    Just a little bit about what I've been doing to help grow my brand and YouTube channel.
  23. jthomas

    Hello From Jthomas1310 - Australian Motovlogger

    Hi All from Down Under here in Australia. Motovlogging from the Northern Rivers of NSW. Recently new to Motovlogging and am enjoying it. I have been frequent to Youtube with videos of my rides, but only newer to the Motovlogs. I love watching Motovlogs and hope to find some more great videos to...
  24. Mosin636

    Rant What Happened To The R1 - First Look At New Bike

    In this motovlog i discuss what happened with the R1 that I posted a test ride video of. You also get the first glimpse of the new bike after retiring the 636 (may she rest and piece). AND whos that riding with us???
  25. Mosin636

    Review Test Ride R1 Washing Away The Sorrows Of My 636

    Meeting up with a guy on craigslist to discuss some details about his 2000 Yamaha R1. Short test ride because camera was in wrong mode :( Feels great to be back on two wheels.
  26. Jallen53

    Nj Rider

    Hello everyone, I just joined the site. I want to get into motovlogging but don't quite have the resources or creatice drive yet. I am interested in meeting other riders (in NJ) and seeing what motovlogging is all about. I ride an 87 yamaha yx600 which I restored and hopefully get her is a...

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