1. roshan


  2. ericm1103


    [INDONESIA] Hi, Salam dari Indonesia ;) Perkenalkan nama saya Eric Martin, kalian bisa panggil saya Eric. Saya lahir dan tinggal di Indonesia, lebih tepat nya di ibu kota Jakarta (ini adalah sebuah kota yang sangat padat o_O) disini kami menggunakan mobil dan juga motor untuk transportasi...
  3. DB Moto

    A pleasing arrangement of displacement

    A sneaky little photo from pre-motovlogging days.
  4. RiderInRed

    I Present You The Black Fury R1

    So recently I hada thread about jumping from 200cc to 1000cc. Long story short, I bit the bullet and this bad boy is in my garage already. I've gotten to ride it very little since it's already winter (luckily though I got snatch it off from the seller for a lower price due to this). What it...
  5. RiderInRed

    Brake Pads For Yamaha R1?

    Please? I need front brakes removed and will be servicing it myself. I don't have any knowledge with brake pad brands/models for motorcycles. Budget would be around 30-50 dollars.
  6. R-Rated

    Review Wanted - Perfect Bike. Position Still Open.

    I admit my current bike is not perfect. That is unless you like the smell of burnt trousers legs. I also realize that some of you would be appalled to dock a behemoth in your garage. However, some folks like big bikes and this is for them. You skinny bike folks can enjoy it too if you wish. :p...
  7. RealSteveB

    General I Still Make Mix Cds

    The radios in my cars are old so I still make mix CDs, and I give a lil update on my Old Honda CB350,and some plans for the BMW R60. Hopefully the video quality is better than in my last video. Looks fine on my end, but others have said otherwise.
  8. RealSteveB

    General Meet The Black Wasp

    Lil intro to my stable of bikes featuring my main- the 03 R6 Update: the cb350 is now RUNNING!
  9. MotoMatt86

    Fz8 Plus A Skyline

    Here is my 2013 FZ8 against the Charlotte skyline. Kind of dark so you can't see the bike so well. I'm hoping to get some better pictures once this rain clears out of the area. I'll be sure to post them up once I have them!
  10. MotoMatt86

    New Guy, New Vlogger

    Hello everyone and welcome to the chan.... Just kidding. My name is Matt, and I ride a 2013 Yamaha FZ8. I just started a YouTube channel. I'm planning on doing some vlogging as well as automotive content, dash cam, and other stuff. Really just doing it for fun and hopefully it will grow...
  11. HippoDrone

    Motogymkhana - Cheap Thrills Or Loads Of Spills?

    @Lurch asked about Motogymkhana as I'd said it was a cheaper thing to do than trackdays, so I thought I'd stick up some info on it if you wanted to give it a go: What is Motogymkhana? Motorcycle gymkhana is a motorcycle time trial sport in which riders compete to maneuver in the shortest time...
  12. RunThaCity

    2004 Yamaha R6

    Just a few pics of my bike.
  13. Squeaky P

    Canyon Carving Photo

    Here's a photo from my canyon carving shoot. Bout to do some upgrades to my 03 R6. But for now, check her out for your viewing pleasure ;)
  14. Captain

    Guide Yamaha R125 Ownership Costs

    Hey fellow vloggers, I thought I'd put together a short video outlining the costs associated with owning and running the Yamaha R125 motorbike. This video is aimed at new riders who are looking for their first venture into 2 wheeled fun.
  15. Captain

    General Yamaha R1 Insurance

  16. rafiealam

    Rj Interview Brought Me Here (malaysia)

    Hi Arrived here on mobile browsing and after reading rj interview my beloved wife endorsed to do some videos on my ride. rafiealam 31 Malaysia Riding the dark side of Japan almost for 2 years. Daily ride Weekend ride too Is there any section specific for foreign language? Hope to stay for...
  17. IronicRbnd

    Review Yamaha Fj09 Ride Review

  18. Yamalash

    Hellooooooooo From Chicago!

    Hello hello helloOOoOOOooOo! First of all I want to say thank you for all the helpful threads on here for how to get started motovlogging. Just a very short background on me- I was born in Chicago, moved to Colorado last year and started riding an R6. Rode for a few months and crashed on the...
  19. LaneSplitr

    Review First Ride - Yamaha Fz-09

    It was a pretty interesting contrast riding this immediately after the FZ-10, but it's still a very desirable moto.
  20. LaneSplitr

    Review My First First Ride - Yamaha Fz-10

    What a great bike.
  21. Captain

    General Why I Bought A Yamaha R1

    I've put together a short video to try and explain why I felt the need to purchase a third motorcycle, this time its a 2009 Yamaha R1
  22. IronicRbnd

    Review Yamaha Xsr900 Test Ride

  23. jthomas

    General Vlogging On The Yamaha R3

    Vlogging on the R3.
  24. Captain

    General Yamaha R125 Mot Fail & Retest

  25. ScootWook

    Funny Adventure Time | Thoughts On The 2017 Yamaha Fz09| Random Adult Video Store?!

    NEW VIDEO UP My thoughts on the new, 2017 Yamaha FZ 09! Having myself a nice little adventure, other acts of randomness to include an adult video store which popped up along the way....perverts. Click that Like, Comment and SUBSCRIBE to my channel...almost at 100 subs, lets get me there so I...
  26. F4celess

    General Inktober

    Inktober is here, gonna draw something every day. Bonus, here is todays sketch, gonna record the creation of each drawing and compile them for the last vlog of october.
  27. MotoBlais

    Up And Coming Motovlogger From The Beautiful State Of Washington!

    Hello everybody! MotoBlais911. Im brand new to this forum lifestyle as well as the motovlogging lifestyle. I want to reach out to other motovloggers in here and get to know each other, tips and criticism for each other is great! If you guys wouldn't mind checking out my channel MotoBlais911 and...

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