1. CodeNameAB

    General To Vlog Or Not To Vlog!

    To vlog or not to vlog... that is the question :) Just thinking out loud here and also wanted to test a different mic and it clearly has significantly less wind noise than my previous one.. Anyways, let me know what you guys think.
  2. Pilzz

    General Vlog #6 -smile

    Hi folks! New vid. How do you meet people? ;) Comment Share Subscribe :D
  3. IronicRbnd

    Funny Clean Up Time!

    Check it out and Share please!
  4. Sailormoto

    Rant Quitting Social Media

    I quit facebook so i thought id rant about why!
  5. ADVBandit

    General Vlog #2 Feedback Please :d

    Second vlog. Let me know what you guys think. Still working out some kinks but would love the feedback. If you subscribe I'll do the same :D
  6. Merlin

    General Grass Tree Hill Rd

    Hey guys been busy trying to keep weekly content happening, it's quite a challenge at times. But here's the latest installment from the apple isle! Hope you enjoy Merlin
  7. CaturLifeLive

    Funny They're Baiting Us To Make A Race?/ Dual Vlog

    we wanna do some cornering practice but rain suddenly come, and in the middle of our trip. I think someone try to baiting us to make a race Because i use my local language, i add subtitles for you
  8. Bonehead

    Review My First Vlog

    Hey Everyone, I have recently completed my first vLog I have also completed 2 others which have been uploaded to my YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-U_xCw6r-VONuQi0xfWzug I'm new to this entire process so I'm looking for lots of feedback. I'm having fun doing these things...
  9. JohnnyGrom

    Motovlog Everyday

    Im going to build up to posting a video everyday. Im going to post a video every other day to start but then building up to posting a vlog every day. What do you guys think about this idea?
  10. Pilzz

    Funny Riding With Pilzz - Vlog #5

    Like Comment Subscribe :D
  11. kawiMoto

    Funny The Weather In The Uk Is Crazy But Still Managed To Vlog

    check it out changed my style of editing a little so i think its slightly better taking out the bits where im not talking :)
  12. VengefulV

    Funny First Vlog Attempt

    Let me know what you think, just trying to get some perspective on my first vlog. I have a few others but they are just riding footage. not vlogs
  13. RangerRide


    hey i was wondering if any one would help me make a cover photo for my channel? and maybe some tips for my yt?
  14. kawiMoto

    Nottinghamshires Newest Motovlogger!!!

    Hi guys and girls, I'm Ben a new motovlogger from Nottinghamshire, I ride a Kawasaki ER6-n since I passed my test around August last year, I'm currently in the army reserves as well as part time trucking, part time uni and my vlogs so a busy life for me. Check out my channel At "kawimoto...
  15. Merlin

    General Merlin Moto Vlog Vid #1

    Hey guys and girls I have finally sorted everything out and have a few videos on my channel. I hope you enjoy the adventures of my home Tasmania! Cheers Merlin
  16. Canadiot

    What's Up Motovloggers?

    Hey guys. The name's Steve. I'm from Ontario, Canada. For years I've been wanting to buy myself a bike and never really got around to actually doing it. Then about 6 months ago I discovered motovlogs and it really pushed me to not only finally buy myself a bike (2006 Yamaha Virago 250), but to...
  17. Mr Miles

    General Forbidden City Exploring Vlog #2

    What an awesome day :) Love this stuff
  18. TheSeacat

    Funny New Vlog Is Up! Good Or Bad?! I Was Bored While Riding...

    Whats going on?! Got my new vlog up today, Yupp i was super bored while riding and just said anything that came to mind. Studder here and there but ill make it another day! Hope you all enjoy, and if you want As always Like, Comment, and Subscribe! And give me some feedback! I thought it was...
  19. kryten

    Do You Record All The Time Or Just When You Have A Vlog Topic?

    So after being out of the motovlogging game for quite a while now I'm planning to get back into it. Of course I fell into one of my old habits and that's only recording when I have a topic. So I've missed out on some interesting things. On my last ride I almost hit a deer, I saved a turtle that...
  20. omw2fyb

    General 2nd Vlog - Someone Got Shot, Caught A Kid Smoking!

    Not nearly as long as my first vlog. Check it out and lemme know what you guys think!
  21. MiGlyRides

    General Final Day Of S.e Aus Road Trip & Outro! Looking For Feedback.

    Alreet Peeps! I'd like to share my 1st video on here & would like some feedback on camera angle, audio quality, editing etc. This video is the last video from my South East Australia road trip, this series of video's are not the best for audio for 2 reasons, 1st bad mic placement and 2nd t's...
  22. Brainbuckt

    Vespa 300 Super In Los Angeles!

    Hello, I am new here. As of now I've created one moto/scootervlog video. Don't see a lot of people vlogging from scooters so figured why the heck not. Located in Los Angeles and riding a shiny black Vespa GTS 300 Super. Thanks for having me, Ryan
  23. Mach1 Aus

    General The Zig Zag

    Mach1 Aussie checks out the Zig Zag scenic drive in Gooseberry Hill with some amazing views and twisties. Hair pin turns, spectacular views and I had it all to myself. The Zig Zag scenic drive is one of my favourite rides in Perth thus far. A 3'6" guage railway was built by E.Keane in 1891 to...
  24. Highballer

    General Clickbating?!

    Alrighty I've posted my newest video on the youtubes and i fully admit it's a bit of a clickbate. But to be fair i really have been stuck inside for 3 days straight playing Fallout. Also it starts with a prime example of a Richmond D-bag on the highway doing 160kph in a 100 zone and tailgating...

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