1. Shifty

    General Millau Viaduct- Vlog

    i enjoyed editing this one
  2. Shifty

    What Will Make You Turn Off A Vloggers Youtube Vlog Quickly?

    The children's party clown fake introduction? "Wah hey youtubers .... what's up!!!" 2. A fake accent uk blogger doing US weird accent? 3. Sanctimonious riding and road rage? All car drivers are shit.... (because I'm obviously a riding god?)... riding at car drivers and abusing them.
  3. AmpdMoto

    General Dual Vlog - Don't Cut Me Off

    Part 3 of the series
  4. AmpdMoto

    General Dual Vlog - Up And Over

    Part 2 of a dual vlog series
  5. Temporary Citizen

    Long Time, No Citz

    Hey guys, I have not posted on here in ages, I kept meaning to come back but I finally have. I've been through a few bikes now, and have finally hit the 1k subs mark, so hopefully that snowballs pretty quickly ;) Here is my latest video, I feel the quality is getting better, and I've been...
  6. MotoMisc

    General Going On A Daily Adventure!

    Me and the misses went on a roadtrip :)
  7. MotoMisc

    General [dual Vlog #1] With Irma! Duck Dogs & Camels!

    Trying out mic setup for dual vlogging with girlfriend while doing some shopping.. Dont know what the hell youtube did but intro was made play twice but locally on computer it plays once :/
  8. SCBrummie

    Intro From South Coast Brummie :)

    Hey I am Jake from the ‘oh so sunny’ mud island aka the UK, aka 'The South Coast Brummie' (Yup I am from Birmingham and spent the last 9ish years living on the south UK coast).. I decided due to some personal reasons so try and divert my time/attention to something a little more positive so...
  9. MotoMisc

    Music Motomisc - I Actully Needed To Poop :( (stuntvlog)

    Had abit of a practice night a few days. Not to much vlogging tho in this particular video. Hope you enjoy it anyway! A new normal vlog on my 954 will be out in a few days! enjoy!
  10. Arctic Pride

    General Mountain Bike Vlog

    I know some of you like to pedal along with twisting the throttle....
  11. RiderInRed

    Funny First Montage! Thoughts Needed

    Hey boys and girls, Rider in Red here! Posting my first video. Took awhile to finally put it all together since i had a crash about a month ago. Fiewf now I'm up and running/riding. Thoughts are welcome. Tips on how to get a follwerbase or even cater to those who'd be interested would be more...
  12. Captain

    Old Vlog Revisit

    Hey fellow Vloggers, Just been looking back through some of my early vlogs and was wondering about if I should revisit them and effectively create a new vlog on the same subject. As expected if anyone has followed my channel since the beginning then they will probably realise that I'm cheating...
  13. SteinerOTR

    General My First Vlog

    Be gentle guys :P quick and dirty editing so sorry for that.
  14. dandoolittle

    Share A Noobie Vlogging Tip!!

    I'll keep this simple but I want to build a list of vlogging tips for the noobs! As you may have guessed, I see more vlogs than most people because of this site and this is my biggest tip and most people still do it! Don't name your channel after the brand of your bike!!! Most people chop...
  15. Deanos

    General My Latest Vlog

    Hi guys and girls... Leave a comment if you liked it...
  16. Mach1 Aus

    General Sync The Planet 2016 - Global Ride

    Sync The Planet Ride 2016 Once a year, riders from all over the globe get together to form the largest synchronized motorcycle ride in the world. The world event has forged new friendships and solid bonds across the planet in support of global unity. Mach1 Aussie rides with fellow Perth...
  17. Sidewinder

    General Quentin Tarantino,s Reservoir Dogs, Clint Eastwood,s Blood Work, Filming Locations.

    quick ride to see the filming location of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, Jack Rabbit Slim's filming location + Super Bad Filming location + Accidentally spook horse.
  18. RangerRide

    Funny Redneck Ranger Ep1 Must Watch

    im super proud of this video idk why i just am so go like and comment if you enjoyed
  19. TGLambino

    General Near Death And Weight Loss.

  20. JohnnyGrom

    General Please Give Input!

    I tried to improving my vlogs an videos with much better quality of video an better editing!! Please comment what you think!! Suggestions and complaints welcome!! Subscribe if you liked it! Its Free!!!
  21. JonJeoprdy

    General Dual Vlog With The Wife.

  22. Jon Bean

    General The Z Is Up And Running!!!

    Fixed my seal and now I'm back on two wheels! Would appreciate any criticism about the video too!
  23. TheX RIDER

    General New Motovlogger - London ( 1st Vlog )

    Hello Guys, New into the motovlogs thing and I am just wondering what you guys think about my first vlog. Any tips and advice will be much appreciated.
  24. Jon Bean

    General First Moto Vlog And Got The Front Wheel Up!

    Hope you guys enjoy! And it will get better! BeanSpeeds
  25. CodeNameAB

    Review My First Vlog

    I forgot to share my first vlog so here goes... Took the Duke 690 for a test ride of few hours and thought I will try my hand at vlogging for the first time. You can read more in video description if interested.
  26. mykb93

    Sena Prism Sucks

    Well for me it has. I have not had a good experience with it yet. I have had GoPros from basically day one. They have been in the ocean, crashes, rain, pools, golf carts... you name it those things where with me and never had an issue. About a year ago I bought the Sena 10R for my helmet and...
  27. JohnnyGrom

    Funny I Aint No Hippy

    Watch and if you like Subscribe!!
  28. DRfURYOS

    Funny Backyard Vlog With A Dog(s)

  29. CodeNameAB

    General To Vlog Or Not To Vlog!

    To vlog or not to vlog... that is the question :) Just thinking out loud here and also wanted to test a different mic and it clearly has significantly less wind noise than my previous one.. Anyways, let me know what you guys think.

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