1. humes

    General Georgetown & Silver Plume, CO | Rocky Mountain Monday #3

    Hey all - releasing another RMM video as part of my series exploring the Colorado rockies. It's a similar style to my last video with a 30 second overview, then discussion of what I'm touring, then more "show, don't tell" phase, with more edits of handheld cuts. Two things I did different for...
  2. lilith.L

    New Motovlogger

    Hello All, I'm Lilith new to youtube as a motovlogger from New Zealand. I do have my own license but am currently pillion on the back of my partners Daytona 675. Feel free to like and subscribe :)
  3. RiderInRed

    Feedback Needed Help a brother out with this special someone

    What's going on everyone. So I've recently reconnected with an ex of 2 years. We split up ten years ago, lol we were both teens back then. Both of us have moved back to Armenia and we''ve done two vlogs together. I enjoy spending time with her, but I feel like she has a lot on her plate these...
  4. cueball

    Oil filter vlog

    my latest vlog oil filter change
  5. LoneWally

    General Clickbait. Love Or Hate It

    Love it or hate Clickbait is redicously common. A fine line between the between a catchy title/thumbnails and pure clickbait
  6. HYF

    The One Thing You Would Never Vlog

    so i was chattting with a few of my mates the other day and the topic came up of 'is there one subject you wouldnt vlog about' and off the top of my head i didnt really know, as i have only been vlogging for a few months, and i think pretty much every subject has been covered in one way or...
  7. Ironside

    Feedback Needed Dealing With The Mark I Pedestrian - Vlog Request

    Interested in how other countries see pedestrians and if they have the same status as pedestrians in the UK This is a post for the Vlog Request thread, get involved and request information about Vlogging or about being a Biker in a different country or maybe just the details of a rule that...
  8. RealSteveB

    General Dual Vlog With My Fiance

    I ride with my Fiance on a regular basis (even though, if you follow me, you know she hit my R6 with her Jeep). I started doing the whole motovlog thing as a way top learn to the cameras and software so we can do more videos about our lives. We have pretty interesting lives working as a...
  9. Elke0602

    I'm Back!

    Hi everyone! I hadn't posted a video in 4 weeks I guess? Partly because I took a well needed vacation. I have a lot more raw material then I would expect to have so soon after starting my vlogging. There's just not a lot happening... I finally ordered a mic! So pretty soon I can bore you all...
  10. Superballs

    The Real Star Of My Vlog

    I just wanted to post some goodness in here. I love my 5th-gen VFR. It's gone 120,000km and some change. I'm the second owner. My previous bike was an 84 Magna 750 (not 700), fell in love with V4s, wanted something sporty. Suffice it to say, this is pretty well my dream bike right here.
  11. RiderInRed

    Help Me Get 2 Minute Monday Vlog Ideas? :(

    Hey guys so I've been experimenting with kind of releases and figured I might do something called 2 Minute Monday. So the idea is to take a random topic and disucss it within 2 minutes, or answer a question/etc. in 2 minutes. Now I know a lot of you are gonna be like 'but RiR, you need to...
  12. 2kay

    Looking To People To Vlog With Or Just Ride! In Dallas Tx

    Currently have 0 friends with bikes and i love my cbr 500r, i got it for commuting and will be getting a R6 sometime next year. I am looking for people to ride with...its not horrible alone, cuz im on 2 wheels...but its not as fun as it could be. could use some company and possibly some hooligan...
  13. Elke0602

    Feedback Needed Vlog Nr. 3! And My Bike Broke :(

    Hi everyone! Part 2 of my long-*ss vlog is up. Don't know if I will make a part 3, not much happening there. 2 weeks ago the chain came off my bike as it was too loose. Luckily, I wasn't driving very fast so there was no internal damage, I came to a stop right away. I did get really pissed...
  14. Matthew152

    General Road Trip To St. Andrews, Vlog Up!

    Whats up everyone! Just a heads up to those who may be interested, my latest adventure is now posted. My youtube channel is MattSideDown. My videos are pretty light hearted, so enjoy!
  15. JBH

    Feedback Needed My First Daily Observations Vlog

    This is my first try at the popular format that is Daily Observations. Tell me what you think please!
  16. SamBiker

    Sambiker Sharma

    Hello all. My first time in this site. I do some vlogging and post them on my YouTube channel and Instagram. The name is the same SamBiker Sharma, check it out if you get a chance.
  17. AmpdMoto

    General Autonomous Vehicles

  18. SonicMoto

    General Bad Drivers/

    It's been a while since I've posted here, been on Moto Amino too much, but looking to contribute here more often :) Anyways, I've got a few clips recorded in 6 months of riding of bad drivers trying to run me over LOL
  19. HippoDrone

    Free Trackday For Someone Who Can Do A Vlog Review

  20. CodeNameAB

    General My First Dutch Vlog [english Subtitles]

    I try talking in Dutch for the first time! I know, I should be speaking Dutch better after staying here for two years but in my defence, I dont have to use it much as majority of them speak English here. And I did get 47/50 in theory exam in Dutch ;) so after that I kind of lost motivation to...
  21. CodeNameAB

    General Riding With My Brother [part 1] | Harley Davidson Street 750 | Vlog + Pure Exhaust Note | India

    So a sportbiker rides a harley hehe It was just a short ride with my brother in India before flying back to Belgium. I blab about a lot of stuff and you also get some decent exhaust note to listen to. Hope you enjoy!
  22. Rath Rides

    General Riding In A Derby Vlog

    Hey all, figured I'd toss this up. Rode in a somewhat local Derby and vlogged during it a bit.
  23. Garthox

    Vlog Practice While Away From My Bike

    As the title says, i will be away from my bike for 3 to 4 weeks for work. To try make the most of it and practice my videos, I decided to try do a daily video just practicing talking to a camera. As a bit of motivation, i made this thread. Today is day 1 ...
  24. CodeNameAB

    General Scooter Vlog | Tvs Wego | India

    Continuing my series of videos from India here is the next one, So how do I like riding an 8hp automatic scooter coming from a 193hp bike? Well, it totally serves the purpose its made for, that is city commute. The scooter is called Wego made by TVS.
  25. CodeNameAB

    General Z800 Pure Exhaust Note | Pillion Vlog | India

    If you are interested only in exhaust note skip to 1:16 In my previous video, you saw us going to meet a few of our friends and this is the ride back. Hope you enjoy the music from Zoom H1 and some more filtering fun and chaos :D If you have any questions related to Zoom, please let me know.
  26. scooterwuf

    New Vlog Intro

    I created an intro for future blog post. Thought I'd do something more effects heavy, but opted for something more rhythmic and simple. Still, I think my text/titles need more punch and may add an actual logo at some point. Check out my channel for Scooterwolf's final intro. Thanks, - Wuf
  27. AmpdMoto

    General Real Bikes

    Group ride breaking the stereotype of harley (or cruisers) vs sportbikes.
  28. UrbanRidin

    New To Motovlogging!

    Hello everyone! I just stumbled upon this forum last night and I'm glad I did. Come check out my YouTube channel and let me know what you think! Channel link in my profile in the info section or you can just look it up on YouTube. YouTube Channel: Urban BeRiding Thanks!

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