1. Garthox

    Enjoying The Member Vlogs

    Hey all, I didn't want to post in the Member Vlog section if i wasn't adding a video to the thread. I'd like to say I am quite enjoying going through the different videos there giving them a watch. Currently I am sitting in Angola for work but I'm fortunate enough to have decent enough wifi...
  2. HYF

    Mcm London Motorcycle Show At The Excel Center

    hey guys hope you have all have a lovely xmas. out of interest is any one going or thinking about going to the mcm motorbike show at the excel in feb ?? as i have been brought a ticket for xmas and was going to ride up and stay over night, if any one is going or is thinking about it let me...
  3. CodyB

    Help Me Get The Most Out Of My Hero 5 And Hero 5 Session

    Hey guys, So i have two very capable GoPros are looking for some mounting ideas, I like the side helmet mounts but for better POV im thinking about putting my Hero 5 on my chin and the hero session maybe facing my self while being mounted on the handle bars. any input is good input so let me...
  4. Reize

    General Finally! Almost End Of 2017 And I've Hit 1.3k Subs (ignore What I Said In The Video)

    Can I celebrate with you guys about it?
  5. Phaedrus

    Big Bikes On The Beach

    Not a particularly spectacular shot, but I like it...
  6. RiderInRed

    I Present You The Black Fury R1

    So recently I hada thread about jumping from 200cc to 1000cc. Long story short, I bit the bullet and this bad boy is in my garage already. I've gotten to ride it very little since it's already winter (luckily though I got snatch it off from the seller for a lower price due to this). What it...
  7. RiderInRed

    Whats The Essential Stuff To Have As A Rider?

    Aside from the general protection/helmet? Go! My first item to suggest would be a tire pressure gauge or a compressor with a gauge. Can't be safe if them tires aren't properly inflated
  8. Sharktank

    General A Day The Fam A Motovlog

    R-Rated said "just do it for the art." I kinda found my style a little bit and let loose. Literally the most fun I've ever had with a video. Hint: nothing in this video is accidental.
  9. Sharktank

    General Stunt Rider Lays Down The Bike After Melting His Tire

    Finally got on the Premiere Pro bandwagon. I have a LOT to learn still, but I loved diving into this software.
  10. HYF

    The One Thing You Would Never Vlog

    so i was chattting with a few of my mates the other day and the topic came up of 'is there one subject you wouldnt vlog about' and off the top of my head i didnt really know, as i have only been vlogging for a few months, and i think pretty much every subject has been covered in one way or...
  11. TerroristBiker

    Middle East Encountering The Motorcycle

    where asphalt is too cold to walk , people are too narrow to filter , too sunny to forget its hot-road mirages , too shy to capture its moments ...
  12. fazer_1000

    General The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

    Hi guys, here's my take on the 2017 DGR that took place 3 weeks ago. Shooting this episode was super fun, as well as the event itself. Editing it was a bit more of a pain, but I think I'm getting better results, though still so much room for improvements. Anyway, that's that, let me know if...
  13. MrNapper

    Do You Do The Spam Card Thing? Here's Mine.

    I may have overlooked if this had already been posted but I wanted to share my card and get your opinions on it and the whole spam card idea? Everyone I've asked seem to love the look,colors, and theme behind the card. Only a few of my buddies give me a hard time about begging to help me grow...
  14. MrNapper

    Figured I'd Share A Few Photos Of The Family And The Bikes.

    I'm share them individually that way if someone wants to comment on a certain pic they can just reply to that post easily if that's ok? And I can add more to the post as we go along. This is my wife of almost 11 years also know as "whatshername" , on her 2003 Buell XB9R .
  15. Dante Fox

    New To The Forum.

    Hello everyone. I go by the name Dante. And I have bin motovlogging for going on my 2nd riding season. I live up along the rust belt of West Virginia. I Am the proud 3rd owner of my 2009 Red KLR 650 with currently 28k on the clock. With me putting 12K Of that on my self in just two years of...
  16. WingManGT

    Any Thoughts On The Bell Star?

    Does anyone ride with a Bell Star, I'm thinking of switching from my Airmada to the the Bell for the next riding season.
  17. LoneWally

    Ride To The Wall (rttw) 2017

    I made a video mentioning RTTW and since it is this Saturday (7th October 2017) was wondering if anyone else was coming. All info is here -
  18. Ironside

    Feedback Needed Dealing With The Mark I Pedestrian - Vlog Request

    Interested in how other countries see pedestrians and if they have the same status as pedestrians in the UK This is a post for the Vlog Request thread, get involved and request information about Vlogging or about being a Biker in a different country or maybe just the details of a rule that...
  19. Make Rides

    Funny The Long Way Up. A Crazy Motorcycle Journey

    Contains rude words and stupid stuff. This is my typical type of Vlogging. I cant do serious :)
  20. AmpdMoto

    General Stuck In The Circle

  21. burlyjack

    The Baby Is Here!

    Not really motovlogging related but for those of you who are subscribed to me, you may not be seeing too much from me for a few weeks. As some of you know we've been having a few complications with this pregnancy journey, however both my wife and baby Jak are doing great. We had a c-section...
  22. WingManGT

    How Far Are You From The 10k Lifetime Views Monetization Goal.

    Hi guys, I'm pretty close to being able to monetize my channel :). I'm at 9,895 Lifetime views. Yay. Its not gonna bring me millions, but it feels so good knowing I'm almost there :D. How far of are you guys. p.s. I'f you want, you can give me a nudge by checking my channel :)
  23. DSTSS

    Dstss - New Member - Cheers And Thank You For The Site

    Hello. New to the channel and mostly create videos of my wife, friends and I riding around and having fun. I will start to go through everyone's content as best as I can. Please feel free to check out some of our videos on youtube. My user name is DSTSS Father-Time. CHEERS and thank you for the...
  24. CodeNameAB

    General Susten Pass [2] | To The Mountains We Go! | Bmw S1000rr

    This is the continuation of the previous video I shared, hope you will enjoy it.
  25. 2WV

    Brave The Shave

    So i'm deliberately going bald. You should see my hair at the moment. I look a mess because i'm deliberately growing it so it can all be shaved off. Even my beard. All for Macmillan Cancer Support. I'll be uploading a Before...
  26. JBH

    General Sync The Planet 2017 / Jbh Motovlogs

    This year I teamed up with fellow Belgian Motovloggers GutRumbler and CodenameABK!
  27. 2WV

    King On The Road..

    Some food for thought for sure! Fair play to this guy and hes only 21 years old.. We should get some of us lot on this! - Dread to think how much its costing him.. Or costed his sponsors..
  28. scooterwuf

    Hero Of The Hour ...

    ... or did he take a dangerous risk? - Wuf

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