Rookie Motovlogger Here!


Rookie Rider
Sep 5, 2016
I ride a
Suzuki GSX-150F
Hey Everyone, Ghos7 here!

What an amazing Community! Found this forum a couple of months back, been waiting for the right time to join.

So I am from India! I used to ride a Honda Activa for about 2.5years. I wanted to get into MotoVlogging really bad, but at the time I did not have the necessary gear for the purpose.

About 2 months back I sold my Activa and got the Suzuki GSX-150F. Have completed about 1800KMS. The gear is still clunky but I sure hope it smoothens out as the miles progress.

Now, I am a Rookie Rider. This is actually my First Motorbike; well technically its the Second but the first Geared bike. Before getting this bike I had absolutely no prior experience on riding a motorbike. I just had theoretical knowledge but after getting the SF, I naturally learnt to handle my bike under traffic pressure.

Regarding Riding gear, I had gotten that back when I had the Activa. The gear seemed awkward on the moped but its for Safety not for Show. I had to explain this to my friends and colleagues countless times.

About myself, well I am a Junior Doctor still doing my internship. Hopefully next year I will be doing my Post Graduation as well. But I must say since I have started riding, I feel a lot more relaxed and calm in my hectic daily schedule.

I started Motovlogging since last week. Please do give me your support. As I am a rookie, do give me suggestions and advises on safe riding and on how I can improve my Content. I do have a lot of material planned which I will be slowly pushing out over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you, everyone!
Till Next Time
Take It Easy

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