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Some of the few questions that tend to get suggested once or twice a year. Here they are and our answers alongside of why they are a rule or not in place.

  • Can we have tapatalk??
No - we used to have it but found out that it's rarely updated and has a lot of security issues. Your email and other details could be exposed. Other forums have been hacked and databases stolen, we're not willing to take that chance with your data! The site is mobile friendly on most devices and we are always tweaking to make it better.

  • Why do you have adverts??
If you would like to pay our hosting bills and donate the odd prize fund then feel free to request removal of the adverts. This site is run for fun and the adverts simply means that it doesn't cost anything to me to actually run.... The adverts barely cover the hosting. I don't run this as a cash cow site

  • Can I advertise here?

No, not really but if you feel that you can bring something to the site were members gain something then message me, we'll talk. We are always on the hunt for giveways etc, if you're happy to donate something then sure thing, we don't mind you piggy backing on a competition

  • Can I change my username??

Yep, I have done a few times as long as it's under 10 letters - just shoot me a message. If you've requested it, then can't log into the site - I've most likely change your name for you but forgotten to tell you...Use the new username

  • Why can't I post a video?
Well the first thing to ask yourself is this; Am I posting in the right section? if not, you might be flagging up our anti spam checkers. A more detailed explanation is here - What you have to remember is that this is a website for people who not only ride motorbikes but also vlog, then are on the hunt for ways to gain subscribers and views etc...We have to have tight rules to really slow that down. In fact, the same 'rules' about video posting hasn't really changed in two years!

  • Can I post videos anywhere else?
Yes, within reason - Advice on intro type videos can be posted in the 'editing section' - Group meets can be posted in the country section but only when they fit this rule - Track day and racing videos can be posted here. All other videos are to be posted here and only here

  • Can you promote my video?
Myself or @Lurch can and often do - If you don't know what the promoted video section is then check this thread - Cut a long story short. The promoted video section is for videos that really stand out. We are not looking for the most amazing videos with high end editing etc. What we look for, if at all is for content thats simply a tad different! If you feel you have a video that needs more attention then tag me or Lurch into your post (in post your video) and we will take a look, often we have and will move them over to be promoted. If we spot a video with lots of replies to a thread then we will most likely move it over, its there to help the 'better' videos gain more traction.

  • I can't change my signature?
Well you can, if you match the same rules as the post your video criteria (read above) - Again, this is to stop people signing up, stuffing links to their channels all over the place and never coming back. if you still can't work it out then read this

  • I have a suggestion about the site, will you listen?

Probably not ;) Seriously though, post your suggestion in the feedback section and I will take a look at the very least! Most suggestions are actually implemented into the site. Please bare in mind, we don't get paid or really make cash from this site, its for fun so my work life is number one so it may not be a quick answer to any suggestions

  • I can't edit my posts?
Well you can but we have a time limit to stop spammers etc - Again, remember that this is a site where people want you to subscribe and watch their videos. Read this post, it explains it quite quickly. If you've posted something and you've really cocked up it then report the thread and me or Lurch will tweak it for you

  • I've found some spam, what do I do?
You can report private messages, threads and posts - Simply click the button and I'll take a look. Thankfully we don't really get spam but sometimes the odd thing does and will slip through so I'll thank you now for spotting it
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Think that's a good start. People will add their thoughts and we can evolve it.

Where can it be linked to in the site so it's prominent rather than just in a forum?

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