1. lupin

    General Touring Victoria

    I decided I was going to make some videos about some of the roads in the state that I live in. This is the first. Honestly its not really what I wanted, and I think I'll change things a fair bit when I do the next one. Your comments on what I should change would be greatly appreciated.
  2. lupin

    Plans For 2018 Motovlogs.

    So for the past few years at the start of the year, I have planed out some of the videos I wanted to make, set a few small goals and gone for it. For 2018 my goals are as follows. 1. Make videos 2. 3. Proffit. That's right in true underpants gnome style, I'm not setting any goals or doing any...
  3. lupin

    Aldi Tank Bag.

    My thoughts on the Aldi Tank Bag. Also this video is not suitable for all advertisers it seems.
  4. lupin

    Rant Is It Dead Yet?

    It's been discussed by every motovlogger ever. So is it dead yet?
  5. lupin

    General Whats Holding You Back?

    I've often wondered whats holding me back from greatness.
  6. lupin

    General 2 Years With My Bike.

    So I've had my mighty fz1 for 2 years now. These are my thoughts.
  7. lupin

    How Did You Get Though The Winter.

    So this is more of a question to those of you on the other half of the planet. Were just going into the winter here and I'm not sure how to get though the winter. In the past I've made sure that I have quite a few videos in the bank to get though the shitty weather. At the moment I only have...
  8. lupin

    General Lane Filtering/splitting One Year On.

    So roughly a year ago lane filtering / splitting became legal in my state. Here are my thoughts one year on.
  9. lupin

    Funny Motorcycle Things

  10. lupin

    Your Merchandise.

    Anyone doing any merch of any sort. I know a few have stickers, but does anyone else do anything other than stickers. I'm looking at doing some tee shirts....maybe.
  11. lupin

    Suns Out Guns Out

    Well the sun was out today so....
  12. lupin

    Serious Motovoging Is Hard.

  13. lupin

    Rant Why Do You Unsubscribe.

  14. lupin

    General 2017 Channel Trailer.

    2 hours work and I came up with this.
  15. lupin

    Solar Bear Trophy.

    Today I took possession of the solar bear trophy. For those of you that wonder what it looks like. I will write my name on it and look after it till the next winner earns it.
  16. lupin

    Review Melbourne Australia Moto Expo 2016

    Here is a quick walk around of the 2016 Melbourne moto expo (Part 1) Hope you enjoy.
  17. lupin

    Review Custom Moulded Ear Plugs.

    It pays to protect your hearing, these are the plugs that I have been using for a number of years.
  18. lupin

    Serious Help Support A Great Cause.

    As I'm sure none of you know we have a daughter with Down syndrome. There is a local event on in a week to help raise money for the organisation that supports families especially in the early days of finding out. I don't expect donations just simply watch the video and be aware. But feel free...
  19. lupin

    Rant Idiot Gets Too Close At The Servo.

    When people cant wait 10 seconds
  20. lupin

    Guide Chinese Copies

    A little unboxing of some Rizoma copies I decided to try out.
  21. lupin

    General Peak Hour Fun

    What peak hour looks like in my sleepy little town.
  22. lupin

    General The Simple Motovlog

    I ask the age old question is the simple motovlog relevant anymore or do we all need to fall off.
  23. lupin

    Can't Decide Between Multi Camera Or Dual Camera.

    I'm trying to work out what works better when using 2 or more cameras. Is it picture in picture style or swapping between the two. Sometimes I think the picture in picture style is annoying as your missing part of the screen, sometimes I think its annoying swapping the view with no warning...
  24. lupin

    Review Oxford Heated Grips

    With winter upon us in the southern hemisphere. I discuss the use of Heated grips.
  25. lupin

    General Should I Get A Mt-10

    Here I discuss if I should go out and purchase a new motorcycle or not.
  26. lupin

    Review Gopro Vs Drift. A Motovlogers View.

    I try to answer the age old question. GoPro or drift.
  27. lupin

    Guide Pcv & You.

    Learn about my experience with the power commander auto tune module.
  28. lupin

    Serious Ride Safe.

    Recently there has been a large increase in rider deaths and injurys where I live. One was a little too close to home.

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