1. D

    My first channel Intro!

    This is my first channel intro. I'm just looking for some feedback on what you guys think about it. This is the original video I made in Adobe After Effects This is the edited version that I'm using for my intro: I've already uploaded my first motovlog to my channel, but I'm not able to add...
  2. R-Rated

    Feedback Needed Possible intro for 2019

    So I am thinking the captures the baddest of bad Harley riding persona
  3. O

    Searching for intro song

    I’m looking for the name of an intro song that was used in a YouTube moto bloggers intro I can’t remember any details other than I believe he was riding a wheelie on a blue Yamaha in the intro the only part of the song I remember was “driving 120 going down 385” or something to that affect I...
  4. CDA441

    Rate My Intro/trailer

    I have made a short updated intro featuring my new bike instead of my old one to use as a trailer on my channel. I had this footage a long time, but didn't know what to do with it, till I remembered that the song "look at my dab" still exists to this day. Bit of wobbly too, but that's because...
  5. RealSteveB

    General Meet The Black Wasp

    Lil intro to my stable of bikes featuring my main- the 03 R6 Update: the cb350 is now RUNNING!
  6. WingManGT

    Intro Length And Its Effect On Watch Time.

    As most of us newborn motovloggers, I see quite low average view duration and that can mean two things. 1st. My content is shit so people don't wanna watch 2nd. My intro is too long, so people get bored before getting to my content in the first place. currently my intro is around 20s (yeah I...
  7. BlackPearl

    Blackpearl New Member Intro

    Just wanted to introduce myself I am Jack Sparrow (ok not really) and I am from the shores of the south east (Miami) 32 and just enjoying life Wanting to get into Motovlogging very soon because it looks like a ton of fun and why not! going through some camera reviews and they dont make it easy...
  8. scooterwuf

    New Vlog Intro

    I created an intro for future blog post. Thought I'd do something more effects heavy, but opted for something more rhythmic and simple. Still, I think my text/titles need more punch and may add an actual logo at some point. Check out my channel for Scooterwolf's final intro. Thanks, - Wuf
  9. endurovlog

    Intro For Critique (a.k.a. Are Most Intros Too Long And Do We Even Need Them?)

    I used to have a standard 10 second intro for all my vlogs. But then I noticed that a lot of tv shows now only have a five second intro, and in sit coms even that is often buried about three minutes into the show. Then I figured maybe just flash up a quick logo and heading but otherwise just...
  10. Dark Rider

    General Sunday Sessions #2 + New Intro And Outro

    Hey guys. Finally got around to making a new intro and outro for my channel. I felt the old one was getting a bit stale and boring. Let me know what you think :)
  11. Baconbit

    Feedback Needed New Channel Intro

    So tell me what you think!
  12. BlakShadow

    The Masshole Intro

    Here's my first try! I left the end a second or two too long intentionally so that I can cross fade it into the rest of the video. And so you can hear my exhaust rumble a little. :cool:
  13. BehindBars

    Feedback Needed Channel Intro

    So I made this little video as an introduction to my channel, what do you think?
  14. SCBrummie

    Intro From South Coast Brummie :)

    Hey I am Jake from the ‘oh so sunny’ mud island aka the UK, aka 'The South Coast Brummie' (Yup I am from Birmingham and spent the last 9ish years living on the south UK coast).. I decided due to some personal reasons so try and divert my time/attention to something a little more positive so...
  15. DutchyDoes

    Hi From The Netherlands

    Hi! This is DutchieDoes, a rookie MotoVlogger from the Netherlands. I've just started out motovlogging (since one week). Besides I love riding my bike, I also enjoy the filming, editting, uploading (and the excitement whether people are actually watching ;-) ) I ride a 2002 Honda CBR 954rr...
  16. S

    Street Gremlin Intro

    Hey guys! My name is Alex. I recently re-got into motovlogging and thought I would join the community. I tried moto-vlogging back in 2008 when I got inspired by m13. Except back then I had to just jam a camera into my helmet to try to do it and it got rather annoying so I stopped. Recently I...
  17. OOmpiMoto

    First Attempt At An Intro

    So I decided to have a go at a basic intro to learn a new piece of software. It is intentionally really short & no audio. But I am looking for suggestions on how to improve it for future versions. Let loose with the comments/grilling begin.
  18. Meifesto

    General Need Help; Which Intro

    I'm trying to choose a new intro. But I want some help/input. (music and clips are interchangeable ofcourse)
  19. Sidewinder

    My First Intro.

    This is my fist intro i have ever made. I'm kinda a newbie at editing. Thoughts
  20. Deanos

    General My New Intro Vid!

    Hi Guys and Girls... Still new on MotoVlog and still getting used to the new rules and what not... Been in the making for many years and I finally got around to putting an intro to my channel together. So, I guess this is now the right place to post the new vid, so here goes. Let me know what...
  21. Marbro_za

    Intro, Or Not Intro

    I know theres a thread on here somewhere.. .But cant be arsed to find it So whats the opinion, Do we intro? Dont do it?
  22. RedRider!

    Review New Intro Short

    Feedback request, after baking in the oven for quite some time, I have finally made a sample intro to go on my videos - let me know what you think: it is basic at the moment but I'll improve it as I go. Thanks for reading/viewing ladies and gents!
  23. LoneWolf

    Introductions, Here I Am!

    hi all, literally joined 5 mins ago, i'm Gav (TheLoneWolfRider) I ride a bandit 650 k6, for how much longer I'm not sure;) trying to branch out and talk to new folks. thanks. TLWR
  24. Hypertard

    General My First Ever Bike Reveal With My First Ever Intro And Outro...

    A lot of firsts here, hopefully not too shoddy: :)
  25. Hornet 900

    Funny I Made My Channel Intro

  26. RoadSprock

    General New Channel Intro

    What's your thoughts on this?
  27. SalvageSV

    New Intro. Thoughts?

    Spent some time digging through YouTube's audio selections and finally found a track that synced with my vision of an intro. This isn't EXACTLY what I was planning (or will end up with), but I think it turned out nice. Your feedback is appreciated!
  28. Motorpsych

    General Motovlog Intro Tiny Shrine

  29. dandoolittle

    Intros Are Allowed Here - Only Intros

    Intros Are allowed here - ONLY intros! You take the piss and it gets deleted, its as simple as that! Rules - Advice on your intros etc ARE allowed here! Intro - Advice on them are allow (being pretty clear) No more than 20 second videos Vlogs will be deleted Do NOT moan if people think its...

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